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Pros: Large, established, experienced host offering huge amounts of bandwidth and disk space at low prices. Knowledgeable, courteous customer support. Unique features like a free domain for life, CoffeeCup software and CrazyEgg stats.

Cons: Lack of a few Fantastico script installations like Drupal, Mambo and Typo3. No AWStats.

Bottomline: Engage? They’ve got the bandwidth, diskspace, low pricing and support--one of the best hosts I have ever reviewed. Unless you’re like me and rely too much on the control panel’s one-click installation scripts, Lunarpages is a logical choice.

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Stardate -316458.1

The Lunarpages Web Hosting company got its name from a Star Trek episode. I am not sure which episode or series, only that it involved images of a moon, planets and lunar material, if that helps narrow it down. After discovering this trivial fact, I set out on mission to go where no reviewer has gone before: determine whether Lunarpages’ hosting performance is stellar.

I did some probing of Lunarpages and found that the company got its start in the late 1990’s giving out free web hosting on the planet earth. Even when Lunarpages began charging for hosting, the competition was no where near what we see in the web hosting industry today where we see hosts piling up like tribbles. Over the years, Lunarpages began adding dedicated, VPS and Windows hosting to their shared offerings. Lunarpages determined to grow at a slow pace rather than risk crossing the neutral zone at warp speed. Timing and business acumen seem to have been critical factors in the company’s growth. Here is where they stand today:

  • Over 100,000 accounts hosted
  • Datacenters located in Los Angeles, Riverside and Las Vegas
  • More than 2500 servers under ownership

Lunarpages Features/Pricing – The Ferengi Factor

Initial tricorder readings taken on the Lunarpages Basic Plan priced at $6.95/month ($4.95 with a 60 month purchase) indicated enough bandwidth to drive a starship through (Unlimited) and more disk space (Unlimited) than you can shake a phaser at. One thing I learned from doing research for this Lunarpages review was that big, established corporate web hosts purchase large volumes of bandwidth at discount prices, sort of the Wal-Mart effect. A few standard features that came up on the main view screen were:

  • Ruby on Rails 6
  • MySQL 5
  • PHP 5
  • Python
  • JSP
  • ASP

And some unique features:

  • 1 free domain for life
  • CoffeeCup software valued at $700
  • CrazyEgg tracking/stats

Taking a look under the hood at the dilithium crystals, I saw that Lunarpages is powered by the well-known Dell PowerEdge line of servers, which Lunarpages says is “the most innovative and secure servers in the industry.” PowerEdge appears to be more of a generic name and it’s not clear specifically which models are currently in use. I will update this review if I find out.

Control Panel – Bridge to Engineering

Lunarpages Login

After logging in, I saw a nice and neat tabbed layout of “website information,” “Upgrades/Addons,” “Billing History,” and “Specials” below some big fat icons for “Helpdesk,” “FAQ,” “Tutorials” and “Network Status.” I was relieved to see the familiar cPanel icons from the cPanel X theme. I have grown very comfortable with cPanel over the years and have developed a respect for the package after testing other control panels.

Feeling a bit lazy, I went for the Fantastico icon. In case you don’t know, Fantastico is a third party script library feature that web hosts embed into their cPanel control panels. Each of the popularly known scripts, many open source or free, can be auto installed in seconds with a scant few clicks–no MySQL database setup, no uploading files or chmoding files (all tasks that Vulcans enjoy). A feature like this very much appeals to the programmatically challenged folk like myself–I’m a doctor, not a web developer, Jim. At the time of this review, only 37 scripts were available. I successfully one-click installed and uninstalled 5 of them with no problems. Some important scripts that other hosts offer like Drupal, Mambo and Typo3 were sadly missing from the Lunarpages Fantastico offering. Transporter malfunction?

What about the versions of the scripts listed? Were they current? It is extremely important to have available the most current versions of the scripts. I can tell you from experience that some hosts do not keep these current so users end up installing outdated and less secure versions of scripts. Not good. I poked around in the Fantastico section and found that WordPress and OSCommerce—both scripts that I use—were exactly the same versions as appear on the official web sites.
Lunarpages Control Panel Screen Shot

Lunarpages Support – Hailing Frequencies Open?

Lunarpages Customer Support VulcanAnother point that came through in researching Lunarpages was the uncanny emphasis they place on customer support. It seems they go out of their way to make the customer feel that 24/7 support is available if needed. The words “Phone Support,” “Ask a Question” and the support phone number were plastered all over the website. The welcome email clearly listed multiple avenues of contacting support.

I took note of this because with some hosts, I get the impression that they are deliberately burying the contact info. Some hosts would prefer not hear my whining. This tactic can backfire with stubborn webmasters like myself who just try all the harder until they find a way to be heard. I never felt that Lunarpages was cloaking customer support; if anything, they were promoting it. Cloaking didn’t work for the Romulans and it won’t work for web hosts.

Email Support Test

I decided to find out for myself if Lunarpages customer support was willing to lower their shields for me. I sent an email support request at exactly 2:53 am before I went to bed saying that at I didn’t see Drupal in the Fantastico package and asking if there were some way to install it.

After I woke up the next morning and logged on, I was glad to have received a response in my inbox at 10:31 am with a ticket number kindly stating that Drupal is not currently offered for installation in cPanel’s Fantastico and that I could manually download and install it. A download URL was provided along with encouragement to contact Lunarpages again if needed.

Phone Support Test

My tests had been going well. Now it was time to turn on my communicator and make the dreaded customer support phone call. This is where web hosts always seem to implode. Come to think of it, most hosts probably don’t even offer phone support. If they do, they tend to force the customer to hold a long time and listen to elevator music interspersed with promotional plugs.

On my first attempt, I held for a musicless 17 minutes and was disconnected. I have no idea if the problem was due to my cell phone or the Lunarpages call center. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. On the second attempt, I held for 10 minutes and was relieved to get a very professional sounding and courteous support rep (I think his name was Josh). I basically asked him why I couldn’t install AWStats through cPanel. He explained that this script wasn’t available through cPanel. I would have to visit the AWStats site and upload/install the current version to my site myself. That wasn’t really the answer I was hoping for, but I certainly appreciated Josh’s courteous and confident manner. He further confirmed my suspicions that the reason many scripts were not available for automatic install in the Lunarpages cPanel was due to security concerns.

Was the positive impression I had about Lunarpages customer support accurate? I’d have to say waiting on hold for 10 minutes was not much fun. But then again, by web hosting company standards, I don’t think that 10 minutes is too terribly unreasonable.

Set a course for the Lunarpages Star System?

I would have given Lunarpages a 5/5 rating if they had offered the full panoply of cPanel scripts and perhaps lessened my customer support hold time a bit. In fact, I may yet upgrade the rating. They appear quite conservative in what scripts are allowed for installation in the control panel. Other hosts do offer more scripts. Unlike some other hosts, though, Lunarpages does not claim to offer features they don’t support.

Sources:’s Net Income (, hosted by ShoeMoney, Amy Armitage from Lunarpages.

Note: Shared hosting reviews are normally performed by independent reviewers. Lunarpages is an exception as it was written Emory Rowland.

Disclosure: Clickfire has an affiliate advertising connection with LunarPages

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49 Responded to this Lunarpages Review

  1. 1/10/2008

    Charlie, I am both shocked and sorry to hear about the experience you had with Lunarpages. It hurts to read it. My experience is quite different but you certainly seem sincere. What was the reason Lunarpages would only send payment to the orginal bank account?

  2. Charlie Mack says:

    I never would have thought to have gotten such poor service and support from a host service as I did from Lunar Pages.

    They promote themselves as user-friendly and great for the first time website owner. They also advertise that they give away $250 worth of publishing software, perfect for those who can not write HTML code. Not so. Sure, they give you software (the basic plan for Coffee Cup), but if you can not write HTML code, you get a very short free trial, but then you MUST purchase the component that allows this to happen.

    I had problems with the service from the very start. My website published properly initially, updated properly one time, then from that point on, it was a real mess. On the 2nd update, Lunar Pages erased my entire website except for 1/2 of a paragraph. When I inquired, I was told that my site looked “just fine”, and to prove it, they sent me two urls. Funny thing was, they were not to my site at all, they were to an S & M site selling leather items, replete with studs. When I asked about it, they failed to answer me for a week or more, leaving me in a panic because I thought my site might have been hijacked. They ignored my requests for help on the urls and danced around the other problems I was having, blaming it on anyone but themselves, but never actually telling me what was wrong. I was repeatedly told that my site looked “just fine”.

    I frequently had to wait 2 – 3 days before getting a response from them, not the two hours they claim as a response time.

    After several days of begging for help and not getting it, I asked for my money back and was ignored. These problems went on for 9 months with me alternately begging for help and asking for a refund if they weren’t planning to provide help. They always gave me responses centering around FrontPage, even though I repeatedly told them I was using Publisher. I would remind them that I was using Publisher, so the next email would demand identification and would not answer my questions. Then, after receiving my identification, they again started talking about FrontPage. This cycle repeated time and time again. Talk about frustration!

    I finally gave up on emailing them and left a message on their voicemail (after waiting on hold for 30 minutes, not once but twice) demanding my money back. This guy says he can’t find the problem, but my files saved on their server in strange ways. He assures me that if I let him wipe my account clean, I can then reload my site and it should be “just fine” (there is that phrase again). I let him do it and when I try to reload my site – nothing!! Absolute nothing would load, not one word, not one photo.

    After 9 months of this, I gave up and went to a new hosting service. Lo and behold, Lunar Pages comes running forward as soon as they get the transfer request and they have finally managed to fix the ftp problem because I had again asked for a refund and they obviously did not want to pay it. In their words “we will not give you any refund whatsoever because we fixed the ftp issue”. I asked where they had been for 9 months and was met with silence. I told them it would be more cost effective to give me a refund than have me relate their failures to others, so then they said they would give me $22 for my unused months.

    I no longer have that bank account I signed up with, but they insisted that is the one and only place they can send my money. After repeatedly explaining that the account does not exist, they agreed to send a check in the mail. They went so far as to tell me it was mailed already, but I must wait 14 business days for it to arrive (I live 30 miles away). I wait 18 business days and then start my writing campaign again. They tell me they sent the check on the day they told me it was in the mail. I get upset and tell them it is not here and they must issue another.

    Now I get an email from them claiming they sent it to my old bank. I checked and then told them the bank did not receive it. I get a nasty email back telling me to go and talk to my old bank to get a refund from them. I again call my old bank and they assured me that there has been absolutely no activity on my old account since it was closed and even if there had been, they would have refused the payment. I again call Lunar Pages and the girl gets hateful with me and insists my old bank is withholding the money from me. I tell her that they would refuse the money if it came, but it did not come. I tell her that they did not send it to my bank as they are claiming. She pretends to check on the payment and then lies to me and tells me my old bank has the money and to get it from them. She refuses to send me a check as they had said they would and insists that the one and only way they can give me my money back is to send it to my “no longer in existence” bank account. I ask to speak to a manager, who will not return my calls. I would advise that you avoid this company like the plague. They are friendly and helpful, only until they have received your year’s payment in advance. After that, they don’t care if your website works or not.

  3. Charlie Mack says:

    Well, I have an update for you. I did get hold of a manager at Lunar Pages today named Clay and he was very helpful and went the extra mile to try and get this resolved. It turns out that I misjudged the service person in billing, based on my past experiences with Lunar Pages. When the bank assured me that the payment had not come in, I believed them over Lunar Pages, but who could blame me? It turns out that my old bank made an error and did receive the payment a month ago. They didn’t put it into the records, it took quite a bit of digging to find it.

    The bank insisted on returning the money to Lunar Pages rather than to me, even though both of us were on the phone (conference call) urging them to pay me directly. After several refusals to give it to me directly, I told the woman from the bank that our concern was that they had already held the payment for a month for no reason and I was not convinced that they would be in a hurry to return it to Lunar Pages, thereby making me wait even longer.

    When the bank rep. dropped off the call, Clay told me not to worry, he would make sure that the check was cut today and he would deal with the bank independently to regain the payment Lunar Pages had made to them. PFF called me back and they had relented, but it is nice to know that Clay was willing to step up to the plate on my behalf.

    Both Lunar Pages and PFF Bank and Trust said that it is their policy to do things the way that they were doing them, irregardless of the existence of the account or it’s closure. Clay stated that in the 3 years he had worked for Lunar Pages, no bank had ever taken the stance that PFF had. He said he’d dealt with 100’s of banks that all took care of getting the refund back to the customer.

    I think their policies are along the line of a purchase at a store made with a credit card, they do not like to return cash, they issue a credit to the account instead. But, if it were a store and the account was closed, they would give cash, so I believe that Lunar Pages should cut a check.

    I think Lunar Pages should change their policy to send the refund back to the customer when the account is closed or send it to another account of the customer’s choosing. Sending it to another entity for them to pay the customer back instead only slows down the payment to the customer. If that customer had horrible experiences with the company like I did, it only makes a bad situation worse.

    It is too bad that Lunar Pages allows their support personnel to treat their customers so badly and to ignore requests for help. If the rest of the company performed as well as Clay did today, I would not have left. Even with all the problems I had over 9 months of being with them, I told one of the support reps. that I would stay if he would just fix the problem. He was the one that wiped my account clean and then I could no longer post my site or it’s changes to the net.

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  6. Sammy says:

    I dont know nor care how these guys got these high reviews or awards. I have never had such bad service and poor customer service from any company in my 14 years in IT.
    3 days after signing up and still no service due to the lame dns server they use. check out their dns servers and you will see yourself (
    They have this sleazy way of stopping people from asking for updates on their support tickets. if you send an update your ticket will go to the bottom of the queue.

  7. slavezero says:

    my wordpress blog is also hosted at lunarpages and just like you stated they are very stable and offers huge amount of bandwidth (in my case unlimited bandwidth). I’ve also tested their customer support including their Live Chat… yes you read it right lunarpages now has a live chat and they responded quickly. the longest time that I waited is one hour I used 3 different e-mails in contacting with different queries.

    lunarpages is really one of the best webhosts.

  8. Emory Rowland says:

    kenji, can you say what the server name is? Perhaps someone from Lunarpages would respond.

  9. kenji says:

    Let me make it very clear: 50 hours and the email server they had a problem with is still not up. They’re customer service is, 4 out of 5, angry and unhelpful. While no host can stay up 100% of the time having my clients email DOWN FOR TWO DAYS WITHOUT AN END IN SIGHT IS A NIGHTMARE. What host doesn’t have backup servers? Do your research, you’ll find that a lot of the ‘positive’ feedback is actually Lunar Pages b.s. and their are entire sites, multiple ones, put up about how awful this company is.

  10. Diana says:

    Wow, so far I haven’t had a good experience with lunarpages at all. I just switched to them from another company about a month ago. My site is down for hours at a time every few days (once it was even down for a few days). In fact, it’s down right now, and all they’ll say is “we’re looking into it.”

    I’m starting to look into switching hosting companies again. However, I don’t even know how to research this, since most lunarpages reviews are positive so I can’t really trust positive reviews of other companies. This is so frustrating!

  11. ex-LP'er says:

    As a person who once worked for LP a while back, I can assure you that LP does not have it’s customer’s best interests at heart. If you’ve had a good experience with them then count your blessings because when the time comes for you to contact them over an issue, you’ll begin to ride the same train that countless others have in the past. The ride will be rough too.

    @Diana: I would recommend giving either HostGator or InMotion Hosting a try as a possible next web host. I moved all my clients away from LP to each of these two hosts and they’ve been very satisfied to date.

    To be fair to LP, they do have some very good, talented people still working for them. However, they would be afraid to rock the boat any due to the fear of losing their jobs. One couldn’t hardly blame them for that either seeing as the economy is what it is at this point in time.

    Still though, when some reviewers talk about a web host it’s either due to the web host discounting their bill or they’re an affiliate. Or they indeed had a good experience with them after all. Or they make some money somehow with the review.

    Or it’s that the web host themselves put up the review site in order to attempt to keep their image in a better light pertaining to the public eye. I know that LP has done this in the past. Probably still does.

    They’ve even gone so far as to set up a post count requirement for new forum users to meet before they become aware of a “complaint” board that contains all the customers’ posts who have complained about their service or parts of it. They stated it was for spam purposes when confronted about it. Does that also mean that a restriction on PM’s (private messages) was for the very same thing? Seems I recall some forum users complaining of their PM’s being “screened”. Wonder what was up with that? Maybe just more of LP’s good PR.

    Care to comment on that LP?

    Either way, LP would not be your best bet for a reliable, HONEST web host. Keep looking or move while you can before it’s too late.

  12. Yogesh Gupta says:

    Lunarpages – VERY POOR SERVICE. No body answer your call and as soon as somebody picks up your call they transfer to other department and again where nobody answers. It is very frustrating… DONT host ur site with LUNARPAGES…

  13. Host Reviewer says:

    I have found lunarpages pretty good all round for php & windows hosting for the short time I have been using then. I currently use them for multi websites.

  14. Lynnae says:

    I signed up for the cheap Lunarpages plan on the recommendation of a friend. For 8 months I plugged along without a problem, save for one short outage. I was a happy camper, until one day I was quoted by the associated press, and my site crashed under the traffic.

    When I realized what happened, I called LunarPages, and someone in sales suggested I move to a dedicated server. I paid the extra money for a cpanel, so I could have my sites moved for me.

    Long story short, my site was down for 3 days. I was told 10 different reasons why my site wouldn’t come back up, from SQL problems to DOS attacks to DNS configured wrong. Every person had a different answer, and I have never spent so much time on hold in my life.

    My site is back up, but when my site was moved, the LP people did something to all my permissions. I can’t update plugins, upload pictures, and all the formatting is stripped out of posts that I write outside of WordPress. It has been a true nightmare, and I have already signed up with a different host. It’s a lot more money every month, but they come highly recommended, and I’ve been told they actually know what they are doing.

    6 months ago I would have recommended Lunarpages in a heartbeat. But after what I’ve been through in the last week, I cannot recommend them at all. This has been a nightmare during the biggest week of my blogging life so far.

  15. Emory Rowland says:

    Lynnae, thanks for sharing your experience with Lunarpages. Sounds like quite a rough time, you had. I didn’t have any problems like that when I tested the service, but then again the AP doesn’t quote me 🙂

    You’ve probably run across this by now, but have you tried the WP Super Cache plugin? It may help you handle the load if you get another mention in the press.

  16. ScottW says:

    The reason why you got so many different replies is because they instituted quotas on their help desk not long after I left them. This imposes a drastic change in the way incoming tickets are handled. They’re gone through with little regard for accuracy by the front line CSR’s…just to meet this ridiculous quota that was imposed by a manager who used to work in Customer Service. Fear of losing one’s job will make one do crazy things.

    I’m glad you found a better host and am curious as to it is. I agree with Emory on the WP Super Cache plugin. If the scenario occurs again, even though you’re on a dedicated server (I’m assuming this part), it’ll help serve your pages and posts much faster to your readers. 😉

  17. Mitch says:

    From my experience, the only review you can trust is your own experience, sorry folks …

    But all this hype about host review, host comparison and so on… it is getting a bit wild. Let me put it this way; “Would it be difficult to get a 5/5 from 3 positive reviews?

    Which review site, including HERE is telling you how they got their “MARKETING RESEARCH” done? Oops, did I mention an old fashioned thing? Who needs to do marketing research these days when we have all this worthless pile of social networking junk going on every corner?

    To be frank, I wouldn’t even think about trusting any of these reviews. In addition, every host is the best and offers world class service, customer foremost, bla bla bla… I throw up only reading this marketing junk.

    A host that deserve all this praise has yet to be born yet… Maybe someone out there reads this and gets an idea. Then contact me and if you have the money and expertise, I’ll take care of re-shaping “SERVICE” again!


  18. Mitch says:

    I wanted to add something about LUNARPAGES

    My review is very simple:
    Anyone who cannot be contacted or who makes it very difficult to be contacted, doesn’t deserve even ONE star. What do they have to hide?

    Worse … email sent to lunarpages using their DEDICATED address bounces back without any chance to rectify … they just dump you and that’s it! Take it or leave it …

    Well – our decision, we don;t even think about arriving at the first place. No need.

  19. Emory Rowland says:

    Mitch, I think you are missing the whole point of these reviews. Instead of cheering these hosts with promotional language, we make a point to state how reviewers do their research and how they arrive at the ratings. This is done both in the reviews and outlined here:


    I think this is the only web host review that I wrote myself, so it falls a little outside the normal way of doing things. I can tell you it takes a lot of time and effort to find and screen reviewers who can follow our review guidelines and report on hosts objectively.

    To your other point, I was able to get through to Lunarpages both via phone and email and this is pretty well documented above. I remember the details very well because I was on vacation at the time 🙂

  20. ScottW says:

    To add a bit more to what Emory has already said here, if it is outside any web host’s normal business hours, one will get the voice-mail option instead of a live person. There aren’t too many hosts out there that run their sales and support 24/7 by phone. Email and Ticket’s…yes.

    Not taking up for LP by a long shot here, just stating a fact that many don’t know of.

  21. Braulio_ says:

    I’ve been with Lunarpages at least five years during which product and service has deteriorated. Still, I approach problems rationally and persistently (enormous persistence required) to arrive at “solutions.” I will discuss three issues with Lunarpages: streaming, mailing list, and CPU resources.

    Regarding streaming, I have about 20 m3u/mp3 streaming files on my site, files I saved in MONO to stream at 32kbps. (I set them small because many site visitors come from developing countries, and I wanted the files to stream without breaking, even on slow modem connections.) The files streamed successfully for years but then mysteriously quit streaming. They didn’t “break up”; they quit streaming completely, and it was not possible to get them started again. After at least a dozen support requests to front line “support” representatives, the problem was finally “elevated” to a technician who had the aptitude and desire to help. After three or four or five more rounds of excellent communication at that level, my site was moved to a new server, and the streaming has worked with no problems for about the last six months.

    Regarding my mailing list, it is a double opt-in list of about 900 members. For years, when I sent a newsletter, I set the program to send ONE email per SECOND to reduce the load on the server, and it worked. A complete mailing took about ten minutes. Then, after using this program successfully for at least four years with no problem, without any notification of any kind, Lunarpages changed their email policy, which I discovered after sending a letter to my list. The first 200 emails were sent, but the remaining 700 emails bounced back to my inbox! Yeah well… After another dozen email exchanges with “support,” I discovered that the new policy limits emails to ONLY 200 EMAILS PER HOUR. I do not like the policy, and I do not like receiving no notification about the change. Fine enough, but the new policy requires me to set the program to send emails every 19 seconds (190 per hour), which means it takes four hours and forty-five minutes to complete the sending DURING WHICH TIME THE SEND WINDOW MUST BE LEFT OPEN, a decided inconvenience! This is not a technical problem, not a CPU resources problem; it is a “policy” problem!

    Finally, I have recently discovered a CPU resources problem which I had never experienced before. I use Moodle (an online learning platform) on my site which can require heavy CPU resources with many concurrent users, but the maximum number of concurrent users in Moodle has never been more than ten, NOT a heavy use of CPU resource at all. However, my site got moved to another server once because I tried to RESTORE one class (contained in a zipped file of less than 2MB). I had previously and routinely restored classes at Lunarpages without incident, but, again, a new policy caused Lunarpages to force me to either (1) move to a VPS at about $40.00 USD a month or (2) assure Lunarpages I would not repeat that effort. Again, this is not a CPU resources problem at Lunarpages. It is a policy problem! For example, I can restore the same class in my own computer (only 1.60 GHz) in about fifteen minutes or in another website host in about fifteen seconds.

    SUMMATION: PART ONE: Probably the front line support reps at Lunarpages are doing as well as they can using the resources available to them, but over the years, quality of service at Lunarpages has deteriorated markedly. Interaction with support requires unbounded PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE at a rational level. By responding RATIONALLY and holding the EMOTIONAL level completely in check, it IS possible to discover, ultimately, the new policy paramaters within which one must maintain their site. It worked for me, and my site is still hosted at Lunarpages, at least until its term expires. (I had asked for a complete refund for unused time, but it was denied.)

    SUMMATION: PART TWO: I am firmly convinced that there is an inherent conflict of interest at Lunarpages between (1) providing the best shared hosting experience at a reasonable price of about $95 USD a year and (2) offering VPS hosting at about $500 USD a year. My site contains mostly small, static html pages, and it has grown to about five or six GB use per month, practically nothing. At the same time, I am aware of my CPU resources, which are miniscule, and to me it is completely offensive for Lunarpages to suggest that I need to “conveniently” move my site to their “convenient” VPS servers.

    I would never do that for this reason: As I stated earlier, I have been with Lunarpages for over five years only to see their service and/or policies deteriorate to an unacceptable level. I would never spend more on the website host that Lunarpages has become.

  22. iskandarX says:

    This is what we call “Awesome”. The real Gurus are teaching about all of this knowledge and not keeping it hidden from newbies. Thanks for your sharing.

  23. Mindy says:

    I’ve been with Lunarpages for several years and was happy with the service provided, both server performance and support. For the past year, performance and support services have declined severely. I often can’t get to my email accounts via IMAP or webmail and support response time is 10+ hours.


  24. dave says:

    As a web developer, I have been with lunarpages for years with many many clients hosted there. For years they were the absolute best in service with quick knowledgable staff.

    In the past couple of months the service and tech support has gone totally downhill. Secondly, they have released their own proprietary control panel which could quite possibly suck even more than Godaddy’s – just when I did not think it was possible.

    I’m moving over to hostgator.
    In my 15 years of doing this I’ve only evern had 2 hosts – so I can’t complain there.

  25. Emory Rowland says:

    It would be nice if you could give us more background like why you made the complaint and why Lunarpages is “awful.”

  26. Fianna says:

    Can you imagine surviving after a whole week without e-mail service? Yes, we can, but awfully! With Lunarpages all is possible!

  27. Felix says:

    I was happy with lunarpages for the first year or so. They even answered to tickets in timely manner. Then I made the mistake to transfer from a windows host to a linux host for some reason. They totally messed the DNS up to the point that even the BUSINESS mail was not working anymore for around 1 week. Their support is that slow and unfriendly and they have no 24 hours support neither by phone nor by email or ticket. Your tickets can be open for several days unresolved. I finally cancelled my account and moved to another provider who has an awesome online help system.
    Once i announced to cancel my account they suddenly became responsive.

  28. Felix says:

    Forgot to say that today i filed complain with Tucows about their reseller lunarpages. Cannot even renew my domain that was still with them.

  29. Kris says:

    This company is deceiving scammers. The baited me into 4.95 month hosting which is desent price for one year. Then they changed price without notice at all. After year they want 8.95 month and have to pay yearly. This is rediculous especially without prior notice. Most people pay it because of the pain of switching hosting services. Even high quality professionals don’t charge that much per month.

  30. Mike says:

    Lunar pages is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have had countless issues with their utterly horrible customer support both via email and phone. They have now taken to “hiding” any complaints and issues about their service on their forums. You can only see the issues customers are posting about if you have made an “account” and have at least 10 posts to your name. This is an obvious attempt to hide the growing number of issues with their service from potential customers viewing their forum.

    Lunarpages = FAIL use at your own risk.

  31. Dan says:

    Its poor butt kissing reviews like this that hurt things. My guess is the reviewer is selling under their affiliate. I have hosted with lunarservers for two years under contract and i cannot wait to leave them.

    as a current customer i have php4.4.9 on cpanel version 2.5.0

    though that isnt the worst half. Monthly I am now getting threatening emails due to having older scripts and sending too many emails. When your host threatened to suspend your account because you are using version 1.1.10 instead of 1.1.11 of your forums there is a problem

  32. ScottW says:

    “My guess is the reviewer is selling under their affiliate.”

    Actually, if you did a Whois search on this domain, you’d find out that is Clickfire’s host and not LP. No affiliate links either. Clickfire isn’t like that.

    LP has gone down the tubes over the years since this review was done. Trust me, I know many others out there like yourself who cannot wait to get away from them. And yes…they are outsourcing some of their support now but, not all of it.

    In any case, I wish you luck with finding your next host and that they can better serve your needs.

  33. Emory Rowland says:

    Dan, this is one of the few reviews that I did the testing on myself so I stand behind the info here. Let’s hear what factually false data you found. The rest is my honest opinion about my experience with Lunarpages. You’re welcome to think publishers are lying about what they say regarding advertisers. My conscience doesn’t allow it.

    Scott, even though I do use affililate links on many web hosting reviews, I haven’t received any commissions on Lunarpages or HostDime this year.

    They aren’t perfect, but for anyone who wants to know how we do we web hosting reviews, here’s everything you wanted to know:

  34. ScottW says:

    “Scott, even though I do use affililate links on many web hosting reviews, I haven’t received any commissions on Lunarpages or HostDime this year.”

    Oops! My bad Emory. Didn’t check very far into that part of his comment. Aside from that, my affiliate links don’t really turn over much in the way of added income for me either. Matter of fact, I think most people are a tad distrustful of them for some reason. However, I only have 2 on my site and stand behind them as honest, trustworthy companies to do business with. Like you, my conscious would bug me otherwise.

  35. Dan says:

    Well I am not reporting mis information out of anger either. I could happily provide anyone with screen shots of the cpanel and any copies of the account suspension emails they have sent. So giving them 4 stars and a top ratings based on their sales pitch is never a good or qualified review.

  36. Emory Rowland says:

    Scott, I agree. Most people put their defenses up if they sense the motive is simply to make a profit. I try to give a non-promotional perspective with enough research and testing and rebuttals to hopefully provide something useful to readers.

    Dan, if you visit the link I posted above, you can see that the criteria we rely on for rating hosts isn’t related to sales pitches.

  37. Kenji says:

    I’ve been paid as a geek for 4 years, have my own site hosted (simple little HTML thing) and have put up a few others.

    Holy h*** Lunar Pages is HORRIBLE. 1st: they took down the mail servers for my client for THREE DAYS and all they could say was “we’re transferring the information” …? Can you spell ‘backup servers’? Then a year later I spent another day down because they pulled the MX records when I changed plans.

    I can’t even begin to explain how mind bogglingly horrible their customer service is.

  38. Dave says:

    Hello. I am a dedicated server customer paying $150 per month. I have had numerous problems with LunarPages and recently opened a Formal Complaint. LunarPages have said that they do not reply to formal complaints (customer services supervisor Katrina Kane).
    I have added all their e-mails to my website for you to see:
    Its a nightmare moving so much data, but lunarpages seem to have gone downhill so fast.

    All I want is for them to admit when there is a problem and do something about it to make me feel like they actually value me as a customer. After all, I am a dedicated server customer, not a shared hosting customer!

  39. Dave says:

    Thank you for your comments and support on the previous issue. Their manager will be calling me soon. I am not holding my breath as they have called me before (when my account was hacked) and refused to do anything.

  40. LaVita says:

    Well what can I say to you guys….

    I’ve used many hosting companies for dedicated server. And so far Lunarpages was the only one who could have a real system admin speaking to me on phone. Not useless CSR, what godaddy will have, but actual qualified system administrator. That was really impressive.

    I love lunar pages!

  41. Greg says:

    Signed up for Shared webhosting through Lunarpages yesterday, I talked to the live sales team.

    I advised that I will be moving webhosting providers and can supply them a backup of the file to relocate.
    I also said that I need the same username as my current host.

    Both they said no problems, and will be completed very fast.

    I then signed up to the services, They then sent me an auto setup with a username I didn’t want.

    So I uploaded the backup file to make life easy for them on the account. I then lodged a support ticket to them, they replied saying that they will need to get a system administrator to do this for me which would take time.

    24 hours later, I had no word on the support ticket, I then go back to Live sales button and they said we cannot change your username and your backup will be done soon.

    3 Hour’s later no response no information.

    It’s just a simple restore from a tar file which could take anyone 3 minutes to complete.

    So far extremely unsatisfied with the turn around and mixed support messages.

    They might be fast at responding to support tickets but actually actioning of them is a different story!

  42. Robert says:

    Very slow support. 24 hours still no reply. I receive 1 reply asking for info, then got another and another from different support yet not resolving the issue, just after 2 days again was it actioned upon thoroughly but after it many errors arise.

    i’m again waiting for a reply. this may take weeks.

    I rate Lunarpages 2 out of 5. if you are looking for hosting, check others. I will surely go for another hosting after about a year and 3 months as i’ve paid 3 years.

  43. Garen says:

    I am just reading all these comments with customers that don’t feel Lunarpages is a good web hosting service. However, I have one point I would like to stress in which how typical people go about writing about their experience online with a service. They typically are mad and want to lash out, hence why people are slamming Lunarpages. It is nothing new so take it with a grain of salt. You don’t see a million people saying I love Lunarpages because they are simply happy with their service and don’t feel the need to Google them and write about them.

    So I don’t feel Lunarpages is judged correctly on this reviews.

    I have used them for 4 years and why their support is a little lacking; it is certainly not bad at all! It is no Hostgator for support, but still a good business.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Garen, I tend to agree. If one person’s site goes down or they lose data, they are more likely to spread the word. I’ve noticed often that the negative comments people are trying to post to Clickfire have already been published on other review sites. With any host, it is just a matter of time before a challenge appears.You seem to have the right idea in setting expectations.

  44. Ann says:

    I was with LP since 2008. At that time they were really good, but now they are the worst, believe me!

    After my 1-year subscription ended, I extended for 3 years. I really regret this decision! Now my subscription is still 14 months away but they don’t want to refund my money proratedly even though most of the time the problems are because of their faults and not because of my scripts’ faults. I’m glad with HostGator now, very lightning fast and professional!

    Too many times, my sites were slow. If it was 1-2 times a year, I still can accept it. But, it’s just too often and I can’t do business with such bad environment. Every time I opened a ticket, it took several days or even weeks before the problem get solved.

    Usually after I made a call and talked to their supervisor. If it’s just through tickets, it will never got resolved forever! The tech supports are just too dummy to understand their own stuff.

    I decided to move to HostGator because all my sites were down for 3 full days without any action although I have opened a ticket! Before this problem, there was a previous problem where all the DNS records of all my add-on domains were broken. It took one week to make all the DNS records worked again. But just one day after it worked, suddently all my sites were dead, not 1 day, not 2 day, but for 3 days!

    I even couldn’t login to cPanel, FTP, etc. All were dead. Oh yeah, just want to let you know, that LP is the only hosting that doesn’t provide SSH. This really gave me a lot of problems when extracting a big ZIP file and moving around some large directories (File Manager in cPanel couldn’t do that, must be from shell command).

    Also, all LP servers have only 8 cpus (I compare with HostGator which has 32 cpus at least for my server). One last thing is the download/upload speed. My Internet connection is 25Mbps/25Mbps (about 3 MB/s each). I got full speed with HostGator (although actually HostGator is located farther from me than LP). With LP, I only got 500 KB/s at most (when downloadning/uploading my site backup files once a week).

  45. Dai Alanye says:

    I’ve been with Lunarpages five or six years. My website is a simple personal one using the basic plan, designed originally with HTML, and now modified using the CoffeeCup software LP offered free a few years back. I often update pages with the latest version of CoffeeCup, and FTP the changes with no difficulty.

    In brief, although I’ve had a few problems over the years, none have gone without speedy correction. I wouldn’t rate them as perfect, nor as the absolutely most easy to deal with, but my experiences have been good enough to keep me sticking around.

  46. Storm says:

    I am reading through this comments and had to share my nightmare. My site is hosted through Lunarpages and to be honest never had a great experience from the beginning. I was recommend to them from a friend. My mobile app is attached to my website so if my website goes down so does my mobile app. I kept getting 500 error and internal server errors about 3 to 4 times a day. I kept calling support and they said they don’t know why. So I called sales figuring maybe I needed to upgrade (not happy with them already) sales said my site is getting hit about 4,000 times a day! Great news for me but bad news for me! Sales said I would be best being on a dedicated server but their tech support suggested I pay them to do some optimizing on my site first to see if that would help. I never ever should have done that! They did what they did and caused my app to go down! Now my app has been down for 5 days and I spend hours on hold just to talk to someone, only for them to say they are creating a ticket and noting the account. 24 hours later I get an email in the middle of the night from someone in Spain saying to please tell them exactly whats going on so they can replicate the problem. I did this with the 2 hour wait the day before, even emailed them a screen shot of the error on the mobile app.

    The next day I spend another 2 hours on hold just to have yet another person say they are “noting” the account and there is nothing else they can do. I asked to speak to a supervisor, the supervisors supervisor and they said sorry no one is available. So right now where I stand is a mobile app that is nationwide and getting 4000 hits a day is still down. They literally have brought down my business with nothing but “sorry we will note the account and you should receive an email”. This is absolutely unacceptable! These are businesses that are relying on them. I understand every company is going to have issues but their tech support is no tech support, all they are is an answering service. Leave a message and hopefully you will hear back in a 24 to 48 hours. Nothing is urgent with them. No way will I pay them the $215 a month for a dedicated server with this level of support!

  47. corrado says:

    the worst service ever

  48. corrado says:

    I’m a webmaster and I can say that today this is a very bad service.

    I was not opening new accounts for my clients with them since 2011 but the situation nowadays to manage hosting is just unreliable.

    I was a customer of them since 2008 but the service today is so bad that I was forced to move move out more then 10 websites wasting my time and money.

    As soon as you have few people visiting the websites hosted with them they say that you are over usage the shared hosting, starting to push you to buy a unjustifiable and expensive dedicated server.

    I definitely encourage all of you to skip this hosting provider and look for something better.

    I solved all my issue here in Italy with just 40 euro per year!

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