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Pros: Good control panel (cPanel) with a few nice extras, plenty of space and bandwidth, good support, fair pricing

Cons: Semi-shady points in TOS (nothing too major, and clearly outlined), 3 month minimum contract length, pricing is relatively hard to find

Bottomline: BlueHost is a good web host that provides a good hosting experience with a top-of-the-line control panel as well as helpful support for a reasonable price.

It’s no surprise that Bluehost is one of the most largely known web hosting companies out there today, having surfaced in 2002. Within the last decade, they have earned a name for themselves for being the most popular web host within the United States. They gained a lot of popularity by being a top recommended host by WordPress, subsequently offering a feature by the name of WordPress Auto-Installation, which of course gained them several new customers. Bluehost isn’t all sunshine and candy though, as many customers have had negative experiences with the company. This leads me state that Bluehost is strikingly comparable to marmite; you either love it, or you hate it.

One of our own reviewers has previously reviewed this host, however that was over five years ago and we felt it would be appropriate to post an updated review as they are an extremely well-known web host. The industry itself is constantly growing and updated reviews are definitely a must.

As usual, this review will be broken down into sections, consisting of:

  • Features and Pricing
  • Terms of Service
  • Testing of Services/Uptime
  • Customer Support

Features and Pricing

Bluehost execute a simple yet effective looking website; neither too much nor too less. They have the right amount of information displayed on the homepage not leaving you to look around the site for information that may be buried. The features and initial pricing structure are displayed front and center.

Bluehost do not have a set structure of plans, and instead offer all customers the same set of features. They do not use any plans of any sort and this is due to the fact that they are a web host who offer certain unlimited features. Bluehost are one of the veteran hosts that decided to incorporate the word unlimited into their features and made it one of the biggest marketing strategies used today within web hosting. Bluehost do allow you to choose how long you wish to host with them though, and the contract lengths are as follows:

  • 12 Months – $4.95 per month
  • 24 Months – $3.95 per month
  • 36 Months – $3.95 per month

Unfortunately, BlueHost do not allow you to pay month by month. This is one of the most annoying pricing strategies used by web hosts to gain long-term customers, and it surprised me that a veteran host like BlueHost incorporated something like this.

The features that BlueHost offer which are unlimited are as follows: disk storage, bandwidth, domain hosting, pop3/imap e-mail support, e-mail accounts, add-on domains, parked domains and sub domains.

They also offer a free site builder for inexperienced users, as well as a free domain name for the length of your hosting account. You are of course given the use of FTP accounts and several varied SQL databases.

Upon sign-up, you are given the opportunity to include add-ons to your purchase. These include SiteLock domain support, website back-ups and a service called the BlueHost Pro package. The Pro package states you will receive the fastest servers available, better hardware, and increased security. It costs just under an extra 20 dollars per month for this package. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it, and is most likely a marketing ploy used by the company in order to appeal to new, and potentially gullible consumers.

Terms of Service

The terms of service section is fairly long and boring. It is not particularly a joy to read, however it is pretty much the bog-standard terms and conditions you will see these days employed by the majority of web hosts.

It does state important information here and there considering the customer’s account, for example: BlueHost will set your account to auto-renew, and this is stated not to be an obligation, but a courtesy. The same applies to the domain of a customer’s account as well. If you wish to disable this service, you must notify BlueHost sixteen days before the next renewal period.

You can cancel your account at any time, and are given a 30-day money back guarantee. If you cancel within the first three days of sign-up, you are entitled to a full refund, however if you cancel after those three days, you will receive a refund consisting only of your hosting services but not your add-ons. Add-ons become non-refundable after the initial three day period.

It also states that BlueHost does not have any set limits for a hosting account; therefore you do potentially receive unlimited hosting. The same rule applies to site transfer.


After my initial sign-up, I received two e-mails; one was the obligatory “thank-you” e-mail, and the other contained several links to important resources, such as the control panel. Also, the day after, I received a phone call from a BlueHost representative verifying my domain and details, most likely for security reasons.
I logged into the control panel and was unsurprisingly met with the, albeit well customized, cPanel control panel. One feature I liked most about BlueHost’s control panel is that it gives you a lot more information in regards to your hosting account. Most web hosts that use cPanel often tell you how much allocated disk space and bandwidth you have used, yet BlueHost tells you much more. For example, the panel told me important information such as when the hosting account expires, programming versions, machine name/version and the account IP address, all of which is handy to know. Here is a small preview of the control panel itself:

Bluehost cPanel

The control panel itself has many more items available, moreso than most other web hosts. There were several other modules, for example; a promotional module – which contained items linking to free cloud storage, free adwords coupons, free templates and other discounts and free promotional items. Other modules included SEO (search engine optimization) tools and partner links.

The first script I decided to install was of course WordPress. BlueHost have recognized that WordPress is among the most popular platforms out there today and have given it its own item in a module to easily install it. When I clicked to install it, I was given a choice of what version to install dating back from version 2.5. It also asked me if I wanted to create an administrator account or have one generated for me. It even allowed you to install a couple of popular plugins to get you started.

I then went on to install a few other scripts. Bluehost makes use of a script installed called ‘SimpleScripts’ that contains tons of platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PHPBB and many, many more. The next script I installed was the content management system Drupal. The installation method was completely similar to that of the WordPress installation; it allowed me to choose the version, administration details and so forth. I installed a majority of other scripts ranging from e-commerce to forums, all of which had an easy installation, and worked perfectly. The installations were extremely fast and easy to complete

The site loading times, after installing the scripts mentioned above, were very fast. As BlueHost has its datacenters based in the United States, and I am based in the UK, I was happy to see extremely fast loading times. I used a service called Pingdom to monitor uptime and downtime. The results were quite surprising, however. The website received an enormous amount of downtime within the four-week time span. I received a total of 16 downtimes and 3 hours 40 minutes worth of downtime. This is unacceptable and is definitely a high risk to those looking to host a website for a growing business. The websites uptime after this four week period was 99.46%. This is a definite weakness from BlueHost and one that should be taken seriously.

Pingdom Test Results for Bluehost

Thanks to Pingdom for providing uptime results!

Customer Support

BlueHost utilize all mediums of help and support; you can submit tickets, call them, use live chat support, e-mail them and even send them a letter. You can phone their customer support line 24/7, however their other departments have varied calling hours. If you’d rather receive support via live support, that is also a 24/7 service. Their support number is toll-free within the US however it is not if you are calling from outside the US.

I went ahead and opened up a live-chat support conversation with a BlueHost representative. I unfortunately could not call their support number due to the obscene charges I would receive as I live in another continent; bad news for international customers. BlueHost have very specific categories when it comes to using live-support. This leads me to believe there is at least one representative per category. I proceeded to select the “E-Mail Questions” category and pose a question concerning using custom domains in conjunction with an e-mail address. You must enter your domain name and the last four characters of your hosting account password before proceeding however.

I was connected to a representative within five seconds and typically received replies typically every 15 seconds. These were in fact fast response times; however it felt like I wasn’t even talking to a human. The representative came off as a robot shooting me with answers from a knowledgebase. I feel BlueHost need to be more interactive with its consumers to truly help them, instead of blurting out a list of instructions, which is what I received.

After I received the information I needed, the representative asked me if I needed any more assistance, and that was that. I was then greeted with a survey questioning the legitimacy and helpfulness of the answers and instructions I received from the representative.

My Conclusion

BlueHost are a reasonable host that offer fairly cheap services with fast load times and helpful support services. They offer truly unlimited features such as disk space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts and domains. To top it all off, you also get a free domain for the first year of your hosting account period. If you decide to host with BlueHost, you are at a definite risk of receiving downtime which is, of course unacceptable for commercial businesses. The support is helpful, but feels automated and cold, which is generally distasteful and un-interactive towards consumers.

BlueHost Signup Takes 2 Minutes

Yes we actually timed it…

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Bonus: An Early Bluehost Review by Doug Hanna

24/7 U.S. Phone Support, No Overseas Outsourcing

I was excited to write a review about BlueHost, mainly because I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. With so many web hosts, and so few (good and honest) reviews, it’s really hard to tell who’s good and who isn’t.

From looking at the web site, the company appears to be a serious and professional web host. A visually appealing web site, clearly posted contact information, lots of awards (from legitimate places), and grammatically correct text on site, all help make BlueHost seem like a formidable web host. A great feature (that seems to be awfully rare) is that BlueHost provides a demo of their control panel (a very slightly customized cPanel using the X skin) that actually works and isn’t impossible to find. It’s a great feature that allows you to review how cPanel works if you aren’t familiar with it.

Features and Pricing
The features BlueHost provides seem pretty standard (nothing lacking) with all of the expected features of a web host such as cPanel, multiple database support, FTP, email, etc. BlueHost’s one (the only one I could find, at least) package features unlimited diskspace, and unlimited bandwidth. There’s a limited number of databases (100 each for MySQL and Postgre) and more FTP and email accounts than you could ever use (1,000 and 2500, respectively). Unlimited numbers of addon domains, parked domains, and subdomains are given.

Three and six month contracts are no longer offered. Pricing is now the same no matter how long you sign up for:

  • 12 Months: $6.95/month (no setup fee, free domain included)
  • 24 Months: $6.95/month (no setup fee, free domain included)
  • 36 Months: $6.95/month (no setup fee, free domain included)

I have never been a big fan of a minimum of three months contract, and I had to click around (to the second step in their order process, actually) just to find out the price. Ignoring the minimum contract length, pricing is quite competitive.

These guys have a very unique Terms of Service – there’s no legal jargon at all. It’s just some bullet points on a page with the major points included in most Terms of Service agreements. The shady point is “All activities may be monitored, recorded, and examined by any authorized person, including law enforcement.” with a semi-shady “Any violation found or fraudulent activity that system personnel deem inappropriate may have your account immediately terminated without notice and any recorded evidence reported to authorized persons.” However, in fairness to BlueHost, the points are quite clear, and not hidden within a 10 page agreement.

Two clicks later, I was into my control panel. If you know about cPanel, you can probably skip this paragraph. It’s all very standard. You have the same SQL, subdomain, email, etc. features as every other cPanel. There’s a few nice addons such as a domain manager, a sitebuilder, and some options to manage your account (basically, it just logs you into their billing system, but still convenient). BlueHost has Fantastico, which from what I saw, was up-to-date with the latest stable versions of all of the scripts. The cPanel went very fast and did everything it was supposed to do.

Script Installation
Like a lot of cPanel hosts, BlueHost supports addon domains. I set up a few addon domains, and everything worked well, and without any problems. BlueHost doesn’t allow SSH/Shell Access by default, but says it will enable shell access for your account if you fax a copy of your driver’s license, passport, etc. to them. I installed some basic scripts (a blog, a CMS, a forum) without any problems. Speed was about average, and BlueHost seems to keep up in terms of software updates and the like.

I called their support department using their toll-free number. I was talking to someone within about 30 seconds after dialing. I asked some basic questions: Do you support mod_rewrite (Yes), do you support mod_security (didn’t know, but checked), and do you keep your Fantastico up-to-date with the latest versions (Yes)? Support was nice enough, and keep to know what they were talking about. The representative obviously wasn’t reading from a prompt (no delay with answers).

I decided to test the BlueHost support out with some more complicated issues that an average webmaster may run across. I was caller #2, and had to wait about a minute or two. I spoke to a different representative (meaning they have more than one tech on duty, always nice) and asked does BlueHost support PHP5 (they have two servers that do, and can move your account if needed), if they support Ruby on Rails (nope), and if I should use ‘localhost’ as my host name with the script I was trying to install (Yes). I reworded the questions slightly and sent them to BlueHost support via email at 4:50 PM on a Monday. By 5:17 PM, I had a helpful response.

All and all, BlueHost seems like a good web host. The company certainly has their act together and by all means can be labelled as a top quality web host with great features and support.

Bluehost Logo

Price: $3.95

Disclosure: Clickfire has an affiliate partnership with BlueHost.

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188 Responded to this Bluehost Review

  1. David says:

    Theses people shut my dad’s website down because he wanted them to fix a problem on there end. then kicked us off there server, i would say avoid these people like a plague because if they don’t like you they will kick you off there server. AVOID AVOID AVOID

    and still havent refunded us the money that we paid them for the month

  2. Designer says:

    I build websites for a living.
    I have been using Bluehost for several years now.

    They do give a lot of features for a good price.
    Tech support had always been good in the past but recently has taken a dive. Dec. 2007

    They “upgraded” their email servers and email went down for a day. I would think that an upgrade would be something that is planned so notice should be sent. But no notice was sent and customers email was not delivered.
    Ok not a good practice. I was not informed till my customer asked why they where not recieving their email and I contacted Bluehost and got a canned answer that I could hardly give my customer.
    I contacted them again for clarification and did not get any answer.
    Having to deal with support issues myself I try to always be polite and to the point when dealing with any tech support personnel.

    So have I made this assessment from one poor blunder?…no it seems a few of my last support questions have gone totally unanswered.
    Which leads me to wonder if they are out growing their support.

    I have to be proactive in insuring my current and future customers happiness.So I believe I am going to find a different hosting solution.
    So far 1&1 seems to get high marks with some other web designers.

    I am here posting just to help other designers not to slander Blue host. But I feel that for about the same money there are more professional hosting companies out there.

  3. Bluehost user says:

    I have been using Bluehost for about 2 years. I had to fight every single time I needed support. Every time they kept trying to convince me that the problem was in my applications. Almost every time they were wrong. Bluehost cannot be trusted for a serious business.

  4. brandon says:

    Service is awful, price great, bandwidth great. I wouldn’t recommend them unless you have bandwidth options. Not reliable at all.

  5. Andrew says:

    To the poster above…avoid 1and1 internet. Short version story. They sent my account to a collection agency by “accident” and are now requiring me to pay the collection agency before they will unlock my website. I’ve sent proof of payment to 1and1 and the collection agency, and 1and2 still refuses to budge; they also are not willing to refund my money for services paid in advance. Bottom line…if they make a mistake…you pay!

  6. Ramez says:

    Don’t believe any good news about bluehost! Here is my story:
    I reserved with them almost a year ago. What i noticed first was that they are very slow and you should always beg to get a reply from them. . . then one day i received an email from them saying that they want to move my account to a new server (because they care about us and about our their service). The website(s) was blocked with 403 error. In the same email they said that the moving will need two or three days, but if the account was not activated within 2 days then contact us just in case.

    That’s exactly what i did in two days. There was no reply by email, but a cold email saying that we should open a ticket.
    I opened a ticket but again no reply. After a day, i tried to catch one of them on their said-to-be “live chat”, first i got someone from sales, then i got someone from technical who seemed to be working on the issue, but he cut the connection. I tried to connect again several times but with no reply!!!!!

    I tried phone several times. I explained my problem, and the person on the other end was kind to look into it. He said that moving between servers take time!!! come on! it’s just 100G that can be moved with 10minutes between two servers!!!! and during all that time the websites and all the business is black! nobody can access the site and everybody is getting 403 error including myself. I can’t even access the control panel!!!!!

    Five days passed and nothing, so i opened two other tickets and i was tyring to get more of their attention through live chat, but to no avail.

    Now i quite up and i advise anybody NEVER WORK with BLUEHOST . They are not professional, and they are very tight on everything. . . don’t be tempted by the size and space they give. . . everything is tied up!!! you can’t do anything. Everything should be activated manually and after several emails: activate perl, activate ImageMagick, activate some commands. . .etc. Although I asked specifically for these things before i join them in and they said that everything is available to us!!!!!!!!

    Try any other server but stay away from bluehost. Otherwise you will be loosing your money, your sites, your investment and your clients!!!
    my 2 cents

    forgot to add: everything i said here can be checked with me if you want the truth. My domain is and my email is Ramez.Bali (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. John Degary says:

    Hi I have been with them for 12 months now
    And I have not had any trouble

    Doctors Employment

  8. Brian Harris says:

    I went to the BlueHost website because they came highly recommended by Pandecta Magazine—what a bad experience! In an attempt to obtain clarification on several issues regarding their webhosting promotion, the person I was chatting with came off with a “major” brown-hole attitude before we even got through the first question. They obviously have no regard for customer service, which is a direct indication of poor management and an unprofessional business. I highly recommend anyone considering doing business with BlueHost to think twice—or maybe three times! Find a legitimate, professional hosting business that is geared toward your needs as a paying customer, not one that thinks they are doing you a favor. Bottom line: BlueHost is a joke and will probably be out of business soon due to lack of common sense.

  9. MK says:

    What are you guys on about? Many, many people have horror stories to tell about BlueHost:


    Basically they oversell their servers and take some pretty unprofessional approaches to server upgrades. I’d recommend Site5 or Dreamhost to people looking for cost-effective but highly professional hosting.

  10. 1/21/2008

    Interesting, MK. From reading those threads, it looks like BlueHost has been having “major problems” since late December because of an apache/php5 upgrade and load times. That, along with the insane number of new customers signing up (850 in one day) explains all the sudden negative comments about BlueHost posted here.

    I am not a BlueHost apologist, but since Matt Heaton has publicly admitted the problems and taken responsibility, it seems reasonable to wait out the “growing pains” and see if things return to normal. My .02 worth.

  11. BHBASTERD says:

    Thank goodness for these forums to release all the stress I have acquired from the poor support, management, and web development. I would have benefited more if I used the money I lost to blue host as toilet paper. If did not design the website and manual insert text and correct all the spelling mistakes, the website would not have gotten aware. It has been 7 months since my initial payment and the blue host website is still not online and has more problem as they pretend to email me saying that they performed work with no action really taken. If there was ever a hell on planet Earth, it would have originated from bluehost. It’s truly embarrassing to even be associated with bh. I wish there was redemption process to get back all the lost time and money and life they took from me.

  12. 2/08/2008

    BH, are you saying that BlueHost was developing your site? I didn’t know that BlueHost offered web development services. In fact, I checked their site and cannot find any such product. To my knowledge, BlueHost only offers one product: a shared web hosting package. Perhaps you would be willing to explain in more detail what happened?

  13. 2/09/2008

    Maybe I missed something (I don’t need tech support too often), but I have nothing but great things to say about BlueHost. The few times I’ve had to contact support they were really helpful AND they’re actually based in the US. No language barriers, no repeating yourself 29 times so some guy in India understands what you’re saying. I have no doubt that there are some issues, especially if they’re taking on new customers in such large volume, but I can honestly say I’d recommend them to anyone.

  14. roger hall says:

    My wesbite went offline for two hours (off peak time – no huge deal) but then at 11:30AM Sunday 2/10 it went down and is STILL DOWN almost 24 hours later.)

  15. Fred says:

    If Blue Host is such a wonderful web hosting site why is it has cut them off and won’t let them forward e-mail to my or wifes e-mail account?? We have had our web site @ Blue host for 2 years with very little problems except this one. We have not been able to resolve it in the last year. If this is the norm of things to come then the internet is doomed as any isp who takes a notion can cut another off.

  16. 2/23/2008

    Fred, did you ask why they blacklisted BlueHost?

  17. Jim Blair says:

    WOW! It seems, I am not alone. Get ready for this one folks. I am a BH customer with multiple websites being hosted under my main domain. I officially complained about my customer service issues with the BBB of Utah. Now that I have an active complaint online with them, BH has elected to terminate my web services without notice. Is this what you think an internet presence provider should do in response to negative reaction to their inept service department? Take note here and if you are considering using BH for your Internet Presence, take the time to consider it carfully.

  18. 2/29/2008

    Jim, do you mind me asking the official reason that BlueHost gave you for terminating your web hosting account?

  19. 3/05/2008

    I have three words to describe Bluehost. Unreliable, unreliable, unreliable.

    Read about my horror with Bluehost at Bluehost Blues!

  20. 3/05/2008

    I have been using Bluehost for awhile now and they have been great. Recently things have started to take a turn for the worst. Their support has been less helpful and certain sites that I have setup have been going down…with no notice or apology from Bluehost. I am now removing all my sites.


  21. Colin says:

    You can say what you want about BlueHost’s upgrade issues, but I have to hand it to the guys for sticking to their policy of not hosting pornographic sites. Be it for moral reasons or resource consumption, some people can sleep a little better knowing their files aren’t rubbing up against PeeWee Herman.

  22. Emory Rowland says:

    Jonny, what was the reason BlueHost gave for your sites going down? Was it related to the problems discussed earlier in this thread? Please give some more details, thanks.

  23. Spencer says:

    Bluehost was okay for about 1.5 years as I used them. Unfortunately, they have no sense of planning or policy. We noticed this repeatedly with unannounced changes and a many times malfunctioning control panel.

    They migrated our sites to a new server without telling us. Unfortunately, the new and the old didn’t match and they broke the sites. They cost us $900 for the developers to go back in and fix things.

    Liquidweb is the better bet if you have the budget otherwise hostgator.


  24. bluehostSucks says:

    bluehost SUCKS, STAY AWAY FROM bluehost THE PLANS ARE FAKE, THEY WILL SUSPEND YOUR PAGE if you need even atlease 100mb bandwidth.

    Bluehost = FAKEHOST

  25. Emory Rowland says:

    LOL, BlueHost only offers 1 plan and it’s 15,000 GB bandwidth.

  26. Johnn says:

    Obviously the plan is fake, common thieves who overselling, 15,000 GB for sure its a fake value, especially in a shared hosting, fooling inexperienced webmasters, No one is going to use even the half of the space, and i bet if a client try to use even the 1/100 of the offered space, they will fix this using ether hidden charges, or limits-CPU usage etc, at the end, this is why there is a TOS/term, probably you will end up with a suspended account begging for refund.

  27. Jonee says:

    Fastdomain also has the same address as that of bluehost. i guess bluehost, fastdomain and hostmonster are the same. why do they have to brand themselves into a lot of names?

  28. Emory Rowland says:

    Jonee, I have read that BlueHost wanted Fastdomains because it is an official ICANN registrar. It makes sense to me because BlueHost and HostMonster are now able to go through the process of registration faster and easier without having to use a third party registrar.

  29. Brad Hart says:

    I am really glad I have found this BH despite all the support WordPress is throwing at them seems almost as bad as Dot5Hosting… 5 minutes to login, 8 to get a post page which only posts half the time after another 5 minutes or more… This was after they “fixed” their upgrade.

  30. 4/01/2008

    @Emory Rowland concerning BHBASTERD comment about Bluehost and web development.

  31. Emory Rowland says:

    Crazy Penguin, thanks for sharing that design page. It’s interesting that there is no link to that page from the main page. I wonder how they are promoting it?

  32. Chris says:

    Personally I’ve been hosting my website ( with BlueHost for two years now and never had a problem with them, I think as with most aspects of life you get what you give.

  33. Walter says:

    Emory, great comeback for Crazy, and notice if you will that BlueHost only recommends this service. It’s by
    With a half a million domains, there are bound to be a few problems. You can’t avoid the statistics.

  34. 4/17/2008

    @Chris I can see why you have “no problems” with Bluehost.

    You are selling Bluehost at least through one of your sites. So does [potentially offensive link removed by editor] sound familiar to you. I see Bluehost banners in two places on the site.

    What is funny to me is if type in your url you provided in the above comment at it tells all kinds of history about what is going on with you at Bluehost.

    If you are a shill or an affiliate either way you are biased on what you are promoting from you point of view concerning your comment.

  35. facts about bluehost says:

    They oversell. If you need more space, they shift you to a new server, resulting in downtime and may be data loss too …

    Jacob C [1:15:52 PM]: Welcome to our real-time Sales chat. How can I help you today?
    rick [1:18:20 PM]: are you real ?
    [1:18:35 PM]: type rick
    [1:19:22 PM]: no one ?
    Jacob C [1:20:51 PM]: Rick
    [1:20:59 PM]: Yes I am real, how may I help you?
    rick [1:21:15 PM]: ohh great
    [1:21:17 PM]: thanx ..
    [1:21:24 PM]: I need hosting ..
    [1:21:55 PM]: before i buy your hosting .. i need to know few things
    Jacob C [1:22:31 PM]: Ok
    rick [1:22:38 PM]: what is your server configuration ?
    Jacob C [1:23:24 PM]: Linux servers running Apache 2.2.8, CentOS 4.6, OC-48 backbone, PHP 5.2.5, Python 2.4.3, Ruby 2.0.1(Rails 2.0.2), Perl 5.8.8
    rick [1:23:48 PM]: hardware configuration ?
    Jacob C [1:26:20 PM]: OUr servers have dual Quad Core CPUs with 8GBs of RAM and RAID Redundency.
    rick [1:27:01 PM]: and what is the HDD capacity and how many HDD’s to 1 server ?
    Jacob C [1:28:39 PM]: I am not sure, I believe that the servers have 8 HDDs per server.
    rick [1:28:58 PM]: Do you oversell ?
    Jacob C [1:30:26 PM]: We do not allot the 1.5TBs upfront, but if you need the space then we will give it to you.
    [1:30:37 PM]: So no, we do not oversell.
    rick [1:32:03 PM]: So if i signup now and in 6 months i start using the actual space .. i.e 1.5 TB or less … what will happen ?
    [1:32:16 PM]: Will I be shifted to new servers ?
    Jacob C [1:32:42 PM]: Yes you could be migrated to a different server.
    rick [1:33:05 PM]: so there will be downtime .. and may be data loss …
    Jacob C [1:33:46 PM]: Yes there could be downtime, but we will try to schedule the migration with you.
    rick [1:34:09 PM]: so initially how much space do you allot?
    Jacob C [1:35:42 PM]: I am not sure, but the space would dynamically expand.
    rick [1:36:07 PM]: Can you find out ?
    Jacob C [1:36:46 PM]: No I can not.
    rick [1:38:06 PM]: You mean to say … you have no idea how much space will be provided ?
    Jacob C [1:39:10 PM]: I mean to say that you will not have to worry about the space, we are building brand new servers everyday and so you will not have to worry about aging hardware or cramped servers.
    rick [1:41:19 PM]: the reason to ask for the space details is that I currently host a video blog website. I needed to know how much space would be provided to me. My current website is about 750 GB
    Jacob C [1:42:36 PM]: You will be given 1500GBs. You will not need to worry about the space on the server.
    [1:43:16 PM]: If the idea of the disk space dynamically expanding worries you then you may need to look into VPS or a dedicated server.
    [1:46:57 PM]: Is there anything else I may assist you with?
    [1:47:52 PM]: It appears you are having difficulty responding, please feel free to open another chat anytime if you have further questions. Have a great day!

  36. Vassili says:

    I dont recomend blue host. about 2 weeks after buying the 2 year package i was contacted by my building socity (Bank) Fraud sqad and was told that the company tried to put a compromise on my account, not sure what it ment i asked, they told me if Bluehost had lifted any money after taking just £1:00 they would be able to clear out my accound without a trace, so i give bluehost 2 stars, Why you ask, because my bank has closed my account and created me a new one with full money back and i still have my account at bluehost 🙂 they must have overlooked it, What a bunch of ejits 😀

  37. Rob says:

    Despite plenty of reviews suggesting I should look elsewhere for a webhost, I plumped for Bluehost.

    So far, I am very impressed with the service. After updating my DNS settings with my old Lycos package, my website was up and running within a couple of hours, with excellent download speeds.

    Good stats and logging facilities too.

  38. Bryan says:

    We’ve been with Bluehost for over a year now, and I’ve had accounts with them dating back 3 years. I’ve really run the gambit with this lot. At first Bluehost was a fairly responsive and quality host, however those days are long gone. As it began to grow it fell apart? Especially in customer service, which Bluehost fails so miserably at, they don’t even have a customer service department. You end up dealing with their hit or miss tech support or sales, which love you when you sign up, see you as a burden there after. They’re the kind of company that leaves you for 30 minutes on hold if you call looking for someone to talk to that even remotely cares that their mistakes and poor management cost you money. Particular mistakes include unannounced changes to the backend hosting software which rendered the site unusable for over a week, frequent slowdown or flat out downtime and failure to notify us of payment for essential services that crippled the site and sent customers elsewhere. They can send me a dozen emails through out the year trying to trick me into renewing my domains through them, however they fail to properly notify us that one of the entire accounts was up for renewal and shut it down until the issue was straightened out.

    It sounds like a bad case of poor management and excessive cost-cutting.

    If you have a cheap website that isn’t reliant on backend scripting, or uptime, then Bluehost is for you. It’s cheap and has all the basic features, with a few frills as well. Otherwise, don’t say you haven’t been warned. In our case we have easily lost more money tenfold than it would have cost to get a superior hosting service.

  39. Alex Burrows says:

    Bluehost are the best webhost I have ever used.
    I have used 1&1, nativespace, fasthosts and easyspace.

    They are superb in everything. Right now one of the support guys is sorting some php that is playing about for me.

    There technical support is very good. Servers are very fast and price is amazing.

    Bluehost is the best!

  40. Brian says:

    I also have used bluehost for several years and have had relatively no problems. I have had some recently, but they have been resolved rather quickly.

    Yes, Crazy penguin, I also advertise bh on my site. Hey, they pay a nice referral, so why not. But your logic is interesting: If you like bluehost, then you are obviously lying, if you hate them or have lots of problems, you are telling the truth. According to you, the only way my recommendation can be taken seriously is if I admit to having lots of problems and decry their horrible services. Sounds like a poisoning of the wells fallacy to me.

    So the truth: I have had problems (none as bad as some claim), and for the price I am willing to put up with the growing pains. For me, two years of service, to only now have some issues, still works for me.

  41. Gerald says:

    I have been many years with bluehost. I’ve had a few problems, but they’ve been resolved. If you want cheap hosting, you truly get more than you pay for, for Bluehost. However, if you run a business and consider that you’re only paying $84/year for all the features listed, it’s likely that you’re not understanding the importance of your website. If you need “don’t screw around” service, you’ll want to go to something that charges more and guarantees more.

    If you’re a business, and the difference between $8/month and $80/month is a dealbreaker for your web based business, you’re in the wrong business, and even if Bluehost makes monetary sense for you, you shouldn’t expect world class technical support for a year’s worth of BH for a month’s charge at another provider, though you might get it.

    OTOH, it’s a lot of space to host your stuff. It certainly is a lot cheaper than S3 for backing up.

  42. Brian says:

    Gerald, exactly my point (except you said it a lot better).
    It seems that from what I have seen, even paying $20-$25 per month gets you…well…about $13 poorer when compared to bluehost. If you want a lot of space and bandwidth, and are willing to put up with some headaches here and there, then a host like bluehost is the way to go. But if you want guaranteed no problems (whatever that means) you better be ready to fork out the dough. Honestly, for me, I would probably buy a server and pay to collocated it. But that’s just me.

  43. Emory Rowland says:

    Joel, I am really sorry to hear that happened. Perhaps you can retrieve your content from the Google cache while it is still there?

    The site states that “courtesy backups” are part of “features included” in all accounts. Perhaps someone from BlueHost could respond?

  44. Joel says:

    I was a very early user of Bluehost, and back then it seemed like they were totally dedicated to good service.

    But several weeks ago, my site’s SQL database simply disappeared from their server (I’d heard they were having database issue.)

    Worse still, when I put in a support ticket, I got told that none of the “daily, weekly, and monthly” backups promised by their sales pages actually existed!

    Oh, and the Level 3 tech told me that the missing backups were not actual features of their hosting service, but were merely a “courtesy” provided by Bluehost!

    Needless to say, an email to owner Matt Heaton — who used to be involved with the actual operation of the company — went unreplied-to.

    Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

  45. Brian Pribis says:

    Joel, that’s a real bummer! I asked them once about backups because I thought, like you, they did regular backups and could restore if needed. From what I understood, they backup the system, but not individual user accounts. I am not sure what “Courtesy Site Backups” is suppose to mean. I didn’t pursue it, mostly because the c-panel offers a backup feature. For the company sites I run, I have perl scripts I have written to do backups of the web directory and the databases automatically using cron.

    Honestly, even if a company doing virtual hosting does say they make backups, I have learned in the past that when it comes to volatile data, you can never have enough backups.

    I’m writing bluehost to ask about their backup policies.


  46. Brian Pribis says:

    O.k., found this in the knowledge base:
    BlueHost does not offer redundant or mirrored backups. BlueHost will run courtesy backups at our discretion. Any backups that BlueHost runs are in addition to our Terms of Service and are not guaranteed. Customers are encouraged to run periodic backups through the provided cPanel. BlueHost reccomends that you store such backups off site on your local sysetm.

    If you need help creating an account backup; please see our article on How do I use the Backup utility?

    *Important: assumes no responsibility for failed backups, lost data, or data integrity. is unable to provide copies or create automatic backups for sites above 4 gigabytes in size. You may create your own copies using SSH/Shell Access. If you need help using SSH/Shell Access please see our article on SSH Commands

    To learn how to enable shell access on your account please consult this knowledge base article: How can I get SSH/Shell access on my account?.

    By courtesy backup I believe they are saying that they will do a backup if you ask them to or if they are moving you to another server, etc. They need to word that on the front page differently. But in all fairness, if they were talking about “nightly backups of user accounts”, they would have said that.

    In the end, I guess it pays to read the TOS…which I never did. Ooops.

  47. Luis Gross says:

    Well this is all a surprise to me. I’ve read the majority of comments, and I’m shocked by a lot of the responses. I’ve been with BlueHost for several months; no problems yet.

    Since I’ve only been with them for a small period of time I’m not going to jump to conclusions and slap them with a poorly though out opinion.

    What I can say is: so far, so good, everything has been great.

  48. Mossawir says:

    i like bluehost. but their is one problem that is they dont provide catch-all account & ffmpeg … you cant even install on it coz the dont even give access to shell to. 🙁

  49. 7/24/2008

    @Emory (comment #34):
    Looks like they promote it within their control panel; see the sample cPanel site under the “Partners” section:

  50. Stephanie Kellerman says:

    I have been with Bluehost for over two years and have 3 accounts with them. I have never had any problems with them. I get great tech support. Yesterday they even worked on a script for me that they don’t support. I have another account with Godaddy and have had problems with them so I am moving my sites from there over to Bluehost. I have had web sites for over 10 years hosted with various companies and so far Bluehost has been the best.

  51. Melkiah Trust says:

    I must say I’m a little surprised at how many people there are in the world that expect 100% from a web host. Granted it would be even more surprising if people took time to say something they liked about a company versus what they despise…

    After all that’s what the internet is for, flaming & venting. You’d be hard pressed to find a person who wants to take 5 mins out of their life to write something they like about a company.

    However… I’m going to say what I like about the service because I’m apposed to whiny people:

    -Tech Support is based in the US (Hmmm, an American company providing jobs to American Citizens) and this means I will understand what the tech is telling me.

    -Their cPanel is easier to use then any other company I’ve done business with.

    -Even though it’s not their job to help with my script they have taken the time to look at mine time and time again.

    -Every person I have talked with has been very kind and patient with me. (Then again I don’t start the conversation like a hot headed 4 year old)

    ….Just a side note, it’s shared hosting (and the best from what I’ve seen). You are paying very little for what they provide. Yes they may experience some downtime, here’s a newsflash though for some of you who still remember changing the tv stations with a dial on the tv: It’s Technology! Nothing created yet has lasted forever without some kind of maintenance!….

    I see a lot of reviews from people flaming Bluehost because they don’t send out emails informing their clients of server maintenance… ARE YOU SERIOUS!? They are to just send 500,000+ emails out to clients for 1-2 hour maintenance? Yeah I’m sure that would be great on a mail server (insert sarcastic expression here).

    “Boo hoo my business was down for 3 hours” <— I’m sorry that your office in your mom’s basement had to stop for 3 hours. If you are paying $8 a month for web hosting then there is no way you are a corporation that’s going to be hit hard for the missed time. If you want to have some control over that then fork out the several thousand dollars for your own server and get yourself a T3 line… Option 2 would be for you to realize how good you’ve got it for the amount you are paying. Go ahead and ask MTV how much it costs to keep their site up per month and then get on some random review page to betch about your hosting.

    Overall the 2 years I have been with Bluehost have been a rewarding experience and I will be with them for a long time.

    • Iain says:

      It’s nice to actually see a positive reply here. I’m looking for a web host and I am seriously considering BH. BH has come highly recommended by a man who’s experience and tech info is a lot higher than most! Mr Ted Forbes (photographer) has placed 4 video’s up on you tube showing how to set up a website and fine tuning it! Massive info for the likes of me 🙂 And I’m going to follow them to the letter!! BH………….Here I come 🙂

  52. 95boyz says:

    I would recommend Bluehost to those who know what they are doing. I’ve been using them for the last few years now and they’ve been great. I’m a web designer and I’ve been through a few other hosting companies so I know what I’m talking about. But then again, every other hosting companies has their complaints. You win some… you lose some!!!

    Good Luck To all!!!

  53. Sandy says:

    Signed up with Bluehost, I’m already dissapointed. Site constantly lags. It was down last weekend for over an hour. Customer support so far has been good as far as the live chat goes. Site was lagging real bad just a bit ago and that’s when i decided to do a search for bluehost reviews and I found this. Wish i’d a done this before i bought the years hosting…. Bad so far.

  54. Sandy says:

    I must ad, just because you pay little for a service doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect good service….

  55. Stephanie Kellerman says:

    I checked all my sites on Bluehost when I got the message about a site lagging. I had no trouble at all. Also, someone mentioned that if someone used 1/100 amount of space they would probably try to charge you extra. Well I use several GIGs of space and I have yet to have any problems no extra costs, etc and again they still have great support on the phone and with live chat.

  56. Kevin O'Kane says:

    Grim performance. Page loads at night >> 30 seconds.
    User support dreadful and unresponsive. Avoid these
    clowns at all costs. They were a big mistake and now
    I’m stuck.

  57. CNJ says:

    I’ve been happy with Bluehost for the most part until recently. The tech support has been pretty knowledgeable and helpful. About a month ago, their mail server went down so we lost a whole day of email communication. The mails seem to come back the next day. However, yesterday, the mail server went down again but this time despite my calls to their tech support, they said all mails from yesterday were lost and there was nothing they could do about it! The only thing they could say is if you need a dedicated server, you may want to consider another service. Also, I filed a ticket with them to take a look at my Awstat for my main domain a month ago because it ceased doing updates. It also never got taken care of. So while the service is generally okay, there are pitfalls going with them. I encourage you to consider other services.

  58. Hoss says:

    This is by far the worst hosting company ive dealt with in 15 years. The support is a 0 on a scale of 1-10.. Yes they are that bad, ive called 3 times in the last 2 days and I get hung up on? Ive emailed there support many times trying to resolve a problem and no response or I get an email saying to look at the forum and I should find the answer?? What kind of business does this, absolutely horrible customer support I would not recommend them to anyone! There are many more hosting companys that will actually do something to help.
    Bottom line there the worst hosting and have the worst support on the net.

  59. Emory Rowland says:

    Hoss, that’s surprising that a host would hang up on you. Was it during a heated discussion or more of a got disconnected type of thing?

  60. Mark Adams says:

    I’m sorry. What part of this article is a review? You did a fine job listing the service’s features, but one could have read that for themselves at Bluehost. I did notice that the link tracks clicks… good job advertising.

  61. Emory Rowland says:

    Mark, I think you stopped reading after the feature list and hurried to lump us in with the many so called review sites that exist only to make affiliate revenue. If I wanted, Clickfire could be nothing but a promotional showcase for web hosting affiliates and I’d be a lot richer. We’ve chosen a contrary route, one which sometimes annoys the hosting companies, but one that I feel adds value for the readers.

    Here is the methodology and process of how web host reviews typically work here:

    First, I sign up for an account with a web host.

    Once the service is active, I contact an independent reviewer and negociate a price for the review. Yes we pay web host reviewers, but they have to meet a our critieria such as having Web hosting industry experience, hands on hosting skills, critical abilities and not having an affiliation with the host being reviewed.

    Once we agree on the price, I send the login info and the reviewer begins to evaluate the host. Usually, the reviewer looks first at the control panel and tries to assess how it stands up for usability.

    Then he starts installing CMS scripts and working with files to test functionality and speed.

    The reviewers can look at any feature or aspect of a host that they want and be as critical as they want. For example, some reviewers look within the fine print of the terms of service, a favorite hiding place for policies that can affect buying decisions and harm consumers.

    Next, the web host reviewer contacts the host directly without the host knowing that they are being reviewed. I ask all reviewers to do this because hosting support is a such an big issue with webmasters. The reviewer reports on all this and gives Clickfire readers his assessment based on his personal experience–key point here.

    Each reviewer is required to list specifically what he believes are the pros, cons and bottom line based on what he has seen.

    Finally the reviewer is required to give his rating of between 1 and 5 stars.

    If the host has an affiliate program, I usually install their referral code to recoup expenses (signup, paying the reviewer) and hopefully make a profit.

    The whole review process from start to finish can take several months, but it’s worth it. I believe the readers can take away something of value that helps them make the right decision as consumers. The best hosts get new customers. I earn money to review more hosts and develop other content areas on Clickfire which are less monetizeable but more fun.

  62. DreadKnight says:

    And i was really about to pay for a few years for hosting to bluehost… thanks for the reviews guys!

    @MK: Thanks for the recommendation! I think i will go with Site5. 🙂 Cheers!

  63. brian pribis says:

    Well, I did have some problems with one of our sites going down. It only seemed to happen on one server, the rest never seem to have a problem. I filled out a ticket and got a response. I wrote back and forth with the tech people, even into the weekend, trying to figure out what was going on. Frankly, shared hosting makes it extremely difficult to track this stuff down.

    In the end they said they would try a few things and keep an eye on it, requesting I do the same and let them know as soon as the problem happens again.

    Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking, “They just couldn’t flip a switch and fix it? What a bunch of losers!” But as someone who manages a network and does a lot of software development, sometimes those stupid switches are hard to find.

    Some of the stories I am hearing I cannot even begin to identify with. After almost three years, I have always gotten responses, I have always gotten through on the phone, and I have always gotten treated kindly and with respect. Of course, I usually treat the techs the same way…maybe that’s where the difference is?

  64. brian pribis says:

    In response to Mark,

    It is obviously a review. I am not exactly sure how you missed it. There are even stars indicating the final opinion of the reviewer.

    I find it extremely helpful to have someone walk through the process, letting me know what their professional opinions are as well as their “feelings” during the process. I would call that a “review”.

    The only draw back is that you can never get a clear long-term picture of the service. That is where some of the user comments come in handy. But then, they aren’t usually as professional as the review.

  65. brian pribis says:

    To DreadKnight,

    You are still going to get what you paid for. You want super reliable, never down, fast service, then you want dedicated servers and that is going to cost you a lot more then $5 a month.

    Honestly, I would only recommend shared hosting to people who either want to host personal sites, blogs or (perhaps) small businesses, or who have a high level of expertise and patience and are willing and able to work through the bumps in the road.

    If you have a business site that you absolutely MUST have up all the time, then either you need to know what you are doing, or you need to rent space on a dedicated server.

    For the average user and small business, shared hosting should work fine (and bluehost is better then most).

  66. James says:

    Bluehost tech support is lazy and uninformed, and they constantly try to upsell you services.
    Their SpamAssassin doesn’t work, they admit it, but they won’t troubleshoot the problem (I don’t think they know how to look at a server log, or rather, don’t give a damn).

    They only offer SSL on the top-level domain (fraud on their homepage). And then they lie and say you need to buy the cert from them (others are cheaper). Etc, blah, blah.

    Good for basic hosting, but anything fancy, they are stupid and really annoying. They spend more time arguing about things they clearly don’t understand in an apparent effort to avoid doing work, when just shutting up and doing the work in the first place would take less time.

  67. Emory Rowland says:

    I’m definitely up for adding depth if you want to recommend something specific. I do agree that more uptime/downtime stats could help. If there was any downtime, it would have been mentioned and certainly BlueHost would not have received a rare 5 star rating.

  68. Mark Adams says:

    Sorry, but I’m just with the objectivity of this review. Granted, my own experience was bad, and the problems I experienced may have been limited to the server I was assigned to (shared hosting), but there just isn’t a lot of depth to this review. Downtime is a significant issue.

  69. Stephanie Kellerman says:

    I have a monitoring service that monitors some of my web sites on bluehost and the last notice I got was on 12/13/07. They went down at 4:13 am and came back up at 5:14 am. The last time before that was in August 2006. I think that is pretty good.

  70. Mike says:

    Well, I found this site while trying to find any kind of notice of what’s going on at Bluehost today. (Friday, 9/12/08 at 1:30 PM CST) Seems they’re down for the count right now. Can’t access my websites or my account. I used BH in the past and they were always great; that’s why I went back to them when I decided to start developing once more. Now I’m wondering if I made the right choice. Will see….

  71. Y. says:

    Just to warn everyone: I just went through a terrible experience with Bluehost.

    I used only 200 Gb of their promised ‘unlimited storage’. But still they deactivated my account in a crude fashion. After whole a day of tiresome mailing with customer support, they gave short and unfriendly answers, using any reason to hide that they wouldn’t give me the storage i paid for.

    Eventually I convinced them to do the right thing and activate my account again. In no time of course i got a 2nd blunt, short mail saying “your account has outgrown us”. What a difference with my current host (DH), where they contact people first to find a solution/upgrade together, instead of immediately kicking out a customer.

    – Please, do NOT believe Bluehost’s unlimited storage promise!!
    – And please do NOT expect customer support to treat you as a human being either… You’re just a number to them, and they’ll shoot first and ask questions later.

  72. Chris says:

    I was about to move my websites to Bluehost because I have nothing but trouble with Superbhosting (shared hosting server down for more than 24 hours – the second times this happens this year!). Thanks for the reviews. I was about to make a mistake again. In short: avoid Bluehost and avoid Superbosting.

  73. Emory Rowland says:

    Chris, what turned you off about BlueHost, reviews or perhaps something else?

  74. brian says:

    Mind me asking “What” you were storing that took up 200gb? I do remember the EULA mentioning something about “legitimate” use of the space. Not really sure what that means. But you are correct, “unlimited” = gimmick. Perhaps that is one of those areas of advertisement that should be investigated. More and more companies are using that line and, like a politician promising tax reform and lower job outsourcing to overseas, I have a hard time believing the hype.


  75. Jack Daniels says:

    Run and don’t look back. This host has gone to the dumps. I have had a site that has been down for 90% of the time for 14 days straight and they will not move me to a new server or fix the problem. This is ridiculous and I hope everyone reads this and pays attention.

    There are to many hosts out there and this one is turning into nothing but a money machine and they have forgotten all about the customers who got them to where they are. Hopefully the same customers will bring them back down.

  76. webspider says:

    BlueHost, FastDomain, and HostMonster are three companies that belong to the same owners. They all provide the same services, are maintained by the same personnel, and share the same infrastructure. However, their marketing strategies are separate. BlueHost and HostMonster are web hosting companies only, while FastDomain is a web hosting and a registrar company.

  77. Charley S says:


    My service with them was reasonable up until recently when decided to consolidate the server hosting my sites with another server. Since then, email and web for all my sites has gone offline daily, for hours at a time.

    Tech support takes hours to a full day to respond, if they respond.

    I’ve now been told the 99.9% SLA does not apply to individual servers or accounts, but only to the entire infrastructure of BlueHost.


    Go to another host. You get what you pay for.

  78. Carl Gennaro says:

    Works OK but if you have problem they are robots. We had backup files saved there, for long time. When they found out that they were “PERSONAL FILES” not WEB files they shut us down instantly and were impossible to deal with to fix the problem. We begged for 12 hours to fix the problem but would not budge. Took us 24 hours to download and delete. I even tried to pay 1000 bucks offer to give us the time. NOPE.. I am moving to GoDaddy,, GoDaddy laughed at what they did to us.

  79. Charles says:

    I’ve had my own sites for quite a while and been through many experiences hosting my sites with various hosing companies. By and large you get what you pay for. Many are very cheap, and if you can do it yourself, they provide a very inexpensive way to maintain your little piece of the Internet.

    About a year or two ago I started hosting my site on Bluehost. They had a great reputation as being cheap but very reliable. They were considered by many to be the best under ten bucks a month hosting on the Internet. My experience was pretty good for a long time. I never needed to contact support. Everything pretty much just worked out of the box. That is until the past few weeks.

    I was used to getting emails from Bluehost from time to time. The owner himself would even send emails after some event occurred that had affected service or after an upgrade. I always thought that was a nice touch. I’m not running a business. Although my email is important to me I can almost always tolerate a few hours of downtime in an emergency. Bluehost’s guarantee is triple nines, or 99.9% up time. That means about ten minutes per week downtime at most.

    I received an email that maintenance was to be performed on the server hosting my account. The email stated that the maintenance would be performed on a Sunday night and the outage would be about two hours. No problem – and thanks for the head’s up, right? What followed was that my account was on and offline at random for nearly two weeks. I was pretty patient in the beginning. Things happen. I work in IT. I can give a brother a break. But the outage went on, and on, and on…

    The original notification said that they were doing an “upgrade” to consolidate servers and provide better service to their customers. I manage a server farm, including a virtual server infrastructure. The main motivation in ‘consolidating’ servers is ease of management for IT. It reduces operating costs. It isn’t an upgrade – other than perhaps enabling IT to provide better management or resources to the end user.

    What I discovered was that the ‘new’ server hosting my account had a CPU that was maxed and it was out of disk space. This was my upgrade. I was only intermittently able to access my email or websites throughout the day. This continued for two weeks.

    At no time did I receive notification that there was a problem. Bluehost’s network status paged showed green lights. I was never notified.

    After many fruitless emails to support I was finally responded to by a level three engineer who explained the “upgrade” had gone badly and they realized there was a problem with the RAID controller on the new server. He explained that they were over-nighting a new one and it would be fixed the next day.

    Ok, great. Here is a professional server farm, hosting hundreds of accounts, and it takes twenty four hours to put a customer back online because of a dead RAID card? What happened to the magic of virtualization? What happened to having homogeneous hardware and a stock of parts? What about reversing the migration and putting my whopping one GB of content back on the original server?

    When I asked Bluehost if they planned to make any compensation to their customers they said no. I asked about the 99.9% guarantee. Do you know what they told me? They told me the 99.9% guarantee only applied to their entire infrastructure as a whole. The only 99.9% percent guarantee was that their entire operation would never go offline. It had nothing to do with the service provided to an individual customer.

    The response from level 3, although appreciated, was a day late and a dollar short. I had recently paid up with Bluehost for an entire year. I didn’t care. I had to move my account on a matter of principle.

    The best I can say is that they gave me a prompt refund.

  80. 10/24/2008

    @ Emory Rowland

    You said,”If there was any downtime, it would have been mentioned and certainly BlueHost would not have received a rare 5 star rating.”

    I encountered excessive downtime on the three accounts I had when I was with Bluehost.

    One of the major complaints of the user reviews here ( is downtime.

    And I don’t believe Bluehost should be rated 5/5 stars. Perhaps a 2/5 star rating would be more appropriate.

  81. Emory Rowland says:

    @Crazy Penguin

    You don’t have to go any further than this thread to see people reporting BlueHost downtime (the webhosting geeks link wasn’t working). Most, if not all of the hosts reviewed here have had some users who mention downtime in the comments. What host hasn’t had downtime?

    The reviewer here didn’t encounter any downtime or serious problems during the testing period, so it would be wrong for him to give BlueHost a poor rating. I think it is a good idea to check several sources when shopping for a host.

  82. Devin says:

    BlueHost just launched a website to give their clients one hour of free internet marketing training. Not many hosting companies are willing to invest money to educate their clients on how to succeed. Kudos to bluehost for being the first.

  83. Scooter says:

    I bust my butt to provide my users with a high level of service and performance. When there are unforeseen problems I provide them with accurate and timely information as to what is going on and when I expect it to be resolved.

    I expect nothing less from the folks providing service to me, regardless of price.

    Bluehost failed.

  84. A says:

    Let me add my thoughts here as well. Hostmonster (Bluehost) screwed me recently. With no warning, they completely shut down my website, citing CPU overage. No heads up, no offer to let me fix whatever issue was causing it. The abuse department was cold and unapologetic. They would not even give me a transition period. Messed up. Stay away from this unprofessional webhost!

  85. Rob Epple says:

    I have been with Bluehost from the beginning – when the owner used to e-mail us various news clippings based on his growth of the business and upgrades. That time has come and gone – believe me.

    This last year, my service has gone from stellar to dismal, at best. Our server has been down almost everyday for a month now with three months prior to that of nothing but aggravation, lies, server changes without notice (upgrades and changes to php and scripts), and various other website killing moves. Tech support level one basically says this line when the server is down – “we are working on it, we don’t know when it will be done.” And that’s about all the help you will get. Even worse, I have found dozens of times when their server status report in c-panel reports everything is A-OK when in fact both site, blog, and e-mail has been down and stays down for hours upon hours.

    Yesterdays classic report was that “we are doing file maintenance” when in fact an entire server swap was happening with customers left in the dark for 12 hours or more – no e-mail, no blog, no website, no error messages for customers or my clients to see.

    When my site is down for 12 hours or more, on a daily basis for months on end and when tech support says “we don’t care” and customer service personell say “we can’t help you” and level 2 AND 3 support say “its not our responsibility” even though I have lost tens of thousands of dollars in contracts because customers have gone to our competitors after trying my site for several times without access (and told me so on the phone) – it’s all I can do to find something nice to say about this company in any way shape or form.

    Having worked my fair share of tech support jobs as level 1, 2, 3 support, I know the deal already before I call. Unforetuneately my business now is as unforgiving as Bluehost is to it’s customers – if there is nothing to see then I lose – it’s that fast and that plain and simple!

    It’s funny since I know that I am not the only one affected here but people at Bluehost keep repeating that they are not repsonsible for my loss of business (even though i am paying them for service)????

    Hmmmm…what does this really mean? Obviously Matt is not holding anyone accountable since they feel that it’s ok to just throw away loyal customers and say whatever comes to mind on the phone.

    Overall the people at bluehost need to understand that they are dealing with real people and real consequences – I have customers that I have to deal with too that are SCREAMING at me when their sites are down (at bluehost). I guess I am not responsible either, right?

    Here’s the bottom line Bluehost – we (your loyal, soon to be ex customers) are looking to for reassurance, help, and most of all, RELIABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and quality SERVICE!

    I for one (that represents many) will be pulling my personal websites, several school districts accounts, and several clients to a new host) because I can’t afford to keep absorbing the losses incurred by waiting for support to get the picture here.

    My advice to readers: AVOID Bluehost at all costs – your $99 is better to be doubled or tripled and then spent elsewhere.

    WANTED: Contact me directly and I will pay you 4 times Bluehost’s best deal for peace of mind!

  86. Carl says:

    Been loyal customer for many many years. Be very careful and read every little note in your agreement. They have no heart. Killed me this year with all my customers. Ended up spending 2 Grand and moved 98% of our stuff to Go Daddy.. Blue host, cheap price, your cheap to them. Even if you offer them more money. I begged for a few days to move files that were NOT pictures. You can not store or have text files on space they promise you. They have read you files. So don’t think of it as real rented space. They shut down our website and didn’t care.

  87. Mexabet says:

    I host six websites with Bluehost for two years now. And they’re reliable. The only issue I find uncomfortable now is their CPU quota limitation clauses.

  88. former bluehost guy says:

    I had the same problem with Bluehost aka Matt Heaton. And yes, he runs it out of a trailer truck in Utah under different customer service names. At least thats how it seems so.

    I had my sites shut down without any explanation, they were down for a week, nobody to talk to on phone, and rude replies from the tech retarded technical support.

    Matt Heaton himself told me to take my sites and get out… So much for his evangelism on Bluehost/Hostmonster. This man is a blue monster — avoid him and his retarded hosting at any cost. Try Dreamhost or Site5, they are much better alternatives.


  89. Foxy Bingo Review says:

    Been with them for a while. Very good webhost

  90. Emory Rowland says:

    @former bluehost guy – That’s pretty amazing. Why do you think Matt Heaton told you to take your sites and get out? Please tell us more. Thanks.

  91. bugzlife says:

    i used to encounter this cpu limit thing but that was during the development of, my test version of the site my problem was i’m hosting dozens of other sites and they all go down when this problem happens. now i don’t do a lot of programming anymore and my joomla/wordpress sites don’t give me problems on bluehost.

  92. 12/09/2008

    …ironic, Jacob’s name on the copied chat above was the same person I talk to about Front Page Extension problems. Said it was a Microsoft problem, not theirs.

    Do not host with Host Monster if you or your clients want to use Microsoft Front Page. Very disappointed on how many times I have to re-install the extensions.

    Help Desk is not any better, they say it is a Microsoft issue. Well hello, I have sites on three other providers and maybe once a year, if, have to reset them.

    So, again avoid host monster for front page hosting and don’t believe their line it is Microsoft’s fault.

    Oh, I have more than a dozen of sites with Host Monster, so it isn’t just this one.

  93. carlos says:

    the first months, all is ok
    after that, the mysql server is down continuously, the site is many times at day down due tu “cpu excess” and so on.
    if you want to kill your site, this is your isp.
    if your site is not a homemade web site, you will kill with this people.

  94. Bruce Decker says:

    I moved to Bluehost 6mo ago and it was a mistake. The performance is poor, reliability is very poor and customer service is terrible. You get what you pay for I guess, the price is low.

    The sponsor a lot of ‘best of the web’ sites like where there are glowing reviews of bluehost. But whois Top-10-Web-Hosts and look at there name servers and you can see they are pointing at BlueHost. Why does a company have to try to trick people into doing business with them? Because it’s easier than running an honest business.

    I’m a small business man and my relationship with Bluehost has cost me a lot of money. I urge you to stay away from them. They are simply not good people to deal with.

  95. Bob McHugh says:

    Well, I’m kinda surprised that my first comment didn’t make it. Bluehost did not finish helping me fix my site after a disastrous DDOS attack, which they admitted to me they made a lot of mistakes dealing with. One person gave me her name and said call me back if you have further problems. I called back a little while later and they are closed for the holidays… leaving their customers “high and dry”. I tried to “open a ticket” as the phone message said. They did not respond. Now the help page is not opening so I guess they are somehow blocking it… Merry Christmas from Bluehost… huh?!

  96. Emory Rowland says:

    Bob, your earlier comment appeared under a different post (on my blog).

    Out of curiosity, I dialed the BlueHost support number and yes, to my suprise, the message stated that they are closed for the holidays. Hopefully you can get a resolution through the ticket soon.

  97. Norans says:

    bluehost? first its ok.. after 2 month use it they will start a problem.. its been 5 month now.. 2 month no problem.. third month till today server lagg & always down.. it seems they put our sites to the bad server after 2 month… this provided is really bad!! dont waste your money! go find another hosting provided!

  98. Bowling Tips says:

    I was thinking to purchase bluehost service but many said that bluehost is not good.

  99. sgo3d says:

    I have had them for 9 months and my websites have been hacked 2 times. I have moved everything to my hostgator host with the rest of my domains. Never a problem with them!

  100. 1/31/2009

    Thank you for your review of BlueHost. We appreciate you sharing your opinion and doing the research needed to fairly evaluate Bluehost. We have seen fit to link to this article in our independent Bluehost reviews section. However, our MoneyStance editorial review focuses more on the affiliate program than the web service itself. Anyhow, Keep up the good work spreading truth.

  101. Shawn says:

    First off, the web site advertises $6.95/month, no setup fees, no hidden fees. If you believe this, read ’till the end…

    Without any confirmation on my part, just after filling in my information to sign up, they went ahead and charged me for an entire year, about $90. I tried to hit the back button once I saw the charges going through but it was too late. There was no “please confirm the charges we are about to place on your credit card”. It was just, fill out your info, click next, charges are being applied.

    This was after speaking to a customer service rep. about technical questions. He was pretty dry and under trained, no questions for me like “what can I help you with?” or “is there anything else I can help you with?”. Just quick, seemingly intolerant answers. I had to lead the conversation.

    1 minute after the payment went through, I called billing. They are now not able to refund the credit back to my card for 3 – 5 business days. I asked the billing rep if there was a monthly plan available. She said yes, for around $9/month with a setup and domain fee, totaling between $30 and $40 for the first payment.

  102. Brian says:

    O.k., my site went down the other day. I only found out because my email wasn’t working. I submitted a support ticket. As has been my experience in the past, I got a response in about fifteen minutes. They were working on it. Shortly after they let me know my site was back up. I checked, but my mail was still down. I let them know. Again, about fifteen minutes later they had it fixed and let me know.

    I renewed my contract for another year.

    In reference to the above comment, I agree, register your own domain through another company. It is just safer that way.


  103. AvoidBlueHost says:

    Bluehost is a complete Rip OFF! Avoid Like the plague.
    My site is always down. Always database error message.
    Always very long loading time.
    Never reliable. Today up and running, tomorrow down, yesterday down, 1 week ago down, 1month ago down. It’s been 9 months I’m with them and I slowly but surely experience downtime EVERYDAY. Today, yesterday, tomorrow. I can already predict that tomorrow, it will be down again. Then in 1 week or in 1 month from now, it will be down again.
    So, I’m moving to another reliable hosting company.
    Or go at your risk.
    Their favorite answer?: “This is a shared hosting company. Your website is hosted with other websites on the same server. So downtime is NORMAL. WHAT?” And if you want reliable hosting, go and find a dedicated server at another company. WHAT?”
    So clearly, come to our bluehost and cheap hosting but expect downtime, we cannot guarantee 99% uptime. We guarantee downtime everyday of the month, of the year.
    From a pissed off user of bluehost.

  104. Bob McHugh says:

    Well, I already posted once here. I was pretty upset then. Blue host technicians were supposed to fix my email. They told me to call back in two hours. It was Xmas (and difficult for me since I recently lost the love of my life…). They left for Xmas vacation before I called back (in one hour and 45 min.). That is what we call sleazy where I come from… So, I was upset naturally. Since then they did seem to finally get the email stuff all fixed. It took quite awhile. My site they did get back up quick. Of course no one could contact me… but hey…(?)

    Anyway, I’ve checked and the up time lately (for quite awhile has been 100% and as I said the email is working too. I think where Blue host has trouble is with email, recovering from a problem once it has occurred, and internal communication (tech support personnel to tech support personnel). Even so, I think I may well renew myself since the price is good and they are OK (with some glaring problems from time to time…).

    Today, though I am writing about a problem here on this post. Doesn’t it strike anyone but me as odd that twice within two weeks a poster called “BlueHost Review” (yes I did look at the web site…) puts these glowing posts. I can’t help being suspicious. I just can’t…

  105. Emory Rowland says:

    Bob, thanks for the update. I think you are right, that “BlueHost Review” guy was someone promoting his affiliate sites, so I removed the comments. I normally catch SPAM comments before they make it through. Thanks for pointing that out and please come back and post any further experiences you have with BlueHost.

  106. Bob McHugh says:

    Thank you Emory!
    I appreciate these occasional reminders that someone else also notices what goes on (trickery…). Bluehost is working well now. Actually it is working quite well. The experience I had with their support and the fact that they lied (even to the Better Business Bureau) is a bit hard to swallow. I dropped the BBB case since they had fixed the problems (eventually…), but they also pretended that most of them never happened and tried to paint it like I had just been being hysterical. I may well continue doing business with them (convenience, uptime, and price) but I don’t like them (management) much. I wonder about people who say Bluehost has such good support. I think for the most part people have forgotten what good customer support is. I mean about the part where it is like any situation where one treats others properly. I do realize that it is hard to deal with people when they are angry. I think Bluehost management does not give their support personnel the tools they need to pull that one off… I hope I don’t have to use Bluehost Support again for a long time, although the individual persons doing the phone support for the most part, I think really try; but they work for “bosses” who’s main concern is “the smoke screen” when there is a problem, so to a great extent their hands end up partly tied… Maybe I’ll send the management a package of Pampers next Xmas… with a note saying “thanks for the BBB comments”.

  107. John Hanson says:

    I would say that BlueHost has been a very good hosting company for me until recently. I have been with them for almost 4 years and everything was great. In the beginning I had about 50 GB of storage space that I could use to anything of my choice, as long as it was not for something illegal. Then, they increased that amount as time went by to match all their competitors. No complains from me as I never used more than 20-30 GB of storage space. A few months ago I noticed that my account was suspended. I was surprised and went in there to check. I found out that they had changed the hosting policy to not allow the disk space to be used as private storage. I also noticed that they had increase it to unlimited. What the…, I said to myself. This is NOT an increase but a decrease. How can they say they give you unlimited and still don’t allow more than what your website actually uses? A typical website doesn’t use a lot. I will give it max 500 mb and that’s including the databases. So, they actually decrease my storage space from the original 50 GB to less than 1 GB and call it unlimited. The price is still the same.

  108. John Hanson says:

    I forgot to say that I asked them to open the FTP connection so I could see my account or at least could get what I had on the server. They said wait, I waited and waited until nothing happened. 2 months later I got an email that said “Your account has been deleted!”

  109. mindy says:

    just thought i should put in my two cents since i’m currently quite fed up with this host. i’ve had some issues with them taking down my entire website without warning because of cpu overloads. Ok, that is reasonable except for the fact that they did not even contact or warn me first. and today, it is 12p-2p in the middle of the day on saturday and i just find out the SERVER that my webpage is hosted on is completly down. no wonder i couldn’t go into ftp this morning, god knows when it was down, there were no notices, and all i get from customer support is that they are working on it and it wasn’t voluntary, it was necessary. very unacceptable i’m not sure how many other hosts run this way but i’m ready to change hosts.

  110. Emory Rowland says:

    axiom, It does seem like a contradiction, unlimited with limits. I’d love to hear some web hosts try and answer that. My guess is that they would explain it in terms of the much debated practice of “overselling.”

    One thing you could do is write down exactly what you think you would need in terms bandwidth, space, number of requests, ram or anything else and ask the presale people at Bluehost or some of the others reviewed here or elsewhere:

    I would expect most all web hosts to respond quickly to presale questions. They always get back to me the same day when I ask a sales question. Good luck and please share if you find some good info.

  111. axiom says:

    im new to webhosting and bluehost was recommended to me as am looking for a webhosting server for a large website and and came across all these comments which has put me off bluehost.
    I dont want to take a risk of my website been taken down for cpu overload, why do they advertise unlimited if its not really unlimited?
    anyone recommend a good cheap site to a newby?

  112. brian says:


    I agree with Emory, get your wish list together and compare. Two things to keep in mind: you get what you paid for and, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I have had bluehost for three years now and hardly had any problems. And from this list you would think I am in the minority. But that is really impossible to tell. Bluehost, like many of the other inexpensive hosting solutions out there, have a HUGE client base. So I am afraid you are going to be playing a game of Russian Roulette when looking for an inexpensive host that offers the greatest number of services. If I were going to offer any advice for managed hosting, it would be to look for one that isn’t afraid to charge a higher price for less services. Sounds backwards from the “I’ll deliver you the world for pennies” mentality, but it probably is your best option. $20-30/month for just what you need will most likely get you further than $7 for unlimited everything. The last thing you want is to loose customers because you wanted to impress them with something they probably aren’t going to care about anyway. If the server goes down, that’s all you will hear about.

  113. Ryan says:

    Bluehost rocks. Any technical issue I’ve had they’ve had knowledgable people to help me out. From htaccess to php. Unlike some other hosts who say “We don’t offer scripting support”.

    Somebody mentioned something about having to activate imagemagick. Not true at all (or at least anymore). It’s there automatically.

  114. roger pack says:

    Bluehost has *several times* cut my service without asking first. One because I had too many files stored there–they don’t ask first, they just cut your service. The tech support was friendly but the policies were not.
    first time: when I was doing an svn download of the ruby svn repository. svn checkout. They didn’t ask, they silently killed the site.
    second time–I had to go after tech support to learn the reason–I had “too many files” (a million I think). Their answer? They cut my site, requiring me to wonder what was going on.
    third time–they said I was “violating terms of agreement” because I had stored some backup files there (ok, I created a 69GB file, they noticed it and cut my site). Is this support?
    Avoid them.

  115. Garrett says:

    I am currently hosting about 10 websites with Bluehost. As with any company you are going to have some problems. I have only had a couple of times where I have had to threaten to take my business else where for them to get their act together. I would recommend them to people that want to host a fun site. All my “mission critical” sites are hosted on dedicated servers.

  116. Frances says:

    I’ve used bluehost for 3 years with 2 accounts. No problems yet.

  117. Mathan says:

    I hosted several of my sites with Blue host. They always have problems. They say it’s unlimited storage but it’s never the case. Once you go over 30,000 files with there hosting… they start to give you problems. They shut down your site without any warnings. This had happend to me many times. They also shut down my sites once because i had a folder named backup. They said, I was storing files in that. But in fact the folder had some of my old html files that I changed.

    that’s my advice for you.

  118. mindy says:

    hello all,… i am torn right now whether i hate bluehost or not because i moved over to just host and my site is still haveing issues getting up (ssl, dedicated ips , etc etc). so my question is,, what is a good low cost host out there relative to the rest??? i don’t need the best, but i would like a reliable one that wont’ take my site down on whim!

  119. Emory Rowland says:

    Mindy, sorry Just Host isn’t working out. There are plenty of other hosts under $10 reviewed here and elsewhere:
    Please let us know which host you end up with and how they perform.

  120. Jim says:
    7/20/2009 stopped Carina’s software’s 1 cent sale because Carina sent out too many emails.
    see ( or Discover Magazine’s coverage of the issue at (

    If you’re looking to run a successful business on, think again, their policies stop you from taking advantage of a successful viral marketing campaign.

    Find a good hosting service now so you won’t be sorry when you’re being successful.

  121. Mel says:

    Hmm. I have three sites (personal portfolio, a small nonprofit’s site, and a site for our business with Drupal & Ubercart) hosted on Bluehost, and haven’t had any problems with them–but I also don’t have (and don’t ever expect to have) over 30,000 files on any of them, nor are any of them exceptionally high-traffic sites. The only problem I had was a WordPress template breaking when I upgraded the WordPress installation, but I’m pretty sure that was a problem with the template rather than BH.

    I suppose I should be more careful about backing them up just in case, since they’re all WordPress or Drupal. I still feel pretty good about recommending BlueHost to people who aren’t going to be developing massive high-traffic websites.

  122. Kari says:

    BlueHost may offer excellent service and reliability. But did you know that by using them as your host you grant them license to use anything you put on their server in any way they see fit? It in the ToS, section 5.3, and was confirmed on the phone by their sales department.

    No way I host with a company that thinks they can take what I put on their server and use as they like. FAIL.

  123. Emory Rowland says:

    Kari, I may be wrong, but I don’t interpret section 5.3 as granting BlueHost rights to use your content for any purpose. If BlueHost uses what you put on their server, it is to be done “in order to maintain such content on BlueHost.Com’s servers.” Not sure, but it sounds like the section might be covering them for doing backups. If anyone can shed any light on this, please do.

  124. Micah says:

    I have been using and recommending Bluehost to my customers for over 5 years. I currently have 20 different accounts with them. Recently I have been spending a lot of time talking to support about email being down, too much spam, etc.

    Recently they “suspended” several accounts because although they offer “unlimited” storage, you cannot have over 50,000 files. That’s right, they just turned off the websites of some of my major customers, then told me to delete files. Well, all of the files that they wanted me to delete were being used on the sites.

    Today I wake up to my customers calling . . . email, website, everything down. So I contact Bluehost support chat and this is what I get. . .

    Oli [7:13:02 AM]: Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today? Please be aware that I may be assisting more than one person at a time so there may be a few minutes delay in my response. Please also provide your main domain so I may be able to look up your account and a complete description of the problem
    Micah [7:13:02 AM]: My domains and email addresses related to the account are not working.
    [7:13:31 AM]: looks like bluehost parked pages are showing instead of websites.
    Oli [7:14:38 AM]: I apologize for the inconvenience. It appears that there was some file system corruption which resulted in a need to restore all accounts on the server from an available backup. Unfortunatley we were u nable to restore your account as there was no backp available to restore
    Micah [7:15:15 AM]: so, everything has been deleted?
    [7:16:07 AM]: email accounts, websites, databases . . . all of it?
    [7:19:26 AM]: HELLO???
    Oli [7:20:40 AM]: I apologize for the delay
    [7:20:52 AM]: That does appear to be the case
    Micah [7:22:21 AM]: Correct me if I am wrong . . . this account has existed for well over 4 years. The reason that I can’t put more than 50,000 files on my hosting account is so that you guys can do backups. In four years Bluehost never did a backup?
    [7:23:14 AM]: What exactly should I tell my customers whose livelyhoods were just deleted?
    [7:24:10 AM]: That I am going to have to charge them thousands of dollars for you guys deleting all their data?
    [7:24:54 AM]: I know that you personally didn’t do it . . . but understandably . . . I am a little angry right now.
    Oli [7:26:51 AM]: I understand. The file count limitation is not directly related to account backups. Our backups are courtesy backups and we are unfortunately unable to backup larger accounts
    Micah [7:27:57 AM]: Well, apparently I have some customers to call.

    After this latest experience I don’t recommend BLUEHOST TO ANYONE!

    I am very good at search engine optimization and will make sure that everyone who Googles “BLUEHOST” will know that they have went from a good company to AWFUL.

    Maybe this will help their “Growing Pains” if they stop getting new customers that they cannot provide decent service for.

  125. Claude J says:

    Bluehost may be good for some people but for me (My website) BLUEHOST IS A NIGHTMARE… My website is down more than 4 times a week lately

  126. Commercial ice machines says:

    hi, I host around 35 websites with bluehost for over 3 years and I’ve never had any problems. I have read a previous post and I was surprised. First of all if you want to host a website with over 50,000 pages you should stick with something more serious and secure like Amazon EC2 or rent a dedicated server with daily back up. I am hosting small informational sites and blogs with bluehost. My ecommerce websites are being hosted on dedicated servers 24/7 uptime guaranteed + i can as many websites as i want and I have full control over them. Thanks

  127. jake says:

    Hi! i’m from philippines. This hosting company is very nice to me. Highly recommended for all webmaster

  128. John Chen says:

    This hosting is good.

  129. Viacheslav says:

    Bluehost unlimit is fake. They limit amount of files to 50000. If you have magento installation with downloader, compiler and many extension you will be easy over this limit. And for magento it is slow. There are several hostings way quicker than bluehost…

  130. E says:

    Blue sounds good, but they doubled my quoted price, and then allowed my content to be on another members website. I contact them to take it down, but they told me I need a lawyer and a court order! Shame on you Blue Host for not be considerate, understanding or even resonable.

  131. Jacob says:

    I don’t understand some of the comments here. why the heck on Earth people host sites that are not suitable for shared web hosting environment. I currently host with Chime Host but have to defend Blue Host when it comes to file limits etc. If you are going to host a site that requires tons of space/cpu/bandwidth, why not look into VPS or dedicated hosting. Even my host has made that clear that hosting space and bandwidth are for site related files only. A site with 50,000 files should not be on a shared web hosting server. People need to use their brain sometimes.

  132. Brian Willox says:


    My comments about Blue Host: The site does not seem to have proper protection hackers can get into this site. I signed up to Blue Host as a result of a recommendation…Big Mistake… today Blue Host shut my account down with no warning. The reason given a hacker has got into my account a couple of times that how Blue Host fixes it. So for nothing that I did I lost my important email messages and data. Which is lost cash to me as a internet marketer. You can bet how I feel about the guy that recommended this site and what I think of Blue Host. Go ahead and use this host service but remember I warned you.

  133. Dave says:

    I have used bluehost for 18 months. I have had a few problems in that time; however, the support staff have been able to fix them for me as requested.

  134. Samantha says:

    The problem I find with blue host is ” left… brain …right …brain ” website is hosted by them , ( last time checked they were ) and they do not hold them accountable when they are acting out suspicious activities on their website.LBRB has taken material without permission and published it on their website, and misrepresented other written material.
    Other hosts would shut it down immediately.

  135. John Doe says:

    While as a hosting provider seems to be rather stable in terms of availability, I am very disappointed with their customer service and am seriously considering finding another provider.

    Tonight was a perfect example of this – I needed to change the home directory for a number of individuals who use the site. When I asked support for assistance, I was immediately told that the only way I could do this is to delete the accounts and create new ones with the correct directory.

    As I am somewhat familiar with Linux/UNIX, I know that this is a relatively trivial task so I asked them to check again. The first level representative contacted the second level one who said it was not possible for him (her?) either.

    This really started to make my blood boil. I asked for them to escalate this to a third level where I was finally told that yes this could be done and that I should send a request to their helpdesk.

    I was hoping that this would be the end of the story, but apparently they did not read the directions correctly because they did not set the home directory properly nor test to see if it worked. I sent another e-Mail and called them to help me.

    I then spoke to another series of Level 1 techs who told me that they would not transfer me to the individuals who were assigned to this ticket saying that they do not normally answer phone calls and that this is not a service they offer.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor and they refused to do this . When their offices are open on Monday, I am going to call sales and speak to someone there who will teach these individuals about customer service because someone is definitely teaching them how to lose customers very fast.

  136. Ned says:

    so let me get this strait bad reviews a lot of horrible reviews nasty reviews
    yahoo small business renowned for being feature less
    are their any good web hosting sites left?

  137. 1/30/2010

    Bloody h*ll! I use WordPress and build blogs for a living. Here I land looking for a few reviews on Blue Host and get a pi****** contest.

    It does frighten me as I’ve had crap web hosts so many times….

    Of course being a fan of WPress I trust their recs but then see all this ….


  138. amole says:

    I build websites for a living.
    I have been using Bluehost for several years now.

    They do give a lot of features for a good price.
    Technical support had always been good.

  139. RPS says:

    A lot of these negatives really surprise me. Sure, Bluehost has issues from time to time. Every host does. And yes, they are deadly serious about their TOS. That’s a positive for some folks.

    But I’ve been using them for 4 years with little or no problems. Sure, email goes down every so often – I’ve also been hacked on two sites – each time, tech service has helped out, worked with me and had things resolved a lot faster than service I used to get with other hosts.

    Remember folks, we’re all paying less than $7 / month. If you want 100%, the earlier poster was right – spend the bucks on your own server.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend B.H. to others: In fact, each new site I build I tell my clients that if I were making the decision, B.H. is where I’d go.

  140. Davo says:

    Wheww… what a read! I’m here because I’m checking out Bluehost. It has everything in here, from total disappointment to total happiness. How can anyone come on here and figure out if they are good or not? Many of the posters clearly either represent Bluehost or another hosting company and so are here to advertise.

    Many of the complaints here are stupid. People expecting to pay a few bucks and then host huge amounts of bytes are unrealistic. Some nut was talking about running a video server.. ha… for a few bucks? These are the types of customers no hosting company wants.

    I’ve been a webmaster since the beginning of browsers and I’ve used many hosting companies in many countries. Most that grow tend to go through growing pains, and usually they don’t recover. There seems to be a quality life involved in hosting. Evidently… at first there is good service and uncrowded servers. After a while enough webmasters find them and they grow, and then the troubles begin. The hosting company starts making money and realizes it should keep most of the profits instead of reinvesting into the dark hole of added hardware and tech support.

    Advice to all webmasters: living in the world of virtual servers is a river always flowing. You’ll have to move with the currents or you will drown. Suffer the consequences for a while, grow your business enough to afford your own dedicated servers and then be able to keep them updated. Otherwise.. instead of wasting your time complaining about a hosting company not willing to host your 5 million files and mega TBs of mpegs… try making enough money to do what you want to do the right way.

    If I can pay a few bucks a month and serve up many little sites, even being up 90% of the time, I’ve made a big score!

    Many of these do-it-all web apps must surely consume lots of processing… my advice; actually learn html, some java/javascript, CSS, and a bit of what you need, like PHP to faceplate your my sql databases.. Learn in this direction and there isn’t much you can’t do on the net and you’ll avoid many problems by hard coding your sites without all the gizmos that primarily do things the wrong way with poor code or cumbersome processes..

    Good luck to all!

  141. rob says:

    Just to add to the list of horrible WP VPS hosts, may I please include host-i-can. Once good, now beyond horrible. Not reliable, and customer service is worse.

  142. Tim says:

    Moved from Startlogic to Bluehost 2 days ago. Experience has been fantastic. I’ve seen a noticeable increase in my website response.

    During migration, I had to call Bluehost support a few times. 1) English was their native language! Right there I was in heaven as they are all Americans. 2) Unlike Startlogic, Bluehost had quick (and correct) answers for my problems.

    So, only 2 days in, all is good.

    Disclaimer: I am writing here as I have found it to be a pain in the *ss to locate a good web hosting site. The Internet ‘reviews’ one finds are useless. I am writing because I am very happy thus far with Blue Host.

    Now, if someone can come up with a real ‘web-host’ review site, there is money to be made.

  143. ex-bluehost customer says:

    i’ve been using bluehost for three years, and they’re great if you have a website with modest traffic, but if your site starts getting more traffic (but not even close to the advertised allotted bandwith) they’ll shut you down. i know, because they did that to my site yesterday, and they told me that they wanted to terminate our contract and that they would no longer host my site.

    good customer service, right? if they had the facilities to bear my sites load, they’d try to sell more services. i think they advertise more than than they can actually deliver.

    it’s ‘nice’ that they have service centers based in the US, but really, does it really matter if they can’t deliver what they promise?

  144. Jon says:

    This is the part that I did not like:

    “# License to BlueHost.Com. . . . By submitting content and data to BlueHost.Com, Subscriber grants to BlueHost.Com, its successors and assigns, the worldwide, royalty-free, and nonexclusive license under Subscriber’s copyrights and other rights, if any, in all material and content displayed in Subscriber’s web site to use, distribute, display, reproduce, and create derivative works from such material in any and all media, in order to maintain such content on BlueHost.Com’s servers during the term of these Terms. Subscriber also authorizes the downloading and printing of such material, or any portion thereof, by end-users for their personal use. This license shall terminate upon Subscriber’s cancellation of the Services as set forth in Paragraphs 2.01 and 3.0.”

    By putting your content on, you’re granting them worldwide right to “use, distribute, display, reproduce, and create derivative works from such material in any and all media” — talk about an IP giveaway!

    Sorry, no . . Next!

  145. Emory Rowland says:

    “…in order to maintain such content on BlueHost.Com’s servers during the term of these Terms.”

    Maybe BlueHost is conspiring to steal user content and profit from it, but I don’t think so. Google the phrase and you’ll see that it’s standard wording used in Website legal agreements. Maybe someone from BlueHost would be kind enough to comment on this?

  146. Carolyn O'Barr says:

    Bluehost is the worst host ever. They do not provide a secure account and then when it gets hacked they are threatening, accusatory and rude to their clients. I have not had this bad of an experience with any other host. PLEASE save yourself the hassle and frustration and choose a better company to host your site.

  147. Om Singh says:

    Someone commented that they were happy to hear American accent over the phone at bluehost. I being Indian will not be buying from bluehost as I am Indian.
    Thanks for all the comments.

  148. brian says:

    Om Singh,

    HAHA! Kudos my friend! The best response I’ve heard in a while. I simply HATE bigotry. The sad part is people like that automatically assume because the accent is Indian that the person must be in India. Never occurs to them that thousands of Americans are from India.

  149. OmgSing says:

    Someone wrote….”We noticed this repeatedly with unannounced changes and a many times malfunctioning control panel.” I too noticed this and they have SEVERELY limited me by putting a limit on FILE COUNT when previously there was no limit that I knew about.

    Also, I am also GLAD to hear AMERICAN accents… call it bigotry or whatever you want. That tells me they are probably employing someone here in the states and the money stays here, not going to another country. Race has nothing to do with it.

    But enough wasted time bashing bluehost… I have domains to move to a new service. bye..

  150. Done with Bluehost says:

    Quote: Emory Rowland Says:
    February 10th, 2009

    “Bob, thanks for the update. I think you are right, that ‘BlueHost Review’ guy was someone promoting his affiliate sites, so I removed the comments. I normally catch SPAM comments before they make it through. Thanks for pointing that out and please come back and post any further experiences you have with BlueHost.”


    You just might want to check out the links from the posts on Russ, Bluehost, Max Elliot, and SpreadBluehost as they are promoting their affiliate sites. It really makes me wonder how many of the positive reviews of Bluehost on this site are shills or paid reviews?

    As for me I will never use Bluehost again, just way too many empty promises which which Bluehost fails to come through.

    After 3 and 1/2 years of being lied to to concerning performance issues I have had more than enough of the BS with Bluehost.

  151. Emory Rowland says:

    Done with Bluehost,
    I removed the commenters you mentioned. Thanks, I owe you one. I’m learning to be more strict on comment approvals these days. I am curious. How did Bluehost lie to you?

  152. Eugene | The Dollar Talk says:

    I have been with Blue Host for a couple months. First, everything was fine. But recently, I have noticed that my sites are down almost every day. Tried to contact them but chat doesn’t work. The phone is always giving busy signal. Must admit I’m getting a little disappointed…

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Eugene, I was suprised to hear that so I tested it during peak hours and was able to get BlueHost chat to work and had no problems with the BlueHost phone support line. I’m curious; were you finally able to get through?

  153. Ed Abbott says:

    My website has been hosted at Bluehost for a couple of years now and I’ve had no major problems. However, I’m a very conservative user of web resources. I keep my web pages light light light in terms of file size and network bandwidth usage. Maybe there is another way to look at all of this. If you are using cheap hosting, it makes some sense to try to limit your use of resources so as to not get kicked off. In other words, don’t believe everything you read about unlimited bandwidth, etc. There is no such thing at any hosting company anywhere regardless of what you read. If I wanted to run an application that required a lot more in the way of CPU machine cycles or network bandwidth, I’d probably just buy more expensive hosting. Why wait until the inevitable day comes when you get kicked off? Another approach might be to switch to a hosting company that has hard hard limitations on network bandwidth and file storage. In other words, if you buy cheap hosting as I have at Bluehost, don’t believe everything you read. Expect to get kicked off if your website is a major user of web resources. Just my 2 cents worth.

    I’ve not had any problems with Bluehost in spite of the many visitors who come by to read articles on my website. However, my web pages are very lightweight. It’s another approach that might be worth considering. I try to use only a small fraction of the advertised bandwidth and file storage that Bluehost offers in order to stay on good terms with them.

    I would do the same regardless of where my site is hosted. Being a conservative user of resources is something I take pride in. I’d rather be someone who gets by with less than someone who needs a whole lot more.

  154. ciro says:

    bluehost is fine when you are an active client, but when you try to leave they fight against you.
    They dont allow to transfer your domains ( registered with they) to other hosters, they dont respect the redemption periods, they just kidnap your domain names and reshell it to spam companies.

  155. Emory Rowland says:

    ciro, that doesn’t make sense to me that a company wouldn’t permit you to transfer your domain. Tell us more please.

  156. Kevin Sanders says:

    A few years ago, I used bluehost. I like their price and their price has a competitive advantage, but I dont like their service. Very slow and very disappointed. Now, I’ve moved to The price is higher than bluehost, but I like their customer support. Very fast and experience. I really recommend this provider. Good luck…

  157. bluehost user says:

    Technical support representatives was courteous and friendly. Unfortunately they were unable to diagnose the problem that had developed with the domain transfer. Through patience and escalation marathon, the higher level staff knew the problem and presented it.

    The caveat emptor, not all BlueHost staff is sharing or in place to understand the need to share the potential solutions. expect to waste some time with BlueHost in solving some complicated or advanced problems.


  158. Yusuf Hasanogullari says:

    I have used Bluehost for about 2 years.

    I love them for support and functionality, but their servers go down every 2 weeks! No Kidding, for 1 hour every 2 weeks or so, my website and all that I have installed on their servers become completely unavailable.

    I am writing this now because, as of for 10 minutes ago, nothing hosted on Bluehost works, and their representative told me it will be fixed in 15-40 minutes. (This is 24th of Now 2010).

    This happens at least 1-2 times per month, and for a serious business website, that is completely unacceptable. NOT RECOMMENDED!

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Yusuf, could you share what the problem is that causes your site to go down so frequently? What is BlueHost “fixing?”

  159. Amit says:

    Blue host was good before. But recently, I am having at least 24-36hrs. Downtime every months. Horribly unreliable.

  160. matt says:

    I’d HIGHLY recommend NOT using Blue Host. I was with them for at least six years, was happy at first, and their service has gotten worse to the point where it’s unusable to me. I can’t even do basic things like access webmail from their site anymore — and their customer service can’t seem to help me. Useless.

  161. 2/06/2011

    I won’t leave hostmonster for any reason, they are a very professional hosting company, it’s now more than 2 years and never have problems with them.Thanks again

    i use to have 3IX.COM, bad experience, SQL data bases, server down.

    Jaouad, Morocco

  162. George says:

    They should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising. They sell a services as unlimited space and bandwidth, when your web site actually needs a large number of files, they want to deactivate your account and refer you to their terms which really only says in cases of abuse, which in that case they would have to prove that it is abuse and not regular consumption for a web site. I will continue posting more reviews until they do business fairly, this should not be done to consumers.

  163. Laura B says:

    I was fairly happy with Bluehost up until yesterday. Decent speeds, good people in customer service, overall positive. Without any notice (because they had issues with their hard drives) our website went down with an error message saying that it should be back up within 30 minutes. Four hours later, the site was still down. I understand interruptions in service, but the error message was simply “Forbidden… blah blah” and didn’t even mention that there were server issues on Bluehost’s end–which makes us look bad to customers that are coming to our site. When the site did come back up, the images on the site were all missing. We called Bluehost again, (they were helpful this time), and they admitted that while they don’t know how or why this was happening, they would fix it.

    This morning we went back to the site and got odd permission errors (despite permissions being set properly) and then suddenly all the images were missing. Every image that was uploaded in 2010 (and as a photography website, this was hundreds) was completely missing. I looked at the files and realized that they were all just completely gone. We called Bluehost again to see if there was some sort of backup or something that we could use to restore the site to where it was before their hard drives screwed up yesterday. The man on the phone, Matt, was remarkably rude. While I understand that we should have had a backup in place, hindsight is definitely 20/20 on this one. We’re not a huge corporate website, we’re just a couple running a photography business. I had no idea that out of nowhere large chunks of the website would disappear due entirely to Bluehost’s issues. Yeah, you mention that this is possible in your 10 million page terms of service, but it’s not something that you expect out of a company that has otherwise presented itself as nothing but professional.

    When I asked what we should do, Matt from Bluehost explained that they had one backup in place they could restore it to. When I asked the time of the backup and pointed out that the Bluehost backup was from when the site was down, he admitted that, yes, using that backup would only make things worse. So I asked him what we should do. “Upload the images again,” is not a very inspiring answer. While it may have been the only option, there should have at least been an apology or perhaps an offer for a bit of credit. He explained that when you buy a car from a car salesman, you know that it could break down at any time, and that’s the same thing that happened with their servers. I understand downtime, I just don’t accept erasing files.

    Matt from Bluehost was remarkably rude. Most of the people we’ve spoken to in the past 24 hours from Bluehost have been similarly dismissive and unhelpful. At least offer an apology or a small credit. Or even some sympathy. Don’t treat us like it’s our fault that we don’t have a backup when your product fails and erases large chunks of our site. Instead of doing my other work today, I’m now stuck fixing a website that was perfectly fine 24 hours ago before Bluehost screwed up. Well, that, and writing as many reviews of Bluehost’s terrible customer service as possible to save anyone else from a similarly awful experience. Bluehost–don’t even consider it.

  164. Emory Rowland says:

    Remember to read the terms of service and understand what hosts mean by “unlimited space and bandwidth” and always make your own backups and don’t rely on any host as the sole backup. If you do lose your backups, look in the Google cache to try and find them as a last resort.

  165. 2/10/2011

    I share the same sentiments as Laura B. I was also fine with Blue Host until Tuesday, 8 February 2011 when my email went down.

    I couldn’t send or receive emails through my Blue Host account and was told it would be fixed within a couple of hours. Four hours later I called back and they told me they were still fixing the problem.

    Then I realized that I had lost over a month of emails stored on Blue Host servers via IMAP email protocol. When I called them about this they told me they would have it fixed within 30 minutes. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and waited three hours. It still wasn’t fixed.

    I called them again this morning and Blue Host told me they were unable to retrieve my emails.

    While I accept that I need to make my own backups, how can a reputable company like Blue Host drop the ball and lose over a month’s worth of emails and have no recourse for their customers?

    Furthermore, they claim to have great customer service, but they take no responsibility for their failings and I would not recommend them to anyone.

  166. Nam says:

    The support from BlueHost is too bad, too slow, the supporter always turn off the chat box event you’re not finish the conversation and I really hate that.

  167. jay says:

    i have been with bluehost for years but now they are quickly going downhill, All UK and EU customers BEWARE of bluehost as the commit FRAUD. They are charging UK and EU customers VAT (20%) or all purchases, this may sound quite normal but…. the true fact is bluehost is NOT VAT registered within the UK, hence they are not permitted to charge UK VAT, this has been confirmed through UK goverment websites. so UK and EU buyers BEWARE of their new tactics

    as for poor service as i am reading reviews for few hosts that used to be considered as very reliable(i use multiple webhosts for different sites) i would say companies are fine to start but as soon as they get too many customers and cannot handle the demand from customers they make excuses to get rid of users using their resources

  168. Sam says:

    Bluehost sucks. I will not recommend it to anyone. Poor services and totally unprofessional. Full of hidden cost. Was charge a whopping $127 for a renewal of 1 year without me knowing. Stay away from this company. Worst of all, its slow slow slow. Register a new domain name with them takes ages to be visible to the world. Agree with George above, They should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising.

  169. Emory Rowland says:

    I would expect most hosting providers to autorenew at the regular price. Even at their highest price point that amount doesn’t make sense (12 mos X $6.95 = $83.40). What else were they charging you for Sam?

  170. Mark Smith says:

    A recent email to Blue Host about a recent identity theft crisis:

    To clarify, I had no confusion during the attack. I had clarity of purpose and simultaneously managed up to 5 recovery attempts and maintained this without error from 9am until 5.55pm with almost no break. And in all but one case the recovery attempts went smoothly. The confusion was entirely on Blue Host’s end.

    I agree completely with your need to verify my identity. In fact I encourage that. That was never my complaint. Since you reviewed the chats you know that none of your agents told me that by simply calling on my registered number (the cellphone in my pocket) I could avoid all of the drama. And even though hacking was actively going on (**), no one offered the option of simply freezing all access until identify was verified. I would have been glad to call you if I had understood that had any additional security value, something I only learned hours later. Understand that I was simultaneously trying to fix multiple hacked financial sites, get ahead of the active hacking by proactively changing access info on yet-to-be hacked accounts with the most exposed assets, and get Blue Host to stop the hacker from having access to all of the password recovery emails. Calling each and every account would have made multi-tasking impossible for in every case I first attempted recovery on-line (and in almost all cases that wsa all that was needed). As an interesting comparison: As soon as I used the “hacked” word, Paypal, ebay and CitiCard locked down my accounts without further discussion, giving me the time I needed to prove identify and then secure those assets.

    You did verify that the emails arrived but hours later and you blame me or my location on that delay; I sent and received many emails that day and none of the others, sent from the same location, were delayed. I made email contact with each of the 27 attached sites and several others, so I think it’s safe to say that there were over 100 emails exchanged Saturday morning (I have all of those, so I can definitively prove the exact number). Blue Host is the only recipient that had even a moment’s delay. Thus, it is most likely the problem was on your end. You don’t mention the fax that I sent and still have the confirmation sheet in hand; I wonder what excuse you have for that?

    In the end I fixed 27 accounts, some bank accounts with 6 figure deposits with larger multi-national banks. Blue Host was the only one that was truly difficult to deal with. Even before we knew that getting timely emails wasn’t working, your chat representatives told me – and you know this to be true since you reviewed the chats – it would take several hours before a supervisor could look at my issue. SEVERAL HOURS in the middle of an identity theft crisis? In every other case the service personnel – and most of this was not done on the phone but by chat – were proactive in offering solutions and when identity verification could not be immediately done they ALL froze the accounts to prevent additional hacker access. Most froze the accounts as soon as I mentioned hacking. Blue Host was unique in not offering that option, in refusing to take any preventative measures, and in actively obstructing my recovery attempts. That active obstruction combined with negligent IT (e.g., your failed in-coming emails and fax) greatly exaggerated my damages, the amounts of which are just becoming known.

    Mark Smith

    (** at least 5 additional accounts were hacked using password recovery emails sent to my Blue Host account during the 5 hours it took Blue Host to lock down the account)

  171. Jason Lewis says:

    I find Bluehost to be very professional, affordable, yes there are some additional costs if you want the features, like spam filters, domain privacy, sending large Email attachments etc but what do you expect for $3.95 per month. I found support to be prompt, knowledgeable and polite through telephone and Email support, I didn’t get the impression that they were reading from a script, and even went very indepth when I had a problem with second level directories not parsing php, which turned out to be a problem with the HTACCESS file that I used on my previous host to switch between php4 & php5, overall I would recommend BlueHost for small or medium non-mission critical websites. There are file limits of 200,000 files and a maximum database size of 3GB for all DB’s and 2GB for a single DB! Most users wouldn’t reach these limits!

  172. Michael says:

    I am very disappointed with this service. It promises to have no hidden fees, no cancellation fees, full refund, etc. 30 days etc.

    But it is all a lie.

    You purchase the domain outside of the company and if you do not cancel within three days (including weekends) you can never get that money back. When talking to customer service before buying the service it was explicitly said that there were no hidden fees, but then after I cancelled in three BUSINESS days they said I could not get refunded a percentage of my money.

    I even spoke with a customer service person afterwards complaining about this shady aspect and he said “I can see that it is confusing, and a little misleading……”

    And just kept repeating he could not give me my money back. So much for no hidden fees and full refunds.

    Terrible lies make terrible business.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Michael, the terms of service seem to say you should get everything minus nonrefundable stuff like free domain and postini.

      Cancellations After 3 Days and Before 30 Days. In the event Subscriber cancels the Services after the expiration of 3 calendar days, but prior to the expiration of 30 calendar days, Subscriber will receive a refund of all fees paid in connection with the registration, with the exception of any Nonrefundable Fees set forth in Paragraph 3.01(A)…

      With hosting services, you pretty much have to read the fine print in the terms of service. I try and get the reviewers here to delve into the TOS’s and find potential red flags.

  173. Nichelle says:

    Hi, I’m currently looking for a hosting company to join; it won’t be too many negative reviews for too many years. I would like to say to everyone, that I’m born & raised in the USA (NY) to be exact, and no matter what personal feelings anyone has about people with accents the fact of the matter is this: I’m NOT racist! When anyone gets a job in the USA they should speak clear english free of accents especially heavy ones! No one should have to struggle to understand a person who is supposed to be helping them in any way. If you don’t like it, too bad. It’s true.

  174. Arnie says:

    I joined Bluehost a few months ago. I though their tech support were very helpful. Unlike GoDaddy (10 years) and other few hosting companies. But I have one concern with Bluehost, which i’m trying to investigate why all of my seven websites are down due to spywares and viruses. Wow! I never have this problem with GoDaddy. Then Bluehost referred me to to help clear out the viruses. Which will cost $189 for 5 websites. Is this a scam? Do they do this in purpose so they can make more money? I wonder if Sucuri and Bluehost are team on this?
    Being 10 years with GoDaddy, not once my website been down nor been effected with viruses. What do you think?

  175. Steph says:

    Arnie, how strong is your password? In today’s world it had better be very strong. It probably absolutely nothing to do with your host provider. These thieves who install this software are very good at figuring out passwords. And if all your web sites are under one account all they need to do is figure out one password.

    Also, that price is for constant monitoring of 5 web sites for a full year. I had one site infected a couple years ago and Bluehost was very helpful in giving me the steps I needed to get my site up and running. One of which was to make sure my password was very strong.

    I have been with Bluehost several years hosting several sites and have had no problems with them. They have always been very helpful and my sites have rarely gone down.

  176. damx says:
    8/14/2012 is awful. The tech support refused to fix a problem with the server my site was on. The server is very slow.
    It takes more than 30 seconds to load cpanel. The tech support tried to blame it on a program I installed, This program is not
    active and no background processes exist and yet they still refuse to fix the problem. Instead they sent me a email explaining
    how they JAIL you for using up the CPU when in reality my site did not use any of the CPU. I am going to cancel my account. I am also going to spread the word on all of the forums .

  177. liz says:

    Bluehost is plain dishonest. They use a “bait and switch” tactic on their website, advertising it as $4.95 per month. It’s actually $9.95 per month unless you pay for 36 months in advance. (Will they even be in business in 36 months????) I cancelled the contract within 3 days and by law should have received a full refund. They deducted $9.95 even though I never used their services, didn’t post anything and cancelled almost immediately. Apparently this is a desperate company, not trustworthy, and downright dishonest.

  178. Emory Rowland says:

    liz, hosting companies do vary their pricing through offers and coupons, but BlueHost discount offer listed at the top of this page in red hasn’t changed in over a year; it gives Clickfire visitors who click through $3.95 for 24 and 36 month signups and $4.95 for 12 month signups. I’m sorry you didn’t see us before signing up.

    I’ve noticed that most hosting companies quote for the longest term length. In fact I can’t remember seeing a host that quoted their shorter term offer. Best of luck in finding a new host.

    I don’t know about the $9.95 you got hit with but I’d bet it’s in the fine print somewhere in the terms of service.

  179. Graham says:

    Bluehost is the best and I have used this on many of my sites. Good review and valid points

  180. Ed says:

    I use them for about 5 of my websites as I got a deal through the web designer and I really don’t mind the robot-like customers service guys. They get the job done and answer all of my questions quickly.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      I recall one robotic experience with a Bluehost rep that was slightly unpleasant. He wasn’t rude, but exactly that, robotic. I recall that my later experiences were with more sentient folks. Maybe it was just a phase they were going through, not sure.

  181. jake says:

    Bluehost sucks. I had them for almost two years. Plan on getting your site shut down if it gets any type of decent traffic. Poof. Gone. That is what they will do with your website. Not only that, I had a customer service agent hang up on me.

    Their advertising is all lies. I see how they operate now. Spend some extra cash and get a legitimate host for your precious website.

  182. Julie Schrier says:


    Bluehost has so far been a good web host for me as i am using their shared hosting as well as VPS, and I am happy with both of them.

    Although, there might have been some downtime’s in recent months, but that was due to the fact i hosted so many of website son shared hosting, most of those websites are of my clients, so I can understand the downtime, but overall, I am pretty happy with Bluehost Hosting.

    So, I would highly recommend Bluehost to all those, who want good support & reliability.

    Julie Schrier

  183. Frank says:

    Bluehost is nothing short of a disaster. My uses them as provider. Bluehost has a lot of downtime and they are not very stable. I have been on the phone with their techs many times. One day they tell me that they are working on the servers. Bluehost screwed up the site, backup bc they lost data. Not very impressed with them. I use Hostmonster and have 2 sites with them.

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