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Pros: Excellent (and easy to get a hold of) support, competitive pricing, reliable cPanel web host with all features needed

Cons: Clumsy billing system, web site lacks visual appeal and contains errors, no great addons, Level 3 technical support is outsourced

Bottomline: If you need a host that provides good support and reliability for a fair price, HostDime may very well be your solution.

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This is a different type of review. It’s not one where a reviewer briefly evaluates the web host service and reliability, but where the reviewer has actually used this host for quite a while. I’ve had a few sites with Host Dime for close to a year. Overall, I’ve been quite happy but want to point out some important details based on my experience.

HostDime isn’t spectacular as far as looks go. The web site appearance isn’t so good. Actually it has quite a few errors in terms of spelling and grammar. Though HostDime should work on improving upon those aspects of their business, when you boil it down, it doesn’t make too much of a difference. HostDime is pretty straight forward and does try their best.

From my experiences, HostDime’s support has been pretty good. They are quite easy to get a hold of through their email and phone support (no toll free number, but they always pick up). A few of their technical support technicians are extremely good; the rest are above average. HostDime knows what they’re talking about and when I had some issues with my server, they were on it.

I used HostDime as both a reseller host and a dedicated server host. The general experience with the reseller account was a good one, though there were occasional issues with server speed and load. However, once made aware of the issue, HostDime ensured they were resolved. As a dedicated hosting client, I can honestly say it was perfect. HostDime’s pricing is very competitive and their dedicated servers are fully managed. Whatever I needed done, HostDime was more than happy to do it.

As far as features go, HostDime is pretty generic. The company offers cPanel with their shared and dedicated servers and they include all the basics like email, FTP, Fantastico, etc. Nothing too spectacular, but it gets the job done. Scripts are kept up-to-date and if you need them to install something, they’ll generally do it.

All and all, I’ve been quite happy with HostDime. It’s nice to have a host that responds to emails quickly and answers the phone when you need them to. Their service is reliable. The prices are reasonable. I intend to stay with HostDime as long as they keep providing the same high quality service and reliability.

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Douglas Hanna is a former writer for Clickfire and other publications who went on to become CEO of a major web hosting company.

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  1. Mike S. says:

    I wish your review had a date. I have used Hostdime for a few years and am currently looking for a change. I believe their pricing is too high for what you get (among other things).

    Mostly I agree with your review. However… They do NOT back up your websites (or their servers) and I’ve had 3 of my reseller sites go down and all data lost (due to their server crashes) and they say: so sad, too bad…

    I’ve also had my mail servers hacked into and used for spam to the point where my business domain is blacklisted.

    I agree with the performance comment as I have lost customers due to this issue.

    I agree with the billing comment and it caused me to have my websites shut down (by them) due to their inability to resolve and communicate that they could no longer charge my credit card automatically.

    Overall, I would NOT give them 4 star rating; rather 3 at best.

  2. Emory Rowland says:


    I checked and the date this HostDime review was done was February 2006. I have had a reseller account with HostDime for several months. My feelings are mixed and I am withholding judgement until I have more time to evaluate. I asked HostDime support recently about backups and here is their reply:

    “Our standard setup is to take backups on a daily basis on our shared servers and archive them for one month. After that one month, the backups are replaced with the new information.”

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Mike S. says:


    Their backup policy was same when my websites were lost. Apparently they backed up on the same drive (so they told me) and the drive failed. Although I have good reason to believe they did NOT take backups at that time as they chided me for not taking my OWN and downloading them to MY computer! Something that I now believe you should do regularly. (Word to the wise…)

    Another of my sites was (apparently hacked) and they can do nothing for me. Not even can I get INTO the site for the last year! It’s a total loss. They cannot ‘fix’ the hack to allow me access (even thru FTP)!

    Still another was used as a spammer and is now blacklisted many places. Apparently no methods (then) for preventing such things from happening?!?!

    I’ve made the decision to move my hosting elsewhere before April 1, 2008. I called to let them know and they seemed very eager to talk me out of my decision. That’s nice, but too late. I’ve been with them for about 4-5 years now, but I feel it’s time to move on. I was just being lazy for the last 2 years.

    I want to make sure you know my ‘issues’ were well over a year ago and were spread out over previous 3 years. EXCEPT the bandwidth (slow response) issues which caused my biggest site to leave me and prompted the last straw.

    I’m do NOT want to imply that MY issues over the years would be experienced by others. (Well, except for the bandwidth issues. Heavy use 3x/yr. for about a week each time.)

    Please to not construe this as anything more than sharing MY experiences with hostdime. Your experiences may be different.


  4. Emory Rowland says:

    Mike, I understand, totally. Seems odd that HostDime would back up on the same drive. I’ll take your advice on backing up to the local machine. Thanks for the clarification and I wish you the best in finding the right web host.

  5. Neil Ellison says:

    Host dime is absolutely the worst hosting company on the planet if you ask me and the others out there that have had their identity stolen due to their in failure to stand behind their policy which reads that they are against hate sites.

    They currently host hate sites which obtain and spread bogus information about other people. I contacted them about this and again mentioned their policy to them. They acted as if they could care less and didn’t care if someone was spreading people’s information some of which was copyrighted material to other sites!

    They said that they were exempt from the law and pointed me to a website which said that hosting companies wasn’t accountable for a websites content…

    I wonder if that would apply after a host has been notified about such a breech of privacy issues and they failed to do anything about it??

    I read Mike’s comments and agree… ALTHOUGH THEIR SITE STATES ONE THING – it certainly doesn’t surprise me that they don’t stand behind their posted policy.

    Had they stood behind their policy in my case, My identity wouldn’t have been stolen. And, Other sites copyrighted material wouldn’t be at risk..

    So, What is good about this host? – No backups, failure to follow their own policies, security risk, poor support, copyright violations… Hostdime is the worst!

  6. HostDimeSucks says:

    Host Dime Sucks! – They don’t care about hosting hate sites. I learned this after a hate site stole my identity and I reported it to them. The site also had copyright material and they still didn’t do anything to them. Oh well, that’s fine. I just put up the site, – Way to go hostdime.

  7. Amy Celona says:

    I have been with HostDime for about 4 years now. I have had the most AMAZING service with them… NO JOKE. To prove it, I did give my website real website name to show this I am a real company.

    I went to HostDime in complete frustration from having tried three other reseller hosting companies all with AWFUL support. No matter what time I call, I get a person and a person that CARES.

    When I started with them, I was actually rude to the techs that answered the phone because I was in the ‘argue mode’ that I needed with other services so that I be guaranteed service (if only to get rid of me). I only succeeded in embarassing myself because every request was taken with patience and good manners (in spite of my bad manners). I never abuse them now!!

    Unfortunately, you have to experience the WORST to appreciate the best, and no service I suppose is perfect.

    I have tried to leave feedback about IX Webhosting because they were the last company I had been in business for for several years ago. I left them after all my sites (and their site) went offline for 2 days. The phone didn’t work and I was furious.

    When they came back online, I had already moved all my sites and if I could hit one of them, I would have. I went from service to service for awhile (Jodohosting was one, I don’t think the others are in business anymore). I didn’t stay with one service for more than 6 months. I only resell hosting to my customers that I design for.

    The initial draw for Dime was that it was in Florida (my time zone and my COUNTRY). It appears to be privately owned and I even get a Christmas card with the names of the support staff (well, maybe I contact them too much) but it was really signed and I recognized the names. I was very impressed… I don’t get holiday cards from family that much anymore and I got one from them.

    It is service with a personal touch. Yeah, things go wrong, servers overload–stuff happens. Not often and always taken care of by a concerned tech (even at 2am).

  8. jeramie says:

    I almost feel bad for the people who had not so good interactions with hostdime. I have the upmost respect for this company and love them. Ive been through a few hosting companies and hostdime takes the cake. Their support is always quick and its a intelligent response unlike others. I asked if they had any specials here recently because i was just wanting to upgrade my current server. They offered a special alright. They gave me a new server at half the price. Soon as i ordered i got a email telling me they are already setting it up. Hostdime is truely a great host in my opinion. Once again sorry to the others that feel bad towards them i can only hope it doesnt happen to me.

  9. Frustrated with Hostdime says:

    I have 2 dedicated servers with Hostdime.. One of which has currently been down for 12 hours..And was also down last week for a half of the day.. I have had the servers with them for 2-3 years.. Their technical customer service is OK, educated and polite.. Although Hostdimes business process and respect for their customers and their websites is a non-event.. They have no problem shutting off you account for any reason.. If your credit card expires, and you forget to update it, they wont call you.. They just shut your server off.. Regardless of how much you spend with them or how long you have been doing business with them… Then guess what, they want to you then send in a fax… Really… a Fax.. to change the expiration date on a new CC.. Is it 1999? So you wont turn on my websites or clients websites until you get a fax… For those who have serious websites, or for those who spend a lot of money on SEO… I would strongly recommend you go elsewhere, or make sure you have redundant servers if you use hostdime..

  10. Paul K. says:

    I have been with HostDime for years (10+ I believe) with a reseller account and a dedicated server, but I am packin’ my bags and headin’ for the hills! They were great for years, but I seriously think they’re falling apart at the seams. I just experienced a MAJOR hack job (30+ sites defaced) and HD played dumb and said it was all on my end. I tracked down the hacker myself, found his hits listed on a hacker brag site (check it out for yourself at: which proves he hacked dozens of other HD accounts and they STILL talked in circles and said my computer was the culprit. I even removed my current virus program, installed the one the recommended, sent them a screenshot of a virus-free scan report and they STILL said it was my fault. I got shuffled from one tech to another and–in the end–they did nothing more than provided back-ups for about 1/3 of the hacked sites. What about the other 2/3’rds? Well, the only back-up they had for those… wanna guess? Yep… were the hacked versions. What good is 10 years of great service if they can’t come through when you really need them? As for me? I won’t trust them with my accounts another day. BUYER BEWARE!

  11. Gregory says:

    HostDime has overloaded, extremely slow servers, 12 hours of server faliure. After several hours of total server failure their support sad that I would change my reseller hosting to a dedicated server! This is not something a serious company can afford! They could not fix the server hosting my reseller account for more than 12 hours!!! They have cheap harware, and unkind and unpolite support team. Hostdime sucks! I’m moving all of my accounts to another company. Both UK and US servers are all bad with low quality service and support team. They did not even send me the manager’s email address! What an unreliable company! Hostdime is a joke.

  12. john says:

    Gregory that’s not consistent with what I have experienced with my reseller account over the years I’ve hosted with Host Dime in the U.S. The customer service has never been unkind or unpolite with me.

  13. Brian says:

    I have yet to use hostdime but I intend to very soon however I could not help but to notice all the complaints in these comments in regard to accounts or websites being hacked and hostdime not doing anything about it… Well folks there is a good reason for that. It is not hostdimes problem if your website, email or whatever is hacked, that is your problem and is only a direct reflection on you.

    Try using more secure passwords from now on. Be careful who you give your info to and be careful how you communicate that info to webmasters and so forth as your means of communicating the info may be questionable. A good rule of thumb is if it is pronounceable do not use it and give employees authentication data in person or over the phone but never through IM or email as the chance they are on a public and unsecured connection is rather good.

    In regard to their customer service I can say that is one thing I have used with them and at the most odd of times but still they are always right there and very polite.

  14. K.C. says:

    Imagine coming into work and having 70 websites go down because of a corrupted VPS account. They wrote…

    “Our engineers haven’t been able to repair the Windows installation on your server. The server reboots its self before we have a chance to running any type of repair tool.

    Our last option here is to create a new VPS for you and mount the old drive you were using so you can move over your data.”

    It will take me a good three days of lost business time to configure the websites to where they were before the VPS became corrupted. Everything was working fine….I never changed any settings on the VPS it just happened as a result of the inexperience of the HostDime employees.

    I have a lot of clients that are mad at me right now, I might loose business as a result of selecting HostDime as a hosting company, and they even have the audacity to give me the run around on issuing an account credit.

    The best response I’ve gotten to date is…

    “I’m taking the time to review all of your tickets so I may make a better assessment of what compensation is due to you. I apologize for the delay in responding to you.”

    The resolution is that according to their SLA the best they will give is credit for one month. All of the lost business, server down time, and time reconfiguring the servers the best they will offer is one month credit.

    If you want to stay in business, avoid HostDime.

  15. Daniel says:

    I registered a domain with hostdime, they jerked around for a week before sending me the login details. Then the login details didn’t work, and they don’t reply to emails. Then they stole my domain name and parked it using another registrar (thinking I wouldn’t realize), and through their convoluted ticket system they now claim they have no record of me registering the domain, despite all the evidence I sent them.
    Absolute scumbags, they should be investigated.
    This was actually the second domain I registered with them. The first one they cancelled without ever asking for a renewal and suspended my website. They never asked for a payment or anything, AND they had my current credit card on file. I should have learnt my lesson.
    It’s cheap, but very risky, and potentially a criminal activity (with stealing your domain name for themselves).

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Daniel, HostDime has had phone support for many years. Did you try calling them?

  16. Daniel says:

    I’m not going to argue with them, and there is nothing they can do to get my domain back. They didn’t process a payment, so it’s not like they legally owe me anything. I just feel they cheated me out of my domain name and won’t admit responsibility.

    I gave them the opportunity to apologize/explain if this was a big mistake and/or a huge coincidence. But they didn’t do that, they denied this ever happened. Dodgy.

    I need to move on with my life now.

  17. Emory Rowland says:

    Sorry to hear about the lost domain. Better days are ahead, hopefully.

  18. Manny Vivar says:

    Thank you for all those who have submitted comments about us here. For the good ones, thanks for the opportunity! for the bad ones we do sincerely apologize. It is important to note that we do genuinely strive to give the absolute best level of service and support. If you ever have an issue or something didn’t go right I absolutely guarantee we will make it right somehow. We realize no one in the hosting industry is perfect but those who go out their way to make it right is what is most important. I work at HostDime Management and would be happy to talk to anyone who has experienced any kind of issue which needs to be addressed by senior staff at HostDime. We appreciate the opportunity to work with each one of you, we will never take that for granted. For those who question how a company with a great reputation online can have bad reviews, there is always a lot of information and explanation to why something went wrong so we hope you read these with an open mind. My direct contact information is below:

    Manny Vivar
    AIM: DimeNoc Manny
    MSN and GoogleTalk:
    Skype: HostDime
    Mobile Phone: 1.407.467.2053

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