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Pros: Good support, easy to contact, competitive pricing, plenty of features with cPanel, straight forward

Cons: Not too many free addons or extra features, no Web 2.0 technology support

Bottomline: HostGator is a solid hosting company that provides excellent support and competitive pricing without too many frills or marketing ploys.

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HostGator ( has become one of the better known web hosts in the industry by being themselves. Though nothing they do is completely spectacular or unbelievable, they do what they should do. That is, HostGator actually answers their phones, replies to their emails, responds to live chat requests, doesn’t rip you off, and provides quality hosting. It’s actually quite sad that most hosts can’t seem to get these things right, but it’s great for HostGator as they’ve banked on it and it’s translated into success.

At first glance, HostGator is not too impressive. They have a fairly generic web site, a logo with a fairly lame slogan – “we eat up the competition” (the alligator in the logo is eating the “H”) (sorry HostGator), ordinary copy on their text, an apparent lack of updates on their site, a pretty standard ModernBill setup, cPanel, and basically everything an average web host has.

However, that’s the beauty of HostGator. They don’t have too many bells and whistles, marketing ploys, or anything of the sort. What you see is what you get and it’s that simple. HostGator’s terms of service is pretty standard, as is their order process. Marketing isn’t shoved down your throat at every page and billing is simple. The order process takes about 5 minutes and HostGator accepts both credit cards and PayPal (which is always nice), as well as debit cards.

HostGator Support

I found it interesting how HostGator accepts quite a few forms of payments, so I contact them, and be a little, different. I requested a live chat, and it went like this ­ I was George, pretending to be someone whose English wasn’t the best.

Chat Information Please wait for a HostGator operator to respond.
Chat Information Welcome to HostGator! You are now chatting with ‘Bueford’

Bueford: Welcome to HostGator, how may I assist you?
George: Hi Bueford!
George: Hi Bueford!
George: I have a question regarding your order process – the process at which you order.
George: Would you be willing to assist me with answering these questions regarding the ordering process at
Chat Information Please wait while I transfer the chat to ‘Kafel’.
Chat Information Welcome to HostGator! You are now chatting with ‘Kafel’

George: Hello?
Kafel: sure, go ahead
George: Why was I transferred from Bueford?
George: Never the matter. My question is this.
Kafel: he is tied up with another chat and didn’t want to keep you holding
George: Oh, very well then! tell Bueford I appreciate his kindness.
George: My question is this. I live in another country and I am unable to pay with a credit card or with PayPal, as my country does not support PayPal.
Kafel: I will do
George: Do I have the ability to “DHL 5-7 Day International Express” a check for the amount of the total of my order?
Kafel: One moment please…
George: That is fine. I will wait one moment. You’re welcome.
George: Excuse my English, please. English is not the principal language of the country that I live in.
Kafel: yes, you could send a bank check to us and once we receive it we will apply it to your account
Kafel: You could call me on the phone if you’d like
Kafel: and by the way your English is excellent
George: That is okay, Kafel. I do not have a telephone that calls international numbers.
George: That sounds very good, Kaefel! Thank you very much for your help in assistance with helping and assisting me with your order process at
George: I will be honored and excited to be hosted by such a company as
Kafel: Oh ok.. I thought you were calling from within the US
Kafel: Thanks for your kind word. Looking forward to assisting you in the future
George: Have a wonderful day, Kafel! Many wishes to you and your family!

They handled the somewhat different situation quite well and answered the question (which was not a standard process, apparently). It’s nice to see companies that don’t always go by the book and offer to help you, without you having to constantly request their help. I later spoke to Kafel as Douglas and told him who I was and that he did a very good job in handling the situation.

HostGator’s phone support was just as good, and when I asked the three standard questions (Do you support mod_rewrite, mod_security, and are your servers Windows or Linux (Linux)) they were answered promptly. I sent those three questions, along with “Do you support PHP5 and Ruby on Rails?” at 5:44 PM on a Monday, and got a response about 10 minutes later that said:

“We support PHP4.4 We support mod_rewrite Our servers on Linux this on our shared server but if you take dedicated server then we installed php5 and mod_security on your server.”

It wasn’t worded too well, but it did answer most of the questions (Ruby on Rails was completely ignored).

HostGator offers some other services such as web design, merchant services, domain registration, SSL certificates (which at $75 each, are overpriced), and script installation. They outline all of their upgrades quite clearly in the Addons section of the Support Center, which is always nice.

The actual HostGator control panel is cPanel. There is absolutely nothing that I can tell that is different than any other standard installation of cPanel. It has the standard mail and database features. Speed was good. Everything worked fine and installation of the scripts I tried worked just fine.

Price: $3.71

Disclosure: Web Hosting Craze has an affiliate aggrement with HostGator

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Douglas Hanna is a former writer for Clickfire and other publications who went on to become CEO of a major web hosting company.

140 Responded to this HostGator Review

  1. Nick says:

    I have been with HostGator since 17 January 2007. They have been one of the most reliable web hosting companies I have ever hosted with.

  2. Shakeel says:

    Looking forward to get an host at hostgator.

  3. Alan says:

    I have not used hostgator but really reading reviews suggests that it is a great host provider. How easy is it to set up and can we buy domains from other providers and then change DNS to hostgator.

  4. 2/21/2008

    All I have to say is this: HOSTNINE SUCKS!!!

    Really. They did server upgrades one day and wiped out several of my blog’s MySQL database. Without a word of apology, they blamed it on hackers. How bloody convenient!

    When I was with HostGator, all I had to tolerate was a bit of downtime. But never technical errors as severe as getting my entire blog wiped out.

    HOSTNINE sucks! Heed my warning.

    • Raja says:

      From last 2 weeks i am daily wasting 1 hour in Hostgatore customer support chat and opened 5 tickets just to redirect my domain on hostgatore to redirect to my google blog , They make fool of me daily, closes my tickets and also mails me that we resolve the issue , if the problems still persist that reply on the ticket and no response come on that.

  5. j says:

    well..I am sure the chat operator is able to monitor these information from you:
    1) website you link from;
    2) country you are location;
    3) browser’s version;
    4) history chat;


  6. Roger Pack says:

    HostGator is good for php, and seems to have reasonable support. I wouldn’t recommend them for Ruby on Rails, however, as they only support fcgi (meaning you have to use cgi, which means you app restarts with each request which makes it pretty slow).
    Other than that all right.

  7. Tom says:

    Hostgator Sales sucks !! Looking to become a customer, I called in after being optimistic even after reading a lot of negative reviews on Hostgator. The guy on line was chatting with someone else on his computer and did not care 2 hoots about me wanting to be their customer !! He even said you can hang up and did not care that I was a potential new customer. The guys name was harold.

    So I did hang up.

    Hostgator – NEVER again.
    14 Mar 2008

  8. Rikin says:

    horrible, terrible, stupid, worst in response, cannot host site without changing NS, so if you want to host site with Just MX or A record, they are not a choice for you. they are horrible. and no good. support didnt respond back for 5 days [on 5 days we had to remind them to send email].
    very bad host, dont even think to host here.
    if any one wants reference i can give you.

  9. Bernard says:

    I’ve been with them for the past 3 years, and I’ve never had any problems. I’ve contacted support twice, and each time they came back promptly. They’re cheap, and they upgrade your existing account with the new goodies they offer (more bandwith, storage space, RoR, ssh access…)

    You can complain all you want about not being able to do certain things (and believe me, they allow a lot more than most other hosts), but you got to keep in mind they only charge 5$ a month for an enormous amount of bandwith, storage and features.

    If your site’s too big for hostgator, then you’re certainly better off on dedicated (virtual or metal), or with a scaling app host (google’s app engine or amazon’s ec2/s3 for example.)

    To reiterate: dirt-cheap, rock-solid, feature-rich.

  10. Charles says:

    After reading this review of HostGator, I might go ahead and sign up. I hate the host I’m currently with, which is Globat. They really suck but I won’t get into the details. For the past few days I’ve been desperately looking for a new host, I’ll try this one out because I’ve heard more positive comments than negative.

  11. Mario says:

    i’m looking for a hosting provider that can give big hosting size in server and bandwith. but what rikin said is make me worried, we cannot change NS? because some of my domains are registered on another domain provider. does any one have detailed features for hostgator, espescially for domain management. thanks

  12. RS says:

    I just joined them last month. Still no problem until now. I never need to contact support yet. Their features is so so, you get what you paid. Cpanel version still 10, so i recommend NOT to use it’s Fantastico for instant installation. My current concern is the same as you guys, we cannot change NS.

  13. Emory Rowland says:

    Rikin, Mario, and RS,

    I asked about changing “A” records last year on the HostGator Forums and was told that you can create an “A” record pointing to your account IP, assuming of course, that you control your own DNS. I have never tried doing this on HostGator but cannot imagine why they would not allow it.

    RS, I just checked with someone who has a HostGator Reseller account and the cPanel version is 11.18.3.

  14. 4/28/2008

    Hostgator Service is lousy. I applied for hosting and paid by credit card. After four days I was still not hosted and I asked a refund. It will now take them a week or more to refund me although they recieved the money immediately. They can do with better staff that can do the job.

  15. Jimmy says:

    I am hosted on hostgator with domain name The service of hostgator is perfect with 100% uptime. Previously I was hosted on; its a free host. The host was ok but there was a downtime like 5 to 10 hours in 30 days and sometimes it affected me very badly. I am with hostgator and I am happy with them. Hostgator has 100% support and uptime.

  16. 8/27/2008

    I’ve been with Hostgator for about 5 years total – I’ve had an overall great experience.

    I’ve been hosted on the same server for the last 4 years, have possibly had 5 trouble tickets due to server/network problems over that time and support is generally at least adequate (usually good to great), but it’s evened out substantially since they’ve updated their ticket system.

    I don’t assume that Hosgator will work for everybody, but I’ve been running 15+ websites using a reseller account for years without any major problems, and support tickets usually get responded to within a couple of hours, if not sooner.

    Well worth the money, in my opinion.

  17. asnon says:

    I am using hostgator now.. I want to say i don’t have any problem until now and it is 100% uptime

  18. a reviewer says:

    There is not date for this thread, not date for answers. When a page reviews a service, the date is absolutely required. Maybe the thread is 10 years old and the service has changed to be better or worst…

  19. Emory Rowland says:

    a reviewer,
    I checked and this review was written circa January 2006 and has been continually updated. I think it’s important to have the date appear too so I added the comment date code. When we uploaded all reviews and content from static pages to the new CMS, we didn’t input the original dates because of the time it would have taken. That said, I think you can get a general sense of when the review was written by the reviewer’s question to HostGator Support: “Do you support PHP5 and Ruby on Rails?”

  20. Barron says:

    I have been using hostgator for 3 months now and have not recieved any complaints with their services. The support team has been good helping me out whenever I had a problem. Although I never used the phone to contact, the sales and support executive on the chat through internet were replying my queries. And I quite like their ticketing system. Its great

  21. coolprosu says:

    I’m using Hostgator for a month now and found their services absolutely amazing. Not in terms of extra features (they don’t give free advertisement credits too) but in terms of support (support is really great), service, speed, all the basic things you want from a hosting company.

  22. Jai says:

    I’ve been with hostgator for about 5 months now and they are pretty great actually. There are a few times where the live chat wasn’t so fast, but at the same time they did manage to answer my questions.

    There are some issues I may have had which was resolved immediately. I’ve never had any serious issues..

    I’m not really worried about losing my sites because they are all backed up regularly -.-” Which should be the first instinct of anyone who runs a busy website.

  23. Joe says:

    A few days ago I contacted Hostgator support for a general enquiry.
    I received a support’s email reply within 10 minutes. My enquiry proceeded into a communication involving several emails. All of these support emails came within 1 hour.

    That was amazing, and better than the usually very good support response I’ve had with them in the 2 years using them. I find it pretty funny that a few people have 1 bad experience with 1 support member and then whine and rant that the whole organization is flawed.

    I’ll bet that these ‘complainers’ are probably at fault in not communicating their problem decently with ‘support’ and this is probably due to a typical poor communication they have contacting any other support too.

  24. Louiss says:

    I love hostgator!!

  25. jerry says:

    I like hostgator! 🙂

  26. Donna says:

    I’m a complainer, but only of late and, trust me, I communicate the problems I’m having in a clear, concise way.

    The problem comes with the tech acting like they know what they’re doing and then proving they don’t by taking the customer around & around in circles until they either get dizzy and leave or get mad and blow up.

    I use to love everything about HostGator and I still love their product. Unfortunately their tech support has become so hit and miss that I dread having to enter the system anymore.

  27. Jm Jamesson says:

    I had horrible luck with their affiliate program. We weren’t credited with a single referral because of their ‘last cookie’ policy. We sent several clients to them via their affil program and all the clients promptly signed up and sent us back ftp info so we could begin transferring their sites.

    Not one credited sale. Stay away from this affiliate program… we sure will be.

  28. nooor says:

    now i will try hostgator

  29. Sean RIchard says:

    I have been with HostGator for 4 hours and I have been blessed to have. They are by hare the most amazing companies out there. They now have Ruby on Rails support! 😀 Also, their new cPanel is amazing and gives you some well need features and data right there on the main page you can’t get with other hosts! I would recommend HostGator to anybody. Although their Dedicated servers are over priced, their shared hosting accounts are fast and they are setup within 20 minutes! They are dirt cheap too! If they only had Virtual Private Servers (VPS)….

  30. Jason says:

    i have been with HostGator for 2 hours and i have had 100% uptime. I have had no problems for 2 hours and I would highly recommend to anyone to use them, as i have had no problems nor my customers for 2 hours. i have no customers but if i did they too would have no problems for the last 2 hours.

    use them. do it now. i love you hostgator.

  31. William R. Cousert says:

    So far, so good.

    My only concern is the low prices. Can they add enough bandwidth and servers fast enough to keep up with the demand?

    Unlimited space and bandwidth for less than $10. Seems too good to be true.

  32. 3/02/2009

    I have had many technical issues that support techs could not fix. I have been disconnected too many times to count and the only time I have ever been satisfied is when I threatened to cancel my account. I would strongly urge people to not use this hosting site!

  33. Summer Beaver says:

    I have a dedicated server with Host Gator for about 2 weeks now. No problems whatsoever, speed is good, their support seems good so far and the price is fair.

    I would recommend them.

  34. Billie G. says:

    Hi Douglas!

    Do you use mod_rewrite and .htaccess to cloak your affiliate links?

    I am having a hard time figuring out how to hide my affiliate links and I would like to know how you did it?

    Can you point me to a “How-To” or a tutorial or anything you used to make yours work?

    Billie G.

  35. Emory Rowland says:

    Hi Billie, I am trying to get a handle on this too and here is what I have found so far that has been helpful:

  36. Bati says:

    I really love HostGator but their price is a little high for me. Now i am using Godaddy.

  37. Ron says:

    I had no problems with HostGator until recently. I had a dedicated elite server for my sites and they offered me a deal for more bandwidth. They gave me an extra TB of bandwidth for $100/mo. My total was $379/mo.

    Recently, my sites have grown and HostGator tells me they can’t honor their deal anymore as their bandwidth bill has gone up. Not only did they take the extra bandwidth away, they charged me $0.50/GB over 2.5 TB! I was under the planned 3.5 TB THEY AGREED UPON and they took back the deal. Keep in mind, I’ve had that deal for over a year.

    They ended up stealing $250 from me. I cancelled immediately and found a host that won’t screw me over. Don’t trust these guys, they steal from loyal customers. I was with them for a couple years and they pulled this crap? TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  38. Bob Reite says:

    I’m with Verio right now, and they have not been able to resolve my emails getting blocked by sbcglobal and after two weeks of complaining. I had the same issue with AOL last year and after a week of messages to tech support, the problem finally got resolved, but not this time. There must be 1000s of hosting companies now and I finally narrowed it down to 5 candidates. Hostgator seems too good to be true with “unlimited” bandwith.

    So how has your email experience been using Hostgator’s SMTP server. Do your emails get through?

  39. Emory Rowland says:

    Bob, we have a HostGator account where I work and I don’t recall ever having any problems with email delivery, although we don’t use that feature intensely. I have had experienced email deliver problems with other accounts. My problems are usually due to the host or even the ISP blacklisting an IP address due to someone on the server/network spamming.

  40. RJ says:

    I think Hostgator does something different with their outgoing mail server to make it more reliable (better deliverability), but I can’t remember what it is that I read. Something like they switch up the IPs or something — I can’t remember.

    I don’t send a lot of emails, but on one of my sites (using Hostgator), I probably send out 300+ emails/week —,,,, and even a few AOLs — I’ve only had one issue in the last few years, and it appears as though it was a temporary fluke. I don’t think I have any or that I regularly send to right now, though.

    Hostgator’s great, but I’ve been on the same server for years… I have a reseller account, so I can’t vouch for the individual packages… but it’s a good company, overall. Use one of their coupons & get the first month for a penny, or some other coupon — they’re out there, or maybe at the top of the page.

    I think that throwing the ‘unlimited’ badge on their package really cheapens what they’re offering, and makes it look suspect — If I hadn’t used them before, and I read ‘unlimited’ on the package, I would be skeptical, too.

  41. Rob says:

    I’ve never seen so many technically misguided responses anywhere. To everyone, HostGator is great. I’ve been with them for a year and a half. You can’t go wrong. Plain and simple.

  42. Steven says:

    I am a web developer and have several sites hosted with HostGator. Host Gator does a great job.

    The server response time and uptime is great. I like pingdom for an uptime monitor, this service lets me know when the site is having problems before my clients do. Enough about pingdom and back to HostGator.

    I build my sites in Joomla and hostgator does a good job with this. Here is a review of joomla and hostgator (

    Hope this helps!

  43. HotGator says:

    Looking forward to trying it out!

  44. Nik says:

    1. servers are horrible.
    2. support is even more horrible.
    3. they made a mistake and they apologized about it after i demanded apology 5 times.
    4. Support persons just ignore every message of clients and respond standard copy paste messages.
    Just horrible no other word for it

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Nik, can you give us more details, especially as regards your remarks about the servers? What specifically makes them “horrible?”

  45. Kane says:

    The reviews are positive enough for me to investgate further. Thank you all.
    But Nik, you must be kidding. You demanded an apology over a hosting mistake, It must have been very serious. Otherwise thats very soft of you sir.

  46. lim says:

    i have not subscribed to HostGators hosting yet. However, i have tried using their online chat support. The customer service name Courtney Jo has been extremely professional and helpful in assisting me and answering my questions. i will go ahead to use their services.

  47. MIchael says:

    After 4 years of misery with Hostica, I turned to Hostgator out of desperation. Assuming that Hostica was reflective of low-cost hosts in general, I would have been satisfied with even minimal improvements. Well, Hostgator turned my low expectations on end. These folks are pros who treat even the smallest account holder responsibly and respectfully. The techs, in particular, are bright, polite, and supportive. I’ve just begun my 4th year with Hostgator. They’re a five-star team all the way.

  48. Pyrameda says:

    I’ve been looking into various hosting packages on the net for the past few days. I am currently with HostPapa and find their service less than adequate in terms of up-time. The problem with finding reviews about hosting services is that they tend to be biased because they earn affiliate revenues from the hosting services they are reviewing.

  49. Hosting Offers says:

    My experience with Hostgator was through a company i worked for who hosted with them, and it has been rather good. That doesn’t mean their service never had glitches, but they did get them resolved. We were on semi-dedicated servers at the time, and the high prestige site with over 5,000 a day, was very responsive.

  50. Bard Judith says:

    I have been with HostGator for over two years now – have never seen my site down, have received quick, friendly, helpful, and non-patronizing assistance for even the most noobish of questions. Love CPanel, appreciate the timely reminders to renew service, and have no complaints.

  51. David says:

    I signed up with Host Gator because of the cost being so low. Ends up you get what you pay for. Their biggest problem is having emails marked as spam that are sent out due to the ridiculous amounts of spam that gets sent from their servers. On multiple occasions I’ve searched their IP’s for blacklist records and to no surprise there they were.

    Incompetent customer support, billing system out of whack, constant issues….do yourself a favor and don’t sign up.

  52. Ashu gaur says:

    Using the hosting services of Hostgator for more than 2 years, and extremely satisfied with their uptime and support response when ever face some technical problem.
    In fast recommend it to other to for better better hosting service offered

  53. 12/14/2009 is one of the worst website hosting services that I’ve run into. Problems abound and one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. You talk to one person who promises that you can do this and the the other person pulls you account and says you can’t—the bad thing is the don’t tell you that you have an issue–you have to wait for you customers to call and say “we really want to place that order–built we can’t get to your website” no explanations no excuses just the loss of thousands in sales right before Christmas. Thanks John —

  54. Emory Rowland says:

    John, what was the problem that you experienced with HostGator? Mind sharing?

  55. Raul says:

    The best hosting provider that I tried, Hostgator is an oversell of hostings with quality service, which is uncommon in such firms.

    HostGator Something remarkable is that, even though they oversell their servers, I can-at least in my case, as compared with any normal hosting.

    Low price, good perfomance and excellent technical support.

  56. Wiz says:

    I’ve been having trouble with Hostgator’s SMTP Server, does anyone know if it’s blacklisted?

  57. vhincent says:

    thanks for the review and for all the people who have entered their experiences… will try out in a few days

    hope everything goes well.

  58. Alexander says:

    I suggests people don’t host at hostgator, this is a fraud.
    i have experienced where i have duplicated paypal subscription for amount of $277 and i asked them to refund back my money, but they wont do that, they insist to keep it to pay for following months.

    their stupid excuses was because of how paypal handles it and can’t be refund back, what stupid excuse they are. you can just refund back thru paypal.

    so keep away from this hosting. they claim to be cheap, but there are lot more cheap hosting on outside with better quality.

  59. Aaron says:

    I was just wondering. Doesn’t it bother some people that they limit you on the amount of files you can upload? I think it was 500,000 files, and when you reached 100,000 they no longer back it up. I reached a little over 10% in the first week, just by installing a few Fantastico scripts, does it bother anyone else besides me that once you reach your file limit, you can no longer upload anymore?
    I know everyone starts small, but sooner or later they grow, and this is somewhat worrisome to me as I get closer to the maximum.

  60. Alex says:

    While customer service may be good and willing to take your money, wait for your site to start getting hacked and then be wiped off completely.
    My site has been hacked 4 times in 1 month and each time they tried to put a blame on me. I spent hundreds of $$ to update and secure everything.
    2 weeks later my site is totally gone, data base cpanel, admin everything.
    The most ridiculous responses fro the live chat which make no sense at all and yet no one there seems to know what went wrong.
    Consulted with a number of designers and coders and all agreed that hostgator server is far from being secure. In the mean time i am losing customers, reputation, money while whoever tried to sort out what is going on

  61. Vitero says:

    Can’t cancel the service. The only way to stop them from charging you is to block them from your card

  62. David says:

    @Aaron i think the 250,000 inodes limit is just recommended, it is an unlimited plan!

    And as for the backup, i believe you should always take a weekly backup of your own files anyway! 🙂

  63. 5/04/2010

    I spent hours researching hosting companies and didn’t feel any clearer than when I started. I ultimately decided on Hostgator because I like that you could have unlimited domains and most reviews said they had good service. I did a live chat with them and a phone call within minutes of signing up, and boy were those reviewers right… excellent, speedy service. It’s nice to know there is someone available to speak with you via live chat at any instance. Glad I went with Hostgator.

  64. Joe from New Jersey Carpet Cleaning says:

    I use hostgator form my carpet cleaning websites. It’s awesome. There was a hiccup for about 30 minutes, but I called the support and they kept me on the phone until it was resolved. I am very impressed.

    The 250,000 inode limit means that if you go over that limit they don’t do the courtesy backup every Sunday, but you can still do a manual backup yourself.

  65. John says:

    I’ll be purchasing a hostgator account within the next month. Before anyone actually purchases their hosting with hostgator I would highly recommend looking online for a coupon code. I found this one earlier to day “dinosaur775” it’s supposed to save you $9.94!

    Good Luck

  66. brian says:

    I like the way hostgator operators handle people, they are patient. “Big up” to you guys

  67. Suvro says:

    I have had excellent experience so far with hostgator.
    Whenever I was in trouble, they were understanding and fast.

  68. Amadeo says:

    I had an issue for two months (that I know of) with Comodo SSL certificates which Hostgator installed. The issue pertained to incorrect warning/error messages which were being generated by visitors browser.

    Hostgator Support gave me generic responses and did not investigate the problem adequately. It took a series of tickets and a supporting email from Comodo to convince Hostgator support that there was a problem, as they were constantly denying there was a problem with their installation of the Comodo certificates. Finally they reinstalled the Comodo SSL certificates and the problem disappeared.

    I asked Hostgator support if they were going to compensate me for the two lost months which were paid for. They are now refusing, blaming Comodo for the problem instead of their own botched up installation. I didn’t even ask Hostgator for the extra $2 per month for static ip required for SSLs wich was lost.

  69. Amadeo says:

    In the interest of fairness I am updating my last post. Hostgator has finally come to the party by revoking the old certificate and installing a new one so that I benefit from the full twelve month subscription. A simple credit for the two lost months would have sufficed.

    This was never solely an issue about economic loss, as minor as it may have been in relation to the two lost months of certificate, or as major it may have been regarding lost visitors and potential sales. Rather,this was a matter of principle.

    Whilst mistakes do happen, if if I hadn’t had reason to form the view that my request for support wasn’t being treated seriously, I would have been of a different attitude. Anyway, kudos to Hostgator for doing the right thing in the end.

  70. Jeff says:

    I used to work at Hostgator. The problem is the employees are so overworked they don’t have enough time to care. You are expected to have 3-4 chats going at once as well as taking a phone call at the same time and NO ONE can do it so you hang up on people, keep people waiting, etc. Now the service itself is good so as long as you never need to call or chat it’s fine. The email support is good. I use them myself for 5 websites and have been happy with the service but if I ever need to call or chat I will be dreading it.
    I used to work at Hostgator. The problem is the employees are so overworked they don’t have enough time to care. You are expected to have 3-4 chats going at once as well as taking a phone call at the same time and NO ONE can do it so you hang up on people, keep people waiting, etc. Now the service itself is good so as long as you never need to call or chat it’s fine. The email support is good. I use them myself for 5 websites and have been happy with the service but if I ever need to call or chat I will be dreading it.

  71. I’ve been with HostGator for about 3 months now and no problems so far. Hope it continues that way.

  72. Emory Rowland says:

    I’ve had shared hosts take my sites down themselves and not notify me. I feel sure notification is not in the terms of service and I doubt that many cheap web hosting companies would have the wherewithal to send one, but it sure would be nice.

  73. Hiya says:

    I have godaddy and would like to change cause their control panel is very confusing. I like the cpanel, it is very visual making it a lot easier to use. Great review.

  74. wd stewart says:

    I’ve been with HostGator for over 3 years.. And yeah they like every other hosting site have had burps, and various ghosts in the machine on “Rare” occasions.
    But the service, and performance is way beyond what I expected after having been subjected to Yahoo hosting.
    I highly recommend them to everyone that asks.

    As for the affiliate program, I too have been disappointed that friends who sign up under my affiliate account get hosted but I never saw diddly in terms of commission.

    Other than that, you can’t find better hosting for less.

  75. Cisco Certifications says:

    i am using iXhosting but recently hosted my new domain on HostGator and found is very good .

  76. Halt Seven says:

    Maybe I’m missing the point, but I thought this site went out of its way to ensure unbiased reviews. If that’s the case, why is this review written and performed by the HostGator Customer Service Manager, Douglas Hanna?

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Halt, I was waiting for someone to ask that question. The review was written by Douglas before he went to work for HostGator. It’s listed in his bio but I’m glad you asked so I can clarify it here. From the bio here:

      In October 2008, Douglas began working at a major web hosting company. He no longer writes reviews for Clickfire, but does continue to write about the web hosting industry and the trends within it.

      Thanks for noticing and speaking up.

  77. Halt Seven says:

    Thanks for clearing it up Emory! Also, thanks for such a helpful site that provides good guidance on a very fuzzy topic!

    • Emory Rowland says:

      You’re welcome, Halt and I agree, the topic is a “fuzzy” one.

  78. Robin says:

    They may be a good host, but their support is rubbish.
    I try to report a site which violates many copyrights and they keep phishing me for more details on it, even though i have provided all the details and evidence including permission and autograph from the creators of the original content, they still hold me up on this ( been a week ).
    Secondly a couple of months ago a site their abused me e-mail adress to spam people ( it was a normal forum, so how could i ever know they’d use my e-mail to spam all kinds of people )

    After sending atleast 20 copies including e-mail headers notifying that the e-mail clearly came from that site, even then they still complained about needing more “proof”.

    I contacted Yahoo after that response and they took care of the fact an e-mail using the yahoo domain was used for spamming, they didn’t even took action at the first response of that……

    All by all, Hostgator may keep it’s servers up and running but legal notices it’s worse than a swedish hosting the police couldn’t even care about.

  79. von says:

    i think i must take an account here, what you guys think?

  80. Luke says:

    We are an Australian based business and have about 20 sites hosted with Hostgator. It’s worked really well for us for over 2 years now.

    As an international customer, the only downside has been that they have done maintenance late at night in the USA, but that is still business hours in Australia. But it’s only happened twice and it hasn’t made me want to switch from using them.

    I have used their online chat several times and it has always been fast and an easy way to communicate with them. Overall very good hosting features that our developers also like using.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Hi Luke, I totally understand what you are saying. My previous host performed maintenance in the early morning hours and I was regularly seeing my site down since I stay up very late here in the USA–a bad habit 🙂

  81. Luis S. says:

    I have now two accounts with hostgator. One of them is new. The older one has been active now for two years, running with no problem at all, using three domains at the same time. I have to recognize that the sites are all non-profit and the bandwidth usage is small, but also I have coded the pages and a complete admin and intranet system, and I’ve been able to modify htaccess files, php.ini (the cpanel has a quick php config that, for most cases, works flawlessly) and mix fantastico cms’s, external scripts and hand code together with no pain at all. So far no problem whatsoever with e-mail and lists or ftp issues (90% of the time ftp is pretty fast). and it has ruby on rails, if you want more complicated systems (it’s just my opinion).

    You can’t change nameservers, but for most cases, if you haven’t prior bad practices with your domains (Purchase with a bad company), you shouldn’t have problems with that.

    Support: I had previously some questions about php and server includes, and I used live chat. It was efficient, fast and polite. When I decided to purchase another account, this time for a business page, I run into a billing problem, and so, I started a support ticket. The response e-mail was fast (same day), and when I asked, they answered all my question and fix the problem explaining what happened with my account.

    I have to say, hostgator gives me confidence. The have social network pages in which they post what’s going on with the services and the company. they post photos and you can even see who is who in the company so, at least, it gives you the impression that you are making business with a real company and not some garage hosting. I don’t really know what would happen when my new account traffic start to raise, but, so far, for small business and non-profit activities, I think its a good company, and makes you feel you’re not wasting your money.

  82. Luis S. says:

    I forgot to say, my timezone is GMT-5, but I normally I work in the pages late night, so at least their live chats really is 24/7. I remind you I have not used their phone support.

  83. Hostome says:

    Host gator has a good reputation, but each individual has their own experience with different hosts, so if some are happy, some may have issues as well.

  84. brent oxley says:


    I’m the owner of Hostgator and I just wanted to post that if anyone ever has an issue with our support to please contact me personally at, and I’ll be more then happy to do everything in my power to help.

    We’ve grown a lot as a company over the last few years, and with growth we’ve improved our support drastically. We have corrected many of the issues that have been posted here. I noticed a few posts about us failing to cancel accounts which is 100% false. I dare anyone here to post their ticket number on a cancellation we refused to do. Canceling couldn’t be easier, all one has to do is fill out which instantly emails back a ticket number.

    If there’s ever anything I can do for anyone please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Thanks!!


    Brent Oxley

  85. ggman says:

    can we change nameservers here? i read on top page about 3 years you couldn’t. maybe in 2010 2011 your company has changed. this is a dealbreaker for me and im just waiting to sign up once thats resolved.

  86. brent oxley says:

    Yes you can use private name servers any time or change your name servers all together. If you run into any issues with this just shoot me off an email.

    Thank you Ggman

  87. Tessa says:

    After my meltdown with Bluehost, I have been looking for a new host. Hearing nothing but good things about Hostgator, I was elated by their Black Friday 80% off normal price sale. I tried to sign up at the beginning of the 80% off sale, but nothing happened for ten minutes. Hostgator’s site locked up on me and I couldn’t place my order. When I was finally able to get to the ordering page, it said the 80% offer was sold out and only the 50% offer was valid. I thought to myself for a minute and decided not to order for two reasons. 1) It was very deceptive of Hostgator to advertise a 4 hour sale that lasted only minutes. It was like they had no real intentions of offering 80% off to anyone. 2)I have no confidence in a hosting company that can’t keep their site up during their own promotion. After all they are a web hosting company. Since they couldn’t keep their site up, I have zero confidence in their ability to host my sites. So now Bluehost and Hostgator are permanently crossed off my list of web hosting options. So does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable and honest web hosting company? Many thanks in advance!

  88. KK Bhardwaj says:

    hi friends, please suggest which company is best for hosting. These days i am suffering with one hosting company which is totally fraud. i want to change my server and i want any good vps or reseller hosting. Plz suggest.

    mail me at info[at]

  89. Wallace says:

    @Tessa, i may agree with you totally. i have no idea how they can run a promotion for 4 hours but the 80% quotas were went out within minutes. their price is very competitive, but i have also been disappointed by this promotion gimmick. probably they have only 100 quotas for 80% off hosting plans!!!

  90. Steve says:

    I was ok with hostgator for while until my website become more popular and received over 5,000 hits a day then hostgator shutdown my site without warning, even though I have the unlimited bandwidth plan, they told me that my site had reached the CPU quota, I believe that their server is weak and once you get more visitors then they come up with excuses and get rid of your sites, I think most of the sites they are hosting don’t get more than 200 hits a day. If you have a site that might become popular in the future stay away from these people.

  91. Doug Walters says:

    Hostgator has Flawless hosting, fast servers, never down. Its been two years with hostgator now and I really never had an issue so I dont know how good their tech support is because I never had to call them! So if what Hostgator offers in software or service, dont think twice, go with them, you will be very happy.
    I do have other websites with other hosts however and I only wish they were reliable. The ONLY reason I have other hosts is the easy web building software of Weebly. I can have 8 sites running in no time with their drop and drag web builder and teh software works flawless. However, the hosting part of Weebly has been a nightmare and I only have had them just over a week now, slow servers, servers going down all the time. I would pay Weebly double what I pay them now if they just had service as good as Hostgator. I plan on contacting Hostgator today, hoping they have or will have in the near future a drop and drag web builder, if an when they do, Hostgators service will be priceless to me because it is so darn fast.

  92. Larry Braverman says:

    I currently use JustHost for most of my websites. I’ve had lots of problems with them. The latest was recently when two pages on one of my sites ate up cpu time and they suspended my entire account of over 40 websites without warning. They could have suspended just that one site and contacted me. Don’t know how much business I lost. Then they gave me a hard time about giving me access to my files. Obviously moving 40+ sites to another provider is a real pain so I liked that Hostgator provides help with that. Anyone ever use that feature? I’d like to try Hostgator. Hopefully I won’t have to switch again.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Hi Larry, I had the exact same thing happen with a reseller account at an old host. They identified one site as causing a problem but took down all sites in my reseller account. I had to negotiate and beg and wait. Finally my account was unsuspended and I left not long afterwards. HostGator does offer to help out with moving. They moved some sites for me recently and everything went smoothly. The only thing I’m not sure about is whether it is free for a new customer or not. I believe it is. HostGator will quote you a charge to move sites in if you are an existing customer.

  93. Sarah says:

    Hostgator used to be good. Now we have had two crashes with our dedicated server and VPS server at the same time. We lost customers because of this. No warning or notice from Hostgator. We had to contact them to ask them what was going on. I think they are growing too fast and big and the service they used to provide is now declining.

  94. Ray says:

    Hostgator is OK untill you have a problem. It is HELL dealing with it’s Technicians. They lie, are extremely slow in responding and worst of the worst customer service. One of the chat guys told us that the owner is a guy named Brent Oaxley, we wrote to him 2 days ago and still waiting for an acknowledgement email from him. Our advice, if you can manage, find a Web Host that provides good technical support and service when needed.

  95. sunil says:

    We are facing a problem from hostgator after a dedicated server plan upgrade.
    Their people have assigned us a black listed ip and now we are facing mail bounce problems. When we have submitted a ticket there is no reply. and when are trying to talk with chat executive they promise to update the ticket but no response.
    so please carefully choose your server hosting provider.


  96. Thomas says:

    Hostgator is way too big now. They have kindergarten level Customer agents answering the live chat, and if you get fed up and cancel, they actually call you to whine and beg you to come back. Then they send you e-mails pleading to return, and when in my case i told them to not contact me anymore as i was fed up, they stopped the termination ticket, so I got charged the recurring fee three weeks later.

    VERY annoying. Find different hosting, they’ve lost their mojo long time ago.


  97. jay says:

    i use multiple webhosts and have just transferred website to hostgator, i have never had such BAD service from any customer support, story is too long to write here, but i lost more money from the hours i wasted with the numbskulls who work the support than the amount i have paid them for a service they are still yet to provide, i contacted them prior to purchase to confirm certain details and they have not stood by their statements and their website gives false details also about services they provide, the have lied to me on numerous time, they play dumb at times, and one support rep could not even read or write english, really far beyond a joke, If you have have quite a bit of technicals skills to ensure you are fully capable and will never need to contact support they should be fine, if you do not then AVOID AT ALL COSTS

  98. jay says:

    another point the chat record posted on this webpage is a bias conversation, of course any company would be happy to help you pay them your money

  99. Everyoneisdoingit says:

    “When you agreed to our Terms of Service, you agreed that we could charge the credit card on file any fee at any time. You may review our Terms of Service at

    Please let us know if you have an additional question.

    Jefferson S.
    Sr. Billing Administrator LLC”

    Their terms of service does NOT say they can charge any fee at any time but think about what this person said… Why on earth would he say something to blatantly untrue? There is no way they can charge your credit card any fee at any time. But the fact that he said it means they are willing to try it if you let them.

    They have no record of me having ordered any of their services other than the standard hosting packages. So this was their response.

  100. Jan Champion says:

    HostGator Support Sucks!
    I just tried to open a new hosting account with HostGator and an error showed up requiring me to contact them to continue. After more than 40 minutes with HostGator Live Chat, including re-entering my personal information, they concluded the problem was with their system. They offered to create the account by email. That process was a multistep process requiring resubmission of all my personal data for the third time, scan a government issued photo id, and a copy of my credit card. Since the cost of the service was not provided in their email, presumably some other steps were required. Never was any offer made to make the process more customer friendly, nor suggesting a supervisor handle the problem, nor did they offer any discounts or credits for the extra time I spent due to their problems. I was interested in the quality of their support because I intended to transfer my other domains to them if I was satisfied. Suffice it to say, I did not waste the additional time in setting up the account because I had already concluded their support sucked.

  101. Rob says:

    Hostgator “used” to provide good service and a decent product. Now however, their customer service is probably on par with the worst hosting companies in the world (EasySpace etc.). They have kindergarten educated people that answer the phone, chat or email service tickets. The only thing they know how to do is to find any reason whatsoever to blame the problem on someone or something else.

    I’ve been working with them for site PCI compliance now for over two weeks. They’ve “fixed” several issues now 3 or 4 times. Guess what, still broke. This is after going around and around with them to get them to even agree that the problems are with their server setup. They absolutely cannot get it right. Ever.

    It’s so bad now that I’ve dropped my affiliate status with them and have permanently switched hosts. I’ll stay with this new host until they get too big to care about their customers as well.

  102. DMF says:

    Hostgator is a phenomenal company. I have the Hatchling account and I cannot believe the amount of flexibility and # of sites I can set up within that account along with all the included features.

    In addition, any time I call them for support, I get almost instantaneous service, and the person who answers the phone is always knowledgeable on the information I need — not all of it easy.

    Further, they are courteous, always willing to help, step outside what is strictly their responsibility, and totally reliable.

    Each time I hang up the phone after calling them, I have a sense of amazement that there are still hosting companies out there that have not lost the human touch while being totally on top of their game.

    I don’t know why I would ever host anywhere else. I recommend them to everyone.

  103. alex says:

    this is exactly what I was looking for. I will go with hostgator for sure thanks a lot for your great review.

  104. Confused says:

    I’m confused (as my name says)… HostGator is apparently hosted at a provider called SoftLayer:


    Unless I am mistaken, there doesn’t seem to be a connection between HostGator and SoftLayer… Unless SoftLayer hosts HostGator?

    • Emory Rowland says:

      @Confused – HostGator previously had an agreement with The Planet (

      The Planet and Softlayer later “merged”

  105. John Smithson says:

    I had a problem with a host previously, thanks in part to being able to post about it here in an open manner, the issue was resolved and the host eventually did the right thing and suspended a hate website.

    The site has now moved to Hostgator and despite many abuse reports they are refusing to enforce their TOS.
    As the issue now involves Hostgator allowing the website to post advocating the date rape of a minor and the posting of images of underage girls with older males The issue needs to be exposed.

    Hostgator now seems to be protecting this website and have even gone so far as to lie about their hosting of it as below:

    Here is part of a live chat I had with Hostgator where they state clearly that they are are NOT the host, if this is so then the records are inaccurate.

    (11:33 pm) [John Smithson]: hostgator shows as the host.
    (11:33 pm) [Thomas R.] We are not the one who host the forum. I suggest that you contact the owner of this forum.
    (11:34 pm) [John Smithson]: hostgator shows as the host for theRanter dot com is this not true?
    (11:35 pm) [Thomas R.] I didn’t state that I am hosting this forum at all.
    (11:36 pm) [John Smithson]: true but searches show hostgator as the host
    (11:36 pm) [John Smithson]: are you saying that hostgator is NOT the host nor the registrar
    (11:37 pm) [Thomas R.] I am informing you that we are not hosting this forum at all.

    Please advise why this shows :
    Name Server: NS1649.HOSTGATOR.COM
    Name Server: NS1650.HOSTGATOR.COM

    More to come as Hostgator is doing the wrong thing and needs to adhere to their OWN rules.

    John Smithson.

  106. John Smithson says:

    Earlier I reported this: www dot xxxxxxx that is promoting date raping a minor as below:

    “Bro, I hear ya about the mature 15 year old. [explicit, removed by Clickfire editor]”

    I understand that a “roofie” is a word used for a date rape drug. Please note the words “15 year old” any reasonable person would consider a 15 year old girl to be underage, and that promoting raping her is in violation of your “harm to a minor” section of your TOS. This is not a grey area or a Maybe, it is a direct violation of your rules.

    I also reported an image used in an avatar of a NUDE UNDERAGE girl with a nude older male.xxxxxxx it is clear that due to the tiny size of the girl against the male she is a VERY young girl. This is in direct violation of your TOS of this there is NO DOUBT!

    These are just a couple of the abuse reports I have sent to Hostgator, most of the time their response is just to mark the report as being ” On Hold” and until recently almost no reply was received.

    It is VERY clear that the two abuse reports above are justified and ANY responsible Host would take action to protect under age girls from this. Why is Hostgator refusing to take action? Why are they supporting such a website?

    I could post the image of the obviously underage girl, but I will not put child porn on my PC for obvious reasons, yet Hostgator seem happy to allow it to be shown IN PUBLIC on the said website that they host.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Hi John, good to hear from you. You might want to give them a little more time. I know it’s a horrible thing but they probably want to check with their legal department and start investigating. I am not defending leaving it up, but HostGator probably doesn’t want to take down a site without knowing it is in violation. Please let us know how things go.

  107. John Smithson says:

    Thank you for this: [explicit, removed by Clickfire editor] it is clear that to any reasonable person it is offensive. Except to the Hostgator support staff.
    There is a lot of pornographic images on the site as well, but it seems that Hostgator allows pornography, however their TOS does NOT allow obscene images.

    I have reported many vile, obscene images but Hostgator support just say they do not have time to check images on the sites they host. HUH?

    It is becoming clear that Hostgator is protecting a website that posts images of under age girls and advocated date raping them.

    I do not know why.

    I understand that a host is bound to report child abuse to the authorities Hostgator have not said that they have done this.

    I have also reported posts that link to malware, yet another violation of the TOS. the result? No reply on this one.

    There has been no direct reply on the child abuse reports either.

    Why is this I wonder? Why is a reputable Host refusing to enforce their OWN TOS and in doing so are supporting a site that posts child abuse?

  108. John Smithson says:

    @Emory Rowland Thank you it is good to hear from you again.

    I can see that one of my first tickets was sent 02:48:44 AM | Mar 27th, 2013.. It took many many requests and a lot of pushing to get a reply from them, after a delay of over four months.

    It also took over five requests for them to answer a simple question as to what the meaning is of their ” On Hold” comments.

    Currently it seems that any reports are now just put “on Hold”

    They MAY still be working on them but I am doubtful, as they do seem to be hiding and unable to properly explain why they are not enforcing their own rules.


    • Emory Rowland says:

      John, Let’s see what happens. I am sure this is an issue no host likes to deal with. There’s also the NSFW aspect. I wouldn’t want to be the guy that has to review all this stuff 🙁

  109. John Smithson says:

    Emory I will keep you informed.

    I totally agree that is is not a nice thing to have to check out.
    However this is even more reason why it MUST be removed from PUBLIC view as anyone can readily see it, even children and the mentally insane if they have access to a PC.

    Regardless of anything else, why is it so hard for a host to at the very least remove the child abuse images, until everything has been checked out?

    One of the problems is that anyone can post anything that is wrong and then people have to jump through hoops to have things removed?

    I think in this case Hostgator has a duty of care to prevent minors from seeing such things on a website that is open to the PUBLIC.

    Their refusal to do so brings Hostgator into disrepute and begs the question WHY?

  110. John Smithson says:

    @Emory I have had a look around and it seems that you were correct and Brent Oxley is no longer there.

    What has amazed me is the large number of complaints on

    The number of customers leaving is a sign of things going wrong.

    Maybe this is an explanation as to why they seem to be so desperate to keep customers, despite them violating many of the terms of service.

    It does seem that the dollar is overriding their civic duty. John.

  111. Emory Rowland says:


    The reviews on the forum seem to have taken a negative turn around June of this year. It looks like it may be related to a data center move that didn’t go well.

    Despite the buyout and recent events, HostGator is still a very established brand. With all of their resources, they should be able to turn all this around but we’ll soon see. It’s certainly in their best interest to do so. Why would EIG pay hugely to acquire all these hosting brands and then let them fizzle? I have to give HG points for allowing negative reviews to be posted on their forum. I haven’t seen many companies do that.

  112. John Smithson says:

    @Emory. It is good that Hostgator allow SOME complaints to be posted, it makes it more of a mystery as to why they refuse to act when minors are in potential danger. as not doing so and avoiding the issue can only degrade their reputation.

    The slide downwards reminds me of the Vbulletin fiasco, after they were bought out by Internet Brands and launched a disastrous new version VB5.

    It seems a similar story, a company paying out a large amount of money then letting their purchase go down badly.

    I am now getting questions from people asking about why Hostgator is allowing one bad website to destroy their reputation, and people are asking if they are that short of money that they will allow anything instead of losing a client.

    Perhaps a Hostgator spokesperson will come online and explain this?

  113. John Smithson says:

    Hi gatorsean I have forwarded some of the abuse report links. to the feedback email you supplied.

    As well as those mentioned on here, there are many others [removed by editor]. I have more if you wish.

    If you need more please just ask. Thanks for your attention to this disturbing matter. John Smithson.

  114. Emory Rowland says:

    John, I sent them a tweet. It would be nice to hear from them in this thread.

  115. John Smithson says:

    @Emory. That sounds like a good idea.

    I would like a Hostgator spokesperson to fix this matter up and do the right thing.

    I consider it is all our duty to protect minors and to prevent them from seeing such things posted in public, as is being allowed on the hate website.

    I am sure that all of us have better things to do than keep having to report and expose a rouge website.

  116. GatorSean says:

    Hello. I am a representative of HostGator, we were informed of this thread via the tweet that it sounds like Emory sent us. Let me say up front that I won’t be monitoring this thread for future posts, but I will be providing you an official means of contacting us. There is a domain specified herein, which a quick WHOIS does show that the nameservers for the domain are pointed to our network. Yes, we allow adult content on our network, but under no circumstances do we allow any type of child endangerment content. This is something we take exceptionally seriously. I admittedly only cursorily looked at the website, and without commenting on the site itself I will say that I saw nothing that could be classified as what has been proposed and discussed here. If I had, we would immediately shut the site down and proceed with our due diligence as related to issues of this nature. But, as we all know, just because I didn’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    So, for anyone who does discover content of that nature on our network, we would very much appreciate being informed. You can either send an email to security at HostGator dot com or you can contact Management directly by emailing feedback at HostGator dot com. Either way, we would then conduct a proper investigation and take the necessary action as a result. Again, criminal activity on our network is in no way tolerated, and what has been discussed here is wholly unacceptable on our network. Anyone with information along these lines is welcome to contact us at the above email addresses, please include direct URLs to the content in question. Again, we will not continue to monitor this thread, but you are welcome to reach out to us via the emails provided or at any of our social media platforms.

  117. John Smithson says:

    Hi GatorSean. Thank you for your reply.

    Please find below some of the ticket numbers that deal with my reports complete with valid links. There may be more.
    I also have copies of the live chats with your support staff.

    I will be happy to send all the links to you again.

    I have also checked with Icann godaddy and some of the whosis people and all indications DO show Hostgator as the HOST. Whether you have sub let it I do not know. So obviously your support staff lied to me when he INSISTED that Hostgator was in no way hosting this website.

    On a positive note, I have found your live chat response times to be very good and your support staff usually polite, and I thank you for this, however genuine reports do need to be acted upon in a timely manner and this has not occurred. I will contact the addy given and ask for you by name to expedite matters. Thank you John Smithson.

    24147891 2013-08-13 10:10 PM obscenity in violation of your TOS Level 2 Security On Hold
    24147905 2013-08-13 12:12 AM Violation of your TOS regarding obscenity. Support On Hold
    24085789 2013-08-06 08:03 PM links to malware. Security On Hold
    24075685 2013-08-06 03:37 AM Violations of your TOS. Security — Legal On Hold
    24076138 2013-08-05 11:00 PM Violation of your TOS by theRanter dot com Security — Legal On Hold
    24076112 2013-08-05 10:57 PM Violation of your rules. Security — Legal On Hold
    24076069 2013-08-05 10:46 PM Massive violation of your terms of service Security — Legal On Hold
    21305343 2013-08-05 07:59 PM [No Subject] Security — Legal On Hold
    23820443 2013-07-27 09:32 PM Ticket number 21305343

  118. John Smithson says:


    “This is something we take exceptionally seriously. I admittedly only cursorily looked at the website, and without commenting on the site itself I will say that I saw nothing that could be classified as what has been proposed and discussed here. If I had, we would immediately shut the site down and proceed with our due diligence as related to issues of this nature. But, as we all know, just because I didn’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

    I have just checked and as of today they are still active and showing. I have sent the direct links to the addy you provided, along with many other links. I am sure that you would agree they should NOT be in public view as they do relate to the “harming or potentially harming of minors ”

    Thank you for attending to this. John.

  119. John Smithson says:

    Hostgator seem to think it is ok to allow violations of their TOS and this is my reply to their latest message. I have put xxxxx in where the things that Hostgator are allowing, may upset some people.

    Hi Sean V. Thank you for your reply and explanation. I disagree with you and to be frank I am disturbed that you think that an image of a xxxxxxxxxx is not obscene, (This is one of the vilest and most obscene images I have ever seen) as is stated in your TOS that obscene images are not allowed.

    I also disagree that an image of a nude obviously under age girl being held by a much older nude male is not in violation of your TOS.

    I also disagree that advocating date raping of a minor is not a violation of your TOS.

    Thank you for the notice about the FBI, I will send a report to the FBI office that covers the area that Hostgator’s head office is in.

    I also understand that the FBI has been mandated to investigate ID theft and phishing attempts, as is being allowed by you on the hate website. Despite me reporting it to you.

    I have also reported the child abuse to the “sex predator” section of the attorney generals office and I am waiting for further replies from them.

    For some strange reason Hostgator appears to be protecting this hate website.
    I have contacted ICANN to ask for the removal of your license, as Hostgator is not doing the right thing by protecting this hate site.

    Hostgator has a record of not being the most secure organization and following the arrest of Eric Gunnar Gisse. Perhaps it is time for an investigation as to the actions of Hostgator.

    Thank you. John Smithson.

  120. John Smithson says:

    It is time that places like Hostgator be held more accountable for what they allow on websites that clearly violate their own TOS and that offend the normal decency of the average internet user?

    It is becoming too easy for such hosts to brush aside genuine abuse reports with a blanket ” Oh no this is not a violation of out TOS” Especially if there is a tech there who is friends with the offending website.

    Abuse reports have been lodged with Hostgator pointing out terrible violations of their TOS . One I cannot describe here, but to say it is obscene is a vast understatement.
    I felt physically ill and like like vomiting when I saw it posted IN PUBLIC.
    Yet Hostgator blithely say “oh it is not a violation” despite their OWN TOS saying obscene things are prohibited.

    Is it such a dire thing for Hostgator to remove the offending violations?

    Obviously if the hate site is being protected then the answer is there.

    Common decency would dictate that offending images would be removed until a proper investigation could take place, but no, it seems that the hate website can post whatever they like with impunity.
    Why is this so is the question.

    Are Hostgator losing so many websites that they are now desperately clinging onto every one they have regardless of the consequences?

    It may be time to open this up and see if we can get some changes to protect ourselves from such organizations.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      John, did they say they wouldn’t remove it? GatorSean was pretty clear on their stance in his earlier comment.

      About the backdoor being left by a former employee, that’s something that no host is immune from, especially larger ones. I am sure no company would wish for that.

  121. John Smithson says:

    @Emory. I will include parts of the reply from Hostgator. I do not think it is right for me to post all of it without their permission but parts do need to be revealed. You are correct in that earlier they were clear on their stance, but when it comes to action and backing up what they say, they mysteriously are very reticent?

    Some parts are below:

    “I, as well as our Security Dept. have reviewed the links you provided and the truth is that while much of this content can be considered offensive, and it is certainly in poor taste, nothing is actually in violation of our Terms of Service.”

    “however adult images (even those in very poor taste) as well as the comments that you have pointed out do not actually qualify as being considered “child endangerment. They are immature and designed to offend,”

    “While good taste will stop me short of defining exactly the type of content would violate our ToS, I must ask that you no longer report any type of content to us along the lines of what you have already reported. I assure you that our response will remain the same. We take these reports very seriously,”

    Although they say again that they take “these reports very seriously,” their actions in not replying for many months, lying to me about them being the host, and their lack of action and offering weak excuses for not taking action, on what are clearly violations of their TOS, proves otherwise.

    I am not overly religious, but I do believe in the wisdom of the words “By their DEEDS ye shall know them.” Words come easily, but their lack of action speaks volumes.

    IF they took this seriously, then the very least that they would do is to remove the offending violations.

    It is abundantly clear to any reasonable person that the abuse reports are valid and any responsible host would have taken action long ago.


    Logic and common sense would dictate that action would have been taken at the very minimum to protect the good reputation of Hostgator.

  122. John Smithson says:

    It is disturbing to see that the support staff of Hostgator is reduced to lies and twisting the truth to avoid enforcing their own rules, in order to protect one hate website.

    As I am now exposing them on many forums, I am seeing a very disturbing number of other cases where the support staff have lied to customers.

    One can forgive the occasional mistake, but the deliberate lies shows the true nature of Hostgator now.

    IMHO, if anyone is thinking of using them I would recommend you look elsewhere first.

    Once the integrity of an organization has gone, it is time to look at alternatives.

    I would much prefer to be singing their praises, but when they allow such gross obscenity and child abuse to be on the sites they host in clear violation of their OWN rules, then they need to be exposed, and the media is one avenue that can be effective.

  123. John Smithson says:

    I do not live in the Texas area, Where Hostgator is located, so does anyone know which of these newspapers could be of assistance in discussing this matter?

    I can contact each one if necessary but it may save time if I managed to get hold of a progressive one. Thank You. John.

    Abeline Reporter-News
    Alice Echo-News Journal
    Alpine Avalanche
    Amarillo Business Journal
    Amarillo Globe-News
    Andrews County News
    Aransas Pass Progress
    Austin American-Statesman
    Austin Chronicle
    Austin Review
    Athens Daily Review
    Bandera Bulletin
    Bay City Tribune
    Baytown Sun
    Beaumont Enterprise
    Beeville Bee-Picayune
    Big Spring Herald
    Blanco County News
    Boerne Star
    Borger News-Herald
    Brady Standard-Herald
    Brenham Banner-Press
    Brownsville Herald
    Brownwood Bulletin
    Bryan-College Station Eagle
    Bullard Weekly News
    Bulletin (Montgomery)
    Cameron Herald
    Canyon Lake Times Guardian
    Canyon News
    Cedar Creek Pilot
    Clarendon Enterprise
    Colorado County Citizen
    Copperas Cove Leader-Press
    Corpus Christi Caller-Times
    Corpus Christi Herald
    Corsicana Daily Sun
    Country World (Sulphur Springs)
    Cuero Record (DeWitt)
    Daily Court Review (Houston)
    Daily Sentinel
    Daily Tribune (Mt. Pleasant)
    Dallas Business Journal
    Dallas Examiner
    Dallas Morning News
    Dallas Observer
    Dallas Voice
    Dallas Weekly
    Del Rio News-Herald
    Denton Record-Chronicle
    Al Dia (Dallas)
    Discovery (Brooks AFB)
    Ellis County Press
    Eagle Press (Fritch)
    East Texas Review (Longview)
    Eastside Reporter (El Paso)
    El Campo Leader-News
    Eldorado Success
    Elgin Courier
    El Paso Times
    La Estrella (Fort Worth)
    Examiner (Beaumont)
    The Facts (Brazoria Co)
    Fannin County Special
    Flatonia Argus
    Focus Daily News (DeSoto)
    Fort Bend Southwest Star
    Fort Stockton Pioneer
    Fort Worth Business Press
    Fort Worth Weekly
    Forward Times
    Frankston Citizen
    Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post
    Gainesville Daily Register
    Galveston County Daily News
    Gatesville Messenger & Star Forum
    Gilmer Mirror
    Gonzales Inquirer
    Graham Leader
    Groesbeck Journal
    Hamilton Herald-News
    Henderson Daily News
    Herald-Banner (Greenville)
    Herald-Coaster (Fort Bend)
    Herald-Democrat (Sherman)
    Hill County News (Cedar Park)
    Hillsboro Reporter
    Hispanic Journal (Dallas)
    Hondo Anvil Herald
    Hood County News
    Houston Chronicle
    Houston Press
    Houston Voice
    Huntsville Item
    IndyMedia (Houston)
    Inside Collin County Business
    Inside Texas Running
    Jacksonville Daily Progress
    Katy Times
    Kaufman Herald
    Kerrville Daily Times
    Kilgore News Herald
    Killeen Daily Herald
    Kingsville Record & Bishop News
    Lake Cities Sun
    Lampasas Dispatch-Record
    Laredo Morning Times
    Lexington Leader
    Livestock Weekly (San Angelo)
    Llano News
    Lochhart Post-Register
    Longview News-Journal
    Lubbock Avalanche Journal
    Lufkin Daily News
    Madisonville Meteor
    Malakoff News
    Marlin Democrat
    Marshall News-Messenger
    Mason County News
    McKinney Courier-Gazette
    Mexia Daily News
    Mineral Wells Index
    Monitor (McAllen)
    Moore County News-Press
    Nas Tekhas – Our Texas
    Navasota Examiner & Grimes County Review
    North Texas e-News (Bonham)
    Northeast News (Houston)
    Northwest Suburban News
    Odessa American
    Orange Leader
    Pakistan Chronicle (Houston)
    Palacios Beacon
    Palestine Herald-Press
    Paris News
    Park Cities News
    Pine Log
    Pleasanton Express
    Plainview Daily Herald
    Port Aransas South Jetty
    Port Arthur News
    Port Lavaca Wave
    Progress (Three Rivers)
    Rains County Leader
    Realty Times (Dallas)
    Rio Sun (Harlingen)
    Rockdale Reporter
    Rockport Pilot
    Rocksprings Record & Texas Mohair Weekly
    Rockwall County News
    Round Rock Leader
    Saddle Baron
    San Angelo Standard-Times
    San Antonio Current
    San Antonio Lightning
    San Antonio News
    San Marcos Daily Record
    San Saba News
    Sea Coast Echo
    Sealy News
    Senior Advocate (Austin)
    Sequin Gazette-Enterprise
    Silsbee Bee
    El Sol de Texas
    Standard-Times (San Angelo)
    Stephenville Empire-Tribune
    Sulphur Springs News-Telegram
    Sweetwater Reporter
    Taylor Daily Press
    Temple Daily Telegram
    Terrell Tribune
    Texarkana Gazette
    Texas Agriculture News (Austin)
    Texas Cable News
    Texas City Sun
    Texas Cooking
    Texas Globe
    Texas Monthly
    Texas Observer
    Texoma Enterprise
    Times Record News (Wichita Falls)
    Times Tribune (Brookshire)
    Tomball-Magnolia Tribune
    Tyler Morning Telegraph
    Uvalde Leader News
    Valley Morning Star (Harlingen)
    Van Alstyne Leader
    Van Horn Advocate
    Victoria Advocate
    Waco Tribune-Herald
    Waxahachie Daily Light
    Weatherford Democrat
    Weekly Livestock Reporter (Fort Worth)
    Weimar Mercury
    Wharton Journal-Spectator
    Whitesboro News-Record
    Wilson County News
    Wise County Messenger
    Wylie News

  124. 10/17/2013

    Wanna try a host with hosgator , , ,

    • John says:

      check out The price is good and all the money made goes to supporting an IRS approved charity. You’re going to spend it anyway might as well make it count.

  125. alaskalive says:

    As of December 2014
    Many years ago, HostGator Rocked as the Best hosting in the world..
    Then, slowly over the last few years, support started becoming a nightmare.
    Now, If you are a customer there are 4 ways of support:

    1.Phone them, you get a 1 hour wait on hold 24 hours a day.

    2.Trouble Ticket, it can be days before they address your issue, and then it may be a reply and if you do not log into your account, check on the ticket you will not know what is going on. I have been waiting 2 days now for them to update an SSL certificate and that site is losing much money in this Christmas season.

    3. Email. Nightmare

    4. Chat. If you start a Support Chat, immediately the window shows 30 minute wait.. every time.. and the wait is usually at least an hour…

    So, there you are. If you like all this..
    Hostgator is for you.. note,
    Hostgator got sold to some other company last year, 2013. I WOULD RUN..and I LOVED hostgator!
    Ever since the company sold, support has gone down hill.

    On 21 June 2012, CEO and founder Brent Oxley announced the impending sale of HostGator to Endurance International Group,

  126. Ryab says:

    I’ve been with host gator for 10 years, over the past 4 years there service has gone down hill a lot. I would no longer recomend them as a server host to any one and will soon be changing.

  127. alaskalive says:

    My qualifications to comment: Have been with Hostgator for I know 10 years with a reseller account. I am a website designer, Computer Technician.

    Hostgator started out as the most awesome hosting company I could find after a lot, LOT of research. That was around 10 years ago.
    Since then, The original owners of Hostgator sold out to another company. You can find that info on the net. Since then, their service and support have gone down hill. If you do not believe me, then call them for support or try to start a chat with hostgator support.. Immediately you will be told there is about an 30 minute wait.. and that can and will often times actually be an hour wait to talk to someone. I had to wait DAYS for them to fix an issue with a SSL Certificate on one of my sites.. and the site owner could not do business all the time his SSL Certificate was not working properly.

    If you just recently started using Hostgator for hosting.. and think they are awesome.. well, I guess you have never experienced Good hosting and Service.

    I will tell you they were the best in the world.. until their company sold out.. Hostgator gets their servers from RACKSPACE. Unless that changed. Beware. Hostgator is not all that they present themselves to be.

  128. Bob Reite says:

    I’ve been with Hostgator about seven years. I only had one issue the whole time and it was fixed within 24 hours. It seems that now that Hostgator has been bought out by EIG, they are trying to maximize profit by cutting service. I’ll stick with them till it breaks, then if my experience is like that of others in the past two years I’ll have to look for another provider.

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