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Pros: Powerful control panel with lots of features, inexpensive pricing, useful marketing tools

Cons: Lack of customer service, some sneaky terms in ordering process

Bottomline: For people new to the world of web site creation and hosting, 1&1 is a solid choice if your web site is not mission critical

1&1.com is a giant web hosting company. They have almost 6 million customers and more than 2,400 employees, and in excess of 37,000 servers. You’ve probably seen their 10+ page ads in magazines or heard about them from friends or colleagues. They are definitely an industry leader and a well known company in the web hosting industry.

1&1 offers a few main service types: domain registration, mail hosting, Linux hosting, Windows hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, eshops, and Microsoft Sharepoint hosting. This review will discuss the pros and cons of 1&1 as a Linux hosting provider.

1&1 Control Panel

The company’s offerings are quite inexpensive. 1&1 offers a lot of space and bandwidth for very little money. You have to pay six months in advance for many of the plans, but the six months of their least expensive plan still comes out to be less than $20. Be sure to read the order and refund terms carefully. 1&1 will try to lock you in for longer if you choose some of their special offers.

Each account includes plenty of email accounts, databases, a control panel, a 90 day money back guarantee, and 24/7 support.

I called their sales department and the office was closed due to weather. I gave up trying to reach technical support representative over the phone after waiting on hold for more than 10 minutes. Their hold queue didn’t tell me when I should have expected my call to be answered, so who knows how long it takes to get through to a human. Among bigger web hosting companies, support seems to be the worst aspect. 1&1 doesn’t seem to be an exception in that regard.

An email sent at 11:07 PM on Friday the 16th got an answer at 3:26 AM on Tuesday, March 20, 2007.

Bigger web hosts have their advantages, though. The main ones that apply to 1&1 are: they have a top notch data center and network and lots of partnerships with interesting companies. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the company disappearing or going under and there is always someone to turn to if there are serious problems.

1&1’s partnerships range from being an ICANN accredited domain registrar to having partnerships with companies like Google (for ads) and Plesk (for control panels). A lot of these partnerships have helped 1&1 develop its marketing center, which offers discounts and vouchers on major web sites and tools like Google Adwords or Microsoft Adcenter to 1&1 customers. These offers add a lot of value to the accounts and can make a difference for someone starting out on the web.

The company’s custom control panel isn’t bad. It offers all of the expected features and has some nice add-ons that aren’t typically found in control panels. Most of the features, including billing, can be easily managed via the control panel, which has one login.

The control panel features a whole bunch of tools ranging from blog systems (a custom WordPress install) to web site builders to statistics programs and everything in between. Most of the little applications are pretty user friendly and will easily serve the needs of a newbie or an average web site owner. Each one has its own customization options and can be customized to a certain extent.

In my tests, FTP access was pretty quick and problem free. 1&1 likes to assign every install and many folders an odd series of letters and numbers as identifiers. This annoyed me personally, but was easy enough to get used to and understand.

Getting used to the control panel is not difficult. After a few minutes of playing around with, I was able to get a good idea of how it worked and was up and running. If you aren’t sure how to do something, 1&1 offers a lot of in-depth help articles and tutorials. I was able to get answers to a majority of my simple questions by looking at these documents.

Would I use 1&1 personally? No. Would I recommend them to a new web site owner who was just looking to get started and didn’t want to spend too much money? Most likely. As they say, you get what you pay for – and with 1&1, there is definitely a lot of value for your $20 a year.


Disclosure: Clickfire has an affiliate advertising connection with 1&1

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Douglas Hanna is a former writer for Clickfire and other publications who went on to become CEO of a major web hosting company.

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  1. Scott says:

    This is a warning to anyone considering using 1and1 for dedicated server hosting.

    We signed up for two servers with 1and1, and we were working on the assumption that 1and1 support is almost non existant (Which is very true).

    We are Microsoft Gold Partners, and have extensive OS and hardware experience.

    I signed up on the basis we would not need 1and1 support for anything other than a physical hardware fault.

    When we had a physical hardware fault it took 1and1 3 days ! to replace a stick of memory.

    When the server came back the OS had somehow been corrupted.

    The 1and1 windows recovery system didnt work (1and1 suggested we use a linux emergency recovery), but as we have no linux experience this was about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

    The Serial console access, also didn’t allow us to press f8 for DS restore mode or safe mode (from which we could have recovered the OS).
    (essentially rendering the serial console access useless).

    So all the “safety features” 1and1 offered didnt work correctly, essentially leaving us with one option and that was to do a clean install of the OS, (Which fortunately does work from 1and1 control panel).

    we now have a day or so’s work to recover the server just because the 1and1 service is so bad. so all in all 3 days + downtime for our customers.

    My complaint to 1and1 customer support was never answered (2 months+)
    There is no online ticket system to track issues.
    If you leave an issue with 1and1 support they will not resolve the problem.
    If you call regularily to get problems resolved you might as well be speaking with a monkey , as you would get a similar response.

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS , YES THEY ARE CHEAP BUT you will pay for it in customer dissatisfaction (Unless this server is going to be used for something completely non critical – ie you can wait up to 1 week for it to be fixed , and you have the time to rebuild the server whenever there is an OS issue.

    (I did research before signing up, and thought that due to our technical skills and experience we could ignore the support issues with 1and1 but this was not the case as there are times when hands on server access is needed (especially when most of the 1and1 tools offered for server recovery do not work).

    You have been warned.

    • Hai N says:

      Never and never use this company, their UI is terrrible, I was charged for hosting service that I already cancelled, when I called they said that they never charged me but my Paypal account was billed from them.

      Terrible and dishonest services.

  2. John Marshall says:

    This company will charge you for the service that they did not provide. Even if you would like to cancel the next day after you have been charged they will not allow this. This company has the worst customer service that I have seen in US. They do not care about the customer. They only care only about there revenues and profits. This is not the way to build the company.

    • glenn edwards says:

      Everything you are saying is true. They also have a nice little trick of making every domain name go to auto renew so you get billed after the contract period has ended. Of course then you can stop them from turning it over to a collections agency by paying them some small ransom money. Don’t expect anything to change, pay the ransom, tell your friends and get on with life.

  3. freenah says:

    Pricing on 1and1.co.uk is quite good but I cannot begin to tell you how many problems I have had with the CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They are based in the Philipines and that would be fine except that

    – they don’t understand English very well and so have trouble understanding you and expressing themselves
    – they read scripted answers and cannot function if you ask them anything complicated
    – they stammer and use unnecessesarily long phrases that sound polite to them but are a waste of time for a busy customer who is frustrated and needs a quick solution instead of fluff

    It’s terrible! This may sound petty but when your business depends on it, it really matters! To top it all off, one of their staff members was very rude to me yesterday. When I asked if if he was sure about something he was telling me, he said, “I have been working here for 2 years so don’t tell me what to do.” – all because I asked him if he is sure my webspace isn’t 100gb instead of 8gb! When I asked to speak to supervisor he insisted on knowing what my nationality was! Ridiculous. I am this close to taking my business elsewhere.

  4. I have used 1and1.com for several years and can confirm that their support has become worse over that time. For me, I am comfortable using their hosted solutions, because I’ve never encountered a critical issue that required their assistance to resolve. Most of my concerns have been related to getting additional PHP modules installed (which they won’t do…). I might be hesitant to have a dedicated box with them, for the reasons cited by Scott. That said, the low costs and broad features are a bonus to my clients, who are small businesses looking for cost savings.

  5. lam says:

    When it comes to cancellation, 1and1 won’t do it, I even sent a request and said that I followed their directions to cancel one of the services, but I still got billing. I refuse to pay for the service I’d like to cancel. 1and1 shut down all my services, including the one I already pay and still under contract for a few more months… I ask them how about just shutting down the one that I’d like to cancel instead since I don’t want service. They refuse to do it and kept shutting down all services have.

  6. Matt says:

    DO NOT BE FOOLED BY ONE AND ONE! They are a shame of company and a terrible service provider! They trick the pubilc with their giant glossy ads, and their claim to be “#1″; the reality is that they are only interested in trapping new clients, not maintaining existing clients with even a mediocre level of service.

    If you think I am being too subjective here you’re wrong! I had the service for years, so as you can imagine I have some really negative things to say. They do not provide anywhere even close to even 95% uptime, that is an outright lie! Email with one and one is unreliable, so if you need a strong email solution DO NOT USE 1AND1, your business will be affected. But their horrible customer service, and their unethical business practices with regards to accounting are by far their worst offenses. The humans behind the US operation do not care if you do business with them or not because they already have your money; so they will provide little or no help when there is a problem, all the while being the rudest, most unsympathic, and demeaning people that you have ever dealt with in a business environment(the two supervisors are absolutly awful people).
    I have come to the conclusion that there is no oversight for this little hole-in-the-wall operation. The corporate office is in Germany, so it makes sense why the US office acts with such contempt for their customers, there is absolutly no accountability. The US offshoot of 1and1 is run out of a office suite in some random pennsylvania town, by a handful of unethical people. Don’t bother complaining either, your email goes straight to them. The same people who you might be complaining about, filter the emails, and in their words,”decide which ones are vaild, and get seen to Germany”! Can you believe it! Here’s the point, i have taken time out of my life to write this for the hope that I may prevent someone from experiencing what i have experienced. If you are looking for a web host, and you are an honest, self-respecting individual, who needs an honest, hardworking, and friendly service provider DO NOT use 1and1.com. It is almost too easy to find a better service! DONT GIVE THEM ONE CENT OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!!

  7. fasteddie says:

    Honestly I’ve never had any problems with 1&1. I don’t have a dedicated server and I have used them for hosting numerous sites. When ever I have needed to cancel a package or domain, I never had any issues. I know they can have some problems with their dedicated servers but with their shared servers, no problems ever.

  8. John says:

    BOTTOM LINE 1 AND 1 IS S#@%!

  9. Emory Rowland says:

    What was the service that 1&1 charged you such a huge amount of cash for?

  10. victim #7165387169 says:

    mar2008 and the pirate ship 1+1 sails merrily on, pillage in its wake.
    i think i’ll cut my loses here and not waste any more time “arguing” with them.

  11. Emory Rowland says:

    Stephen, I like the way you recorded the outages/uptime/downtime and summarized the good and bad. Gives some valuable insight into 1&1’s performance. Thanks for reporting this.

  12. Stephend says:

    I’ve been using 1and1 since May/2006 or for 1 year and 10 months. I have 7 domains and 8 subdomains hosted with them.
    The biggest website I have hosted there is 860 meg (14,000 files in 370 folders) and the others are somewhat smaller.

    I have lots of picture albums, a movie database (Access), and use ASP pages.

    I used Front Page and now MS Expression Web (New Front Page). All the Hosts I’ve used (including 1and1) have some issue with FP and extensions, however I have had the last problems with 1and1. The issue is Front Page and the number of files you are publishing.

    The Good:
    – Found them to be reliable (100% uptime in 2008)
    – Only one minor insident in all of 2007
    – Addons okay (better than nothing)
    – Inexpensive (using Microsoft Home for around $60 / yr)
    – Paying sem-annually at 29.94 each six months
    – Least expensive host offfering ASP
    – No support issues however didn’t use more than once

    The Bad:
    – Cannot use FTP when site has Front Page extension enabled
    – Front Page extensions enables all domains (All or nothing)
    – Strange naming of accounts and email (changed since last year, more like the other hosts)

    – I’ve had the best experience of several other hosts that I’ve tried.
    – No issues with up time
    – No issues with email (via Outlook and web)
    – My sites are for home use and not high bandwidth usage, on Microsoft servers and am very happy.
    – Note that 1and1 has 6 million customers so it’s normal to have some disatisfied ones and usually the satisfied customers don’t express themselves in these forums, so for once I thought I should write something.
    – I have three other friends using the 1and Hosting and are all satisfied.
    -Sent one request for help on July 17, 2007 received an answer on July 18, 2007 (Within 24 hours).
    – For your home site this is best and this price point that I’ve found with loads of space and fast enough.

    Actual SiteUpTime as of today March 21, 2008.

    Since: July 22, 2007
    Outages: 5
    Total Uptime: 99.924%
    Last Check: March 22, 2008 at 10:42 AM PST+3.0

    Year Outages Uptime
    2008 0 100.000%

    Year Month Outages Uptime Downtime
    2008 March 0 100.000% 0.000%
    2008 February 0 100.000% 0.000%
    2008 January 0 100.000% 0.000%

    Average response time: 0.108 seconds

  13. Hope says:

    1&1 is a joke!

    Terrible service..Bad website.. Bad customer service..Even BAD Collection agency!

    I registered a domain with 1&1 for a year. I let the domain expire..However 1&1 auto-renewed it..One day I got two mails from their collection agency – NCO Financial.

    I talked to 1&1 to let them know that I didn’t want to renew the domain, but apparently their policy is to auto-renew the domains. This was not at all apparent in the sign-up process. Customer service was not at all helpful..

    So, I got stuck with two bills to pay – $29.99 for the auto-renewal (that I didn’t want) and $18.95 as a collection fee! I called the collection agency number and it took me 4 tries over a matter of few hours to have finally someone pick up the phone! Then they wanted $7.95 as extra fee if I used a credit card!! I downright refused..The only way to not have the $7.95 fee is to use a check, which is what I am doing now.


  14. Hugh Mann says:

    This company tried to charge me almost $100 for domain registrations three months AFTER I transferred my (fully paid up) domains to godaddy. The charge didn’t go through because the card they tried to use had been cancelled in June of 2007. They tried to tell me I owed them money and when I refused to pay their bogus invoice, they sent my account to a collection agency! No, I am not kidding, they charged me for 2007 (no problem) but then they tried to charge me for 2008, three months after I transferred my domains to a different registrar. Be warned, if they tried to do it to me, they probably have gotten away with it many times. My attorney is handling it now and I intend to sue these people for as much as I can get.

  15. onepair says:

    Have hosted my own for years, tired of doing it all, so i
    hosted with 1and1.com , my mistake. Got it all set up
    friday and it was all down for 45 mins Monday. They double
    bill you as well for sql access that came with thier servie.

    Cant php localhost sendmail, though they say I can up to
    1000 a day, the web response time is sluggish at best,
    people wind up posting twice, this is worse lag than when
    I hosted the site from my dsl with it’s massive 512k up.

    The domain transfer was easy enough and thier site is
    easy enough to use for anyone.

    If you have a SMALL website with no feature or frills and
    you are lucky enough to get on a solid server then have
    a good hosting life, otherwise you’ll be like the rest of us
    and sadly dissapointed with their services.

    NOTE: I’ve been told they have some good servers and bad servers, so , you got a 50-50 shot of having a good service
    or bad one. This of course is unacceptable for my website to
    be hit and miss. I need it up 24/7. Bye 1and1

  16. Emory Rowland says:

    Hope and Hugh, you are talking about the 1&1 domain registration service. This review covers the web hosting service. Any comments on hosting that you want to share?

  17. Dave says:

    On Sunday 1&1 customer service walked me through setting up imap on my Outlook. Then he had me go into the 1&1 control panel and change my password. Immediately all 400 of my emails for my contracting company disappeared. I’m moving my domains and website to a much better company. STAY AWAY FROM 1&1. I have many other complaints but I won’t bother to list them.

  18. Aaron says:

    Below are some complaints I sent to 1&1 after a very frustrating and trying experience with their company over the past week in 2008. As soon as my accounts are unlocked, I will be moving all hosted domains to another company. I have never had such poor customer service nor have I ever felt so helpless and frustrated. I have recommended numerous people to 1&1 and now am forwarding this to them as well. 1&1 has been a wonderful company to me up until this last week when I had to deal with their customer service. This is the letter I will also be sending to the US main office as well as United Internet in Germany. Hopefully they’ll take this information and change their system so this never happens again. Read below:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Friday, April 11, 2008, I was baffled to learn three of my domains were not only delinquent but 1&1 had sent me to collections and locked my account. My credit card had been stolen in 2007 and I had forgotten to update the card on the account. I am a web designer and currently hold over 70 domains with 1&1 and my business also has a business server.

    I have never worked with a domain and Internet provider that didn’t try an alternative method of contact about upcoming payment or delinquency. I think sending me to collection over $16 was a bit unnecessary. Even more troubling is I have over $400 in charges coming up in May that would have been billed to the same incorrect card had this incident not occurred. I have a client rolling out a City website that is one of the sites delinquent. They want to launch at their board a week from today as well as go live to the public. The web designer working on this site was trying to get in to the account today and that’s the ONLY reason I had found out there was an issue.

    After calling 1&1 and explained my predicament, I was given a code to call a collections agency to take care of the $16 late fee plus charges for being late. I immediately called the collections agency to pay the bill and she promptly gave me a confirmation number and told me to call 1&1 back and give them the confirmation code.

    Upon calling 1&1, I explained my situation again to the service rep which said he could not help. I was told I would have to wait 3-4 business days before the account would be unlocked. I asked for a manager and I was rudely greeted when he got on the phone. Actually, no greeting was given at all. “Is this about the 4 day business day policy?” he barked. Later I realized the service rep (Josh) had not honored my request to speak with a manager.

    I told Josh I had no idea why I had never received 1&1’s emails regarding the three default accounts but I asked Josh if he could update my email account online because I was afraid the other large amount of domains I held was already behind as well. Very curtly he let me know not only would he not change my email, he would also not change my credit card information to ensure it was updated. I was traveling in Sacramento and did not have all the 1&1 account information with me. I would not be able to change any of my information until I returned from my trip.

    I had the great pleasure of telling my client they’d be locked out until next week possibly ONE day before their release. The 1&1 staff had absolutely no sympathy for the situation and was no help. 1&1 also informed me that they were no longer “required” to take the confirmation numbers from the credit agency and would not assist me in getting the account unlocked. I took this to mean that Josh could have helped me, but he didn’t feel like it and I deserved what I got for going delinquent. He also told me he couldn’t give me his last name because it wasn’t “policy.”

    Shortly after we ended our conversation, an email survey was sent to me regarding my experience with customer service and Josh’s entire name was listed in the email. I gave the service poor ratings and pasted the above in the email survey.

    I’ve been a big advocate of 1&1 for some time now and have referred several clients. I was about to move over another 50+ domains from IPowerWeb. I will now start looking for a new home for all of my accounts and I will never refer your company again. Furthermore, this letter will be sent to all of my clients that I have referred to you to warn them of your customer service.

    I’ve been in the service industry for some time and the way I was treated today was unacceptable. I’m sure you deal with a lot of dead beats in your business that just are lazy and don’t pay their bills. I have never been one of those people and I don’t appreciate being treated like one over an honest oversight. Especially from a company that didn’t do all it could have done to avoid this situation.

    I’ve been on the phone twice with your staff today as well as the credit agency. Now I will spend further time sending this via mail to several people on the 1&1 staff as well as United Internet AG including Andreas Gauger, Ann Marie Tropiano, Ralph Dommermuth, and Norbert Lang in hopes this never happens to another customer. I had been very impressed with your company until today. I’d hate for another consumer to have the same experience.

    A simple letter or a phone call from 1&1 would have saved us all time and money. Both my mailing address and phone number, by the way, were correct on my account. Now I have the issue of restoring my perfect credit thanks to 1&1 which will require AMEX verifying the stolen card with the credit agency.

    For your future customers, I hope 1&1 reconsiders its policies and considers sending out a late notice via standard mail or a phone call if someone goes delinquent. For us in the web industry who handle multiple domains and several clients, it’s not always easy and this seems like a simple courtesy that saves everyone grief, time and money. If email is the only way 1&1 plans on contacting customers, please allow a second alternative email address so it has two chances to reach a customer should one go bad or change. This could very possibly save this from ever happening again. And please consider changing your three to four day restart policy. This practice seems unnecessary, unproductive, and frustrating. It’s done nothing but make sure I never want to work with 1&1 again.

    Update: Monday, April 14, 2008

    Today I called the credit agency again and wanted to make sure the charge went through and to check and make sure this didn’t go on my credit report. I’m extremely anal about my credit and looking to buy a house this year.

    The gentleman confirmed that my account had been billed and everything should be set to go. I wish someone would have let me know it was not a reporting agency. I stressed a lot over the weekend.

    When I got back into town from Sacramento, I had a letter from the credit agency telling me of the delinquent account. I wish I would have got one from 1&1 a few months prior letting me know to update my account before sending me to the collection agency.

    Update: Thursday, April 17, 2008

    Thursday, April 17th I was still nervous because the account had yet to be unlocked and my client was sending me emails asking the status. I called 1&1 to see what was happening. While I was on hold waiting for a manager, I looked at my bank statement to be sure it had charged my account.

    Sure enough my account had been charged April 14th for around $46 and it showed an origination date of the charge at April 11th. I told the rep the situation and she passed me on immediately to a manager. The manager (Ian) informed me that the account had still not been paid and he said he even logged in to the NCOF’s (credit agency) system and it showed it hadn’t been paid. That would have been nice if they would have checked that when I called them Friday after I paid and wanted them to check with the confirmation code.

    As you can imagine I was again baffled and upset. I told him I had even called 1&1 back Monday to confirm with the confirmation number that 1&1 refused to take it down. I had discarded the envelope I wrote the confirmation number on while I was in the car.

    Once again I was told I had to call NCOF with the code given by 1&1. I asked if I could have his direct extension and if he could help me have this fixed so my client could have access by tomorrow morning. He said he could get it turned on in the morning as Germany would get the request early as long as I could get this fixed with NCOF. He feared that NCOF had charged the wrong account!

    Off I go to NCOF once again. I give NCOF the number 1&1 gave me and sure enough it shows I had not paid. I told the woman I had my online statement in front of me and even a number attached to the charge. There was no record that I had ever called and she couldn’t find the charge. I was given another number at another department at NCOF to call.

    Now I arrive at a separate department and speak with Mr. Williams. He is as baffled as I am and we start digging into the system. Come to find out, either 1&1 had given me the wrong number or I had written the number down incorrectly. My payment went to another delinquent account!

    I found this extremely upsetting since she asked to verify my name and I believe my address before we even started. How could my bank debit card get charged under a completely different name? How could my address mismatch not be caught? I don’t know who to be upset with here about the charge. I dare not call Citibank as they would freeze the account and cause even more problems.

    I explained to Mr. Williams my predicament with my client and I need his help. He tells me to fax my bank statement over along with a note stating what we had discussed on the phone. I did and the fax was sent 2:50 PST. I figured I would call Ian and tell him it was in the works and perhaps have him speak to Mr. Williams so he knew what was going on.

    I wait for the fax to go through and print out the fax receipt and started trying to call Mr. Williams back to ensure the fax had gone through. I keep getting a voice message saying they’d call me back and to leave a message. The third time I finally left a message and wanted to tell Ian so he could set things straight in their system and set things up for the unlock Friday morning.

    I dial the 1&1 number and enter Ian’s extension.

    “The billing department is now closed. Normal business hours are from 8-5 EST.”

    As you can imagine my stomach dropped. Ian had not informed me about the time difference and I am not sure I he had set up for the unlock to go through.

    I called NCOF again only this time I call the original number and ask them what happened to the other department. She informed me they too are on EST and would not be until morning!

    1&1 nor NCOF had told me we were on a time crunch. Ian made it sound like he would set up the unlock if I got back to him with the info from NCOF. I had sent Mr. Williams a personal bank statement and was now unable to verify if he even received the fax. I was under the impression that both were available and willing to finally help. They were not.
    I had even asked for Ian’s extension and I couldn’t even reach his voice mail.

    I am so flustered and angry that my card was charged to someone else’s account and that 1&1’s staff couldn’t take the time to help me out when it was obviously important. I only spend $2,000 with 1&1 per year which I know is not much. But I have never been treated so poorly as a customer. Just once in my whole experience, I wish I were treated the same way the people I was dealing with would like to be treated (especially from management).

    As soon as I can get my accounts cleared I will be moving my entire portfolio elsewhere before you can charge me for the other 70 domains I have with your company. Even after I sent the past review, I received zero contact from 1&1 regarding this matter.

    The last note I sent had a few suggestions as I hate people who just complain and never offer any solutions. I think I’ve run out of constructive ideas and I don’t feel anyone on the other side would listen anyway. 1&1 is an excellent company to work with unless you really need their help.

    I am completely helpless at this point and I have let me client down. I feel horrible. They’re upset but not nearly as upset as I am. I have spent numerous hours dealing with this issue and now I will spend a few more taking the time to move all my accounts.

    For all you readers, make sure you keep numbers handy for any domain accounts you may have and keep your credit card current. You have absolutely no control of your experience if you go delinquent. I realize that going delinquent was my fault. I’ve been in school and working full time. I never expected to have the truly horrific experience I had with these two companies over $16 and a stolen credit card.

  19. Emory Rowland says:

    Wow, that’s quite a story, Aaron. Thanks for sharing and please let us know things turn out for you and your clients.

  20. Bob clucas says:

    Our company uses 1and1 for all email (450 mobile employees) and we’ve been down all day today (4/25/08) and they have no idea when we will be back up. This is the second time (December ’07 was the other) that we’ve been down for a full day!!! We’re a mobile company and we can’t use email or our Blackberry’s! The other major risk is that we will probably loose all the communications from today….

    We’re switching to another provider as fast as we can get it done….

  21. DigitalSoul says:

    @freenah: Don’t be stupid, if you are a technical support rep, you don’t use scripts, you use your knowledge. hello??

  22. Michael T. Halligan says:

    I’ve been fighting with these thieves for six months trying to transfer a domain name away from them. They only seem to have two tech support reps, both of whom are in the phillipines. My grandfather kicked their **** ***** in world war 2, and I want to go over and do it again now.

  23. Jason says:

    ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Do not go with 1and1.

    My sites go down twice a week.

    Customer service ppl have no idea what they are talking about

    Have been denied speaking to a supervisor

    Absolutely horrible, it was my biggest mistake being with 1and 1

    DO NOT GO WITH THEM!!! two thumbs down.

  24. izephyr.com says:

    I do not agree with Jason. My site is up and running for three years and I have only ‘1’ site down case in all these years which was very promptly recovered.

  25. CYA says:


    Their hosting is extremely slow, constantly has outages AND they sent me to a collection agency after I canceled my account! I recommend anyone that cares about their website and credit history to AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!

  26. dan says:

    as Hope mentioned above, and everyone else here, AVOID 1and1 at all costs!

    the credit card I had on file with 1and1 was expired so they processed my renewal anyway and then sent me to a collection agency. My domains expired 4 months ago but 1and1 decided to renew them on my expired card.. how ridiculous is that?

    I still want the domains and i need access to my DNS now but they’ve locked my account so I paid $18.95 admin fee plus $20 for the renewal of my domains 4 business days ago and every day 1and1 tells me 1 more business day before they will open my account. its been a week and I still dont have access to it

  27. Graeme Jones says:

    Please stay away from 1and1.com
    They have sent a number of current accounts to a VERY VERY bad collections company that has numerious violations with the FTC. Not a very nice company to do business with.

  28. Steve says:

    I was unhappy with Assurance Hosting and planned to move my web site to 1&1. I didn’t get around to it before assurance hosting went belly up leaving me in a lurch. 1&1 emailed me at my email address that no longer worked (because of assurance hosting) and I never received their renewal. They automatically renewed and I received a letter from their bill collector. I called them and asked why they couldn’t have mailed me a bill like their bill collector did. their answer was “It’s not their policy.”

    I offered to pay the money I owed, but they wanted two $29 penalties too. I explained that I would pay the back payment and the forward payment and no fines or they could have nothing. They choose nothing. I was told my credit rating would be affected. Well maybe their credibility will be affected now.

    So far my experience with GoDaddy support has been excellent.

  29. Shawn Lewis says:

    4 days later and my website is still down. A simple corruption in an SQL database and nobody can fix it. After 2 days I was told delete it and re set it up. I did that 2 days ago. The deletion worked but the status or the new set up is still “setting up”. Calling tech support is useless. They read from a script the same thing over and over again. If its more than they can handle they have to email it to an admin. Today, the 4th day they told me the Admins couldn’t fix it and only 10 minutes ago forwarded the problem to their Microsoft support team. This is for their developers package which is supposed to have better tech support. They can not give me a time frame of when it will be back up and this is for an e-commerce site. After spending hours on the phone and wasting my time, I have nothing to show for it but frustrations. I can’t even get in contact with anyone who can help. No way to contact admins directly and even their complaints is email only. They are completely incompetent for support.


    Thanks everyone for giving me heads up before I signed up for this place.. Everyone has their downs, but I’m going to go continue my journey looking for a place to park for a long time tata

  31. gary-w says:

    It’s true: AVOID 1and1 at all costs.

    If you’re in any doubt just do a little research on Google, but please read up on this company and their awful business practices before you are tempted to go with them. There are few good words to be said of them anywhere. I also speak from personal experience.

    You’ll be glad you took the time to look elsewhere.

  32. Helpmeout says:

    So sad, I should have seen those warning before. I signed up for a domain name last month, I paid my first year fee via Paypal. Now I decide to transfer my domain to another web hosting.

    How do I avoid those problems with cancellation? How do I cancel my account without being reported to collection agency or being charged cancellation fee?

    If I tell them 2 months before I cancel my account, would that help? Or they will close my account right away and ignore the remaining time in my contract?

    Please help, thanks in advance

  33. Tomy Lee says:

    Simply stay away from this company. Complete fraud company. Guranteed you will not be able to cancel the service. you will be stuck. you will continue to receive billing after you canceled the service.

    Remember, if you are their customer. move now..
    Remember, I told you so. Do be another victim.

  34. John Heckbert says:

    Right now, I’m dealing with 5 sites that are being redirected through a number of malware sites, and 1&1 support have not been to resolve satisfactorily after a week of trying. I republish the sites and the redirects go away for awhile only to return.

    I suspect their shared servers have been hacked which is corrupting my base code but they aren’t talking.

    Any ideas on what to do next?


  35. Emory Rowland says:

    John, Have you checked your .htaccess file to see if the redirects appear there? I’m assuming you’re using 1&1 Linux hosting.

  36. joe says:

    1and1 Sucks: 1&1 Will Rip You Off
    they the worst customer service i ever had

  37. Eli says:

    One and One has terrible customer service.

    I tried canceling my account over the phone. The rep told me it was complete, but then three weeks later I get a call from a COLLECTION AGENCY telling me that I have an unpaid bill from 1&1. I get in touch with 1&1, who says that they have no record of me canceling, and that i will now have to pay a membership fee for a website they already canceled, and a collection agency fee.

    They are terrible. Pay the extra $3 for another service.

  38. Brett says:

    1and1 is a complete nightmare of a hosting company. Their IT staff has to be the most inept, unqualified staff to every be hired anywhere. The webmail goes down daily, for hours. If you want to speak to someone other than a CS rep in India, good luck. I’ve been trying to switch hosting companies, but my mail and everything else is never up long enough to back everything up. Stay away from 1and1 or you will be sorry. I think the the numbers 1and1 stand for how many times a day your service will function properly and how many minutes you will go consecutively without running into a problem.

  39. Tanaka says:


    Downtime King. My business package goes down every other week, I already have these guy’s phone number on speed dial because I have to call so often regarding down time. Absolutely horrible customer service and its unacceptable.

  40. Charity says:

    This is horrible. I am sorry for what everyone who had a bad experience had to go through. I am glad I read this before signing up with 1&1!

  41. Naveen says:

    1 and 1 has non existent monitoring services and their developers slow to react and resolve.

    I use their email marketing service for readers to subscribe to my newsletter.

    I spent 75 dollars so far on PPC and 30 dollars on directory submissions.

    Unfortunately, there were a lot of visitors to my site last weekend but the email marketing tool was down so they could not subscribe to my newsletter. Instead they received an error message.

    I have sent more than 3 emails and I get the usual fluff from support about how sorry they are blah.

    A critical component of their site was down the whole weekend and continuing into the weekday and they have not done anything…

    This is a wakeup call.

    1 and 1 can’t be trusted for anything more serious than a static one page website

  42. Dave says:

    Well I see that I am not the only one that feels they are useless and incapable of giving any real support. Only been with them a few months and it has been continuous battling with web site slowing down unable to connect to database and then all I can get from them is when they tried it was up. For F-sake the fringing fault is intermittent what part of this don’t they understand? I have reached the stage I don’t even have to read the replies to my tickets as they are all the same copied and pasted off a whole lot I would expect. If the problem reported is A use b1 reply I can just see it. So now the battle comes to cancel my account by the looks of it

  43. Deano says:

    run from 1and1 —- don’t fall for their marketing schemes, the software they give away is complete junk, they suck, they will over bill you, there is no support and when there is it is BAD SUPPORT, BAD BILLING, BAD SERVICE.

    1and1 Internet SUCKS, they are the worst, run away!

  44. Justin says:

    I have been with them for years and have had a few run ins. Like the people above I was also charged for things I never signed up for. An SSL certificate being one of them. I caught it and after a couple phone calls and a month or so the money was returned to me.

    Also as listed above their customer support is pretty bad. Expect to be on hold for on average 15mins before you are connected with someone. Also their agents don’t speak English very well or understand what you are explaining to them.

    I have stuck with them so long because my hosting is like $36 per YEAR (2.99 per month). I understand somethings are going to suck for that price. Most years due to some people I know going with them I have made commission to cover 1/2 or all of my hosting fees.

    My major issue with them now is there email features. I get daily “Spam Notifications” (which are spam themselves) which there is no way to shut off pretty annoying. Also though trying several times to hook my webmail to a mail client (Outlook and Thunderbird) I failed. After having them access my computer they we’re unable to get it to work either. Their webmail is very slow (which is all I can use now) you click a message, and your message pops up UNDER the current mail window for me. It can be a real pain to check your email. There are several redirect scripts so more clicking and waiting.

    If the cost of your hosting is most important to you, then they are a fair option. But quite honestly, if you have some extra change laying around your house, convenience wise you would be better to go elsewhere.

    Go Daddy is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with though. Extremely uneducated, people working there.

  45. 12manywierdos says:

    Do yourself a favor. Do not assume that negative posters are telling you the whole story. DO you believe everything you read or see on TV? Yes you need to choose your host carefully, but you can call 1&1 and ask as many questions as you want BEFORE you buy. That’s what I would do.

    I am always amused by “haters”. You try getting 7 million customers without upsetting a few. Do not delude yourself, any and all problems you might read about here or might have with 1&1 can happen at ANY web hosting company.

    With any company, billing problems usually arise because the client doesn’t read the T&C’s, don’t understand what they are buying, don’t ask questions before purchasing, and more often than not, do not keep their own billing information (cr. card/email) up to date. They expect that their finaicial obligation will just “go away” if they don’t pay their bill or update their info. Try that one on the phone company, or a home mortgage company.

    OK support issue. Do you expect 1st level techs to fix your scripts or programming for you or debug your site. I will admit that support seems to be the achilles heel of so many companies. Get someone good on the phone and they are your savior, get someone not so good, and you are tempted to curse the day they were born. Again, this can happen with any company.

    If haters spent half as much energy complaining about really important things like poverty, disease, global warming, social injustice, then maybe the world would be a better place.

    I guess haters look for ‘validation’ from others which is easy to get,; while those who are happy with something don’t have the time to say so…they are to busy being successful and happy.

    All that being said, I still like clickfire. I still respect the right of others to have and express their own opinions. However, inflamatory scare tactics and exaggerated half-truths do not do justice to the commenters or to this site. Too bad the millions of happy 1&1 customers aren’t here to counter your complaints.

    Just my .02

    Rob H.

  46. Emory Rowland says:

    12manywierdos, I appreciate your comments. It seems you don’t hear much from the happy millions. It is very tempting to disallow extreme negative comments. I want to show other points of view. I am guessing that most people who are trying to make a hosting choice will judge all the comments as a whole. With some of the more fiery reactions, I get sense that people are letting their emotions get the best of them. I totally understand that because there is nothing that gets me more upset than a hosting outage!

  47. 12manywierdos says:

    Agreed. Never a good time to have a website or server go down. I just hope reader’s will understand that the vocal minority of ‘haters’ does not represent the millions of happy and satified customers the 1&1 claims to have.

    I have seen a few negative commenters, who seem to crusade against 1and1, by posting the same story on different sites, with no one from 1&1 jumping in to clarify, deny or confirm the claims. Guess 1&1 folks must prefer just to let people vent their frustration.

    I will continue to be a clickfire reader, and appreciate your pretty even handed review of the companies you write about. It just seemed a shame to have your hard work diluted by a bunch of nay-sayers.

    I doubt this company, 1and1 can be perfect for everyone, but it seems overall that they are great for the majority who choose them. I even have some domains with them, and am thinking of getting a hosting plan for a smallish site I wnat to launch soon. I will go with your positive recommendation, instead of only listening to the moaners and groaners.


  48. UK1&1Customer says:

    Just stumbled on this thread, I don’t normally post things but feel I should here.

    I’m a bit surprised by some of the tales above, I wonder if 1&1 in the USA are somehow offering a significantly poorer service than 1&1 in the UK. I always thought they would be very similar, I’m not well versed on the technical aspect of hosting.

    I’ve used 1&1.co.uk for years to host a variety of domains, some smaller brochure sites, some with MySQL backends. I moved to them after getting fed up with a small outfit I was using having constant downtime. They said ‘You’ll be back’ at the time, but that’s never crossed my mind in three years – I never get any downtime on the sites or the e-mails.

    Any time I’ve had to use the (free) telephone service for tech support (for things like the cancellations, which to be fair, isn’t obvious, and some htaccess questions etc) they’ve sorted me out quickly and politely. Even if they do have Indian accents, which I don’t care about and find it sad that others do.

    Anyway, thats my 2p – Perfectly happy with them, inexpensive and more importantly I never get a single complaint from my customers due to ‘things not working’.

  49. Kristopher Allen says:

    To UK1&1Customer

    I am with you. 1and1.com (US version of 1and1.co.uk) has provided me with plenty of space to host many small sites within the same hosting plan. The few times I have had to work with their support people, most of my questions were answered and they seemed very willing to help.I did one time get a young man who seememd to read from a script, but maybe he was still in training, I don’t know.

    I have no plans to move away from 1&1, and now thanks to clickfire, I’m gonna go turn on the free domain privacy I heard about here. I totally didn’t realize 1&1 gave this for free! I got hosed on Privacy fees at another ‘nameless’ but large registrar.

    Thanks clickfire for letting even those of us who are happy with a service to post. Most of the forums I have seen, on seem to attract angry posters.

  50. Steve McGrath says:

    It’s hard to express just how bad 1and1 is. I’m at the point of pulling all my clients from them. we’ve had a sharepoint site down for almost 3 days so far with no end in sight. Customer service is something that even Kafka could not imagine.

  51. mark says:

    1and1 is really poorly run and they just nickle and dime you for everything. Try to make you pay more. If you dont they will threaten you about collections and cancelling your account immediately.

  52. Adam says:

    Three stars is quite generous. The longer you’re with 1&1 and the more you notice their downtime. What good is a server if you can’t access it.

  53. erin says:

    this company is unethical and is a huge scam. after trying to cancel my account several times via email, and then refusing to give them my updated credit card number to they could continue to charge me without my permission–they sent my account to a collection agency without telling me. they are HORRIBLE. please do not use them.

  54. Justin says:

    Echoing what everyone else said here, 1&1 is terrible and should be avoided… I signed up for a domain name for 1 year and after the year was up I get letters in the mail from a collection agency for the 2nd year domain name charge and an additional late fee charge. I only signed up for 1 year and it never asked me if I wanted to do recurring billing. The emails I got after it expired were asking me if I wanted to renew the account and I didn’t respond because I didn’t want to and the credit card expired, 1&1 is a total scam and I better stop talking now before the swear words come out…

  55. T S-D says:

    I wouldn’t use 1&1 if they were the last provider on earth! I’ve just found myself in a situation where my web-designer had a dispute with 1&1, & despite the fact that I offered to pick up the bill for my individual web-site, 1&1 SHUT DOWN MY WEBSITE! In order for them to reactivate my site, I am responsible for ensuring that my web-designer pays HIS BILL, not just for my site, but for many others. If he fails to, then my web-domain is locked for 1 YEAR!!!! I’m responsible for ensuring that a 3rd party acts in order to be able to keep my own website live! No matter how cheap they are, don’t do it! You’ll regret it, because you’ll lose your webdomain!

  56. 4/27/2009

    OK, just to add my own comments about 1and1 Internet:

    The original review appears to two years old. My experience is far more recent. I currently have one of their dedicated servers, Titan Linux, and I get excellent support and extremely reliable service. Clicking on my name will take you to one of our higher-traffic sites, and you’ll see that it works just great.

    Why is their support getting a bad rap? Well, support for the shared service is based at their Philippines office, and is strictly Tier 1. So their are limits to the knowledge they display. Dedicated support in the U.S. is based at their headquarters near Philadelphia.

    Certainly I accept that things can change on the long time, but right now, I have no complaints, and the price for the package, including features and the extremely high bandwidth allocated, is more than reasonable compared to most of the competition.

    Gene Steinberg

  57. JP says:

    I have found 1and1 to be a terrible web hosting service. They lure you in with a very cheap price then raise their rates and make it very hard to leave them. You can’t cancel your service through the control panel that you use for managing your account. That would make perfect sense. Instead, you have to write to customer service and hope that they respond to you (I had to write several times) with a separate website to log in to in order to cancel your account.

    Also, you would think that they would stop charging you and just cut off your service if the credit card they have on file stops working. No, they would rather keep charging you for a few months before stopping service to your website and then send the bill to collections so that they can ruin your credit. I moved and hadn’t changed my billing address on their website and therefore didn’t receive the notice of the problems with my credit card. I had the money all along to pay the $40 bill and was perfectly willing to pay it. I tried contacting their customer support and they refused to help restore my credit score even though they were capable of doing so. This is the only bad mark on my credit reports: a $40 overdue bill from 1and1 that I had thought I was paying.

    Stay away from 1and1. They do all in their power to wring money out of you and care very little about providing good service or being a company of integrity. My website wasn’t very fast and went down numerous times due to 1and1. I have read about other people having far worse problems with 1and1 than myself. Find a better web hosting service.

  58. Lucky says:

    I opened an account with this company about 2 months ago and as I did not get the service
    I was expecting (access to MYsql) I cancelled the same day ( I thought that was it). After 15 days I
    got charged to my paypal account I called and they told me that I
    should get the refund in 7 days by bank wire (They sayd the could not refund my paypal account – company policy). Ok 12 day later I did not get
    the money so I contact their billing department and they told me that due
    to a system error the payment was not processed. So I have to wait another
    7 days. A few days ago for my surprise I got a refund to my paypal
    account , but today They have charge my again. I have talk to the billing department
    and told me that they can’t stop the system and they will give me a refund
    again in 7 days. Also the first advisor I spoke with she put the phone down
    on me. They service is terrible and also when asking for a complaints dep. or a responsible, they don’t want to now. They pass the ball between departments

    I won’t recommend this company to any one. I f you want cheap hosting godady.com is a lot better.

  59. Bob says:

    I had used 1and1 shared hosting for a few years and found it reliable and competent–never really had a problem with them. I then moved to other shared hosts like Site5 and Hostmonster, both of which are very good, have more flexibility, and are cheaper–but have now found myself going with a 1and1 dedicated server. It’s great value, I can get a live person on the phone in their dedicated server tech support immediately, and the performance is great–100% up-time since setting it up 4 months ago. So, basically, I’m very happy with them. I’ve spoken with the tech support folks about 4 times in that time–mostly for issues that end up being problems my end rather than theirs, and they’ve been courteous and knowledgeable and have solved my problem with answered my question then and there.

  60. Ariella says:

    1and1 is the worst internet provider! They treat their customers like trash. They are great in the beginning and are very happy to take your money.. There are a lot of hidden fees and they won’t stop until they get every penny from you. They make it impossible to cancel your account!

    Please beware. This is a big internet provider. Don’t be fooled by their name.
    If at least one person doesn’t use them because of this, I’d be content.

  61. Justin says:

    Absolutely do not use 1 and 1. They are tricky and try to make you pay for renewals even after you cancel. They also make the cancellation process hard to understand and charge you more for renewals than the initial domain. If you want to cancel go to cancel.1and1.com and make sure you get their follow up email and go through them otherwise your cancellation will not be completed.

  62. dmaxman says:

    Wish I would have seen these reviews a year ago. Avoid 1&1 at all costs. I’ve been sent to collections due to a credit card expiring and they never contacted me to let me know. This is a common complaint I’m finding. I urge everyone to contact the Better Business Bureau bbb.org. Wow! Amazing business practices.

  63. Sam Caldwell says:

    1&1 is acceptable so long as you DO NOT WANT

    –customer service


    –technical support

    When you do decide to transfer AWAY from them, they will put you through the most convuluted, frustrating and expensive campaign this professional has seen since he first started playing with his Tandy TRS-80 years ago.

    STAY AWAY FROM 1&1. Choose a reputable company like Godaddy or Network Solutions. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE as the time spent untangling their mistakes, ommissions and refusal to help will far exceed any cost savings.

    CHECK OUT their “F” rating on the better business bureau website (observed yesterday, 29 Sept. 2009).

  64. Joshua says:

    I received a collection letter in the mail out of nowhere from 1&1 communications. I was furious because I have not used them in several years not only that but I have never been billed for anything or had them make contact. I had purchased a domain name for $8.99 a year and so I figured I payed up front for it so when it expired and I didn’t renew it was no big deal because I figured how can a company charge me for a service I am not using or that they have not provided because you pay in advance. I was wrong they took me to collections for a service they have never provided. I will never use them again and this is not the way to do business. I have no problem paying if I owe something but to be blackmailed by sending my account to collections, is wrong. I also believe that more must be done to stop companies from just sending you to collection without proof and ruining your credit, they should have the burden of proof showing why they are sending you to collections.

  65. jp says:

    There’s nothing good to say about this host. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!
    it took 15 min and 3 people to cancel my account but after looking at other’s comments, I just hope it works. I experienced much problems with email service like not being able to access the server. with all these problems, I could only think the same must be true for the web host. tech support was of no use.
    the customer should be first!!!

  66. Joe says:


    I am very disappointed with their service. After waiting over 9 days, they still couldn’t change my name server. I had to give them 60 days before they could fix the problem. I called many times and sent many emails but it didn’t go anywhere.
    Please pay little more and get your domain with a reliable company.

  67. Damien says:

    Terrible internet hosting company!! They extend your contract without your knowledge and threaten to sue you if you don’t pay. Don’t get involved with this company or you will regret it.

  68. Richard says:

    Thanks for the reviews in here. I was looking for a solution for a business site and this review has helped a lot.Good pricing too.

  69. 11/24/2009

    I tried their advanced eshop because I was lured in by the 90 day free trial. After about 2 weeks of trying to configure and working with their tech support, I finally realized that it did not have some basic functions that I really needed; like interfacing to UPS and customizing the look of the template or showing product details.

    I spend the next 2 and half months trying to cancel the account. Needless to say, their 90 day trial is a complete fraud and I now have to fight with my credit card company because they won’t cancel the contract. Save your money and stay away from them for anything other than buying your domain name. Corecommerce is much better for ecommerce.

  70. they suck says:

    avoid they suck huge

  71. 1/30/2010

    I was with 1&1 a few years ago whilst living in the US and to be honest it was chronic.

    Help was non existent and generally speaking they are crap.

    This is not hate stuff just frustrated fact.


  72. Carl M. says:

    Issue with 1&1 is they are slow on their shared hosting. As for their dedicated servers, TOTALLY separate support people. Hence the difference.
    I live in KC and although my hosting is based in KC, it has to route through Chicago and Denver then back again. Totally inefficient. Considering moving.

  73. 2/09/2010

    They are the WORST web host I’ve ever dealt with in my life. They can’t be bothered to fix problems. I’ve had daily problems with them for nearly a year now — servers down all the time, mail not going through, kicked off the program after 3 minutes.

    Their upgrade has made it impossible to do anything but stare at my site and my webmail.

    I’m trying to switch hosts, but can’t download the files on an FTP so I can put them on a hard drive –c ontracts and other necessary work that I’ve stored.

    I can’t use the address books — I have to hand-enter every address.

    Instead of trying to work with me on the problems, they argue with me, tell me THEY aren’t having trouble (how nice for them) and ask for my passwords.

    As soon as I can get my materials off, I’m moving hosts and filing fraud charges with the appropriate consumer service agencies and the Attorney General.

  74. Chase Tarson says:

    After reading about how aweful the service is, I think I have to post something.

    My dad and I have 3 domains hosted on 1and1. I myself have never had any problems with 1and1. There telephone service is the only one I have had problems with. E-Mail Support is better however.

    I have to say that I haven’t had a problem with 1and1. Been using since 2007. I use a shared linux server on a business package.

  75. scott says:


    building my first website what company do people here recommend to get their domain name from? i already choosen a hosting company NOT 1&1. some people have said a few names like Network solutions, IpowerWeb and godaddy. are they good and if so why did you move from them? Normally would choose godaddy but i seem to have trouble getting into my account i may have to try to get a 2nd account lol with them
    i’ve been look at the BBB website and they all have a A rating for these companys (but i haven’t looked at 1&1 rating)

  76. max says:

    RUN away from this company… their user interface is like 10 years old- and they delete your account if you change your domain name registration to a different company… terrible service- i think this company is owned by overseas el cheapos that nickle and dime you to death and don’t care at all about customer service, they just want their money

  77. scott says:

    yeah i went with IpowerWeb and so far i glad i did

  78. Steve says:

    If you want a heart attack use 1&1 as it will kill you

    Customer service is useless

    Good luck speaking to a manager or anyone important

    Your web site may be pulled down mine was 3 times costing big

    Avoid at all costs

  79. 1and1 customer says:

    I have been a 1and1 customer for almost 10 years, and they have the most awful technical support, but I am a tech guy, so I manage.

    But now, after being a customer of them for so long, I will now be moving away from them because of these facts:

    1. They don’t care that you are a loyal customer for over 9 years in good standing
    2. Their web system at http://admin.1and1.com is faulty.
    3. Tech support is Grade F
    4. They don’t read emails

    Basically, I had automated payments setup through them, and for some reason the automated payment got declined (card was on fraud alert), so they decided that after only one email notice, to close my website.

    They don’t care that a website and email can be a lifeblood of a company. It’s not just some brochure on the interwebs that is ok for customers if it’s unavailable.

    As soon as the site went down, I did due diligence to fix it. I found an email in my spam folder (of course!) about the declined auto payment, and followed the steps in there. One of the steps was to click on a link called Billing Overview and click on “Retry Charge” which will basically retry the auto-charge on a new card. I receive a Server 500 error.

    I emailed them hoping that they would fix it right away, but I guess I waited too late for a response, and it turns out that the Billing Department is not 24/7. Tech support is 24/7 but they do not have any authorization to do anything, nor knowledgeable to at least help the customer. They are utterly useless.

    So now, my website and email have been down for over 15 hours, I’m losing business, but my provider does not care. I can’t even point my MX records to another mail server because my account is locked so I can’t make any DNS changes. I’m screwed by a company that I thought I could trust with my business.

    Goodbye 1and1. When it comes down to the important stuff, you fell through.

  80. Joel says:

    Well i Have just started using them and I came up against certain things I didn’t understand with the website building program I emailed them and they answered or helped with the solution within 6 hours? To me that’s brilliant customer service.

  81. Khalid says:

    I would suggest to stay away from 1and1, they are one of the worst companies that we’ve dealt with. For trying to sort out one of our domains it took us 3 weeks which costed us over £200 in 0870 calls.

    Hope this may help someone out there that is looking for a webhosting provider.

  82. User1001 says:

    I’ve been using 1and1 for more than 5 years and never had a single problem with them…
    I mostly use them for domain name registration and do my hosting elsewhere.
    On the registration side, No problem at all.
    Good prices, etc.
    It’s not all that bad…

  83. Divine says:

    (Sorry about my english! I just have to share my frustration)
    This company SCAM people, I purchase a 6 months hosting with them and cancelled last year. I’m so frustrated right now, they send me to a collectors agency over $29.94 bill “host package” that i did not purchase, they also send me another bill of $18.95 “late fee” charge,
    *Note that they NEVER send me any advise about this charge “they call conveniently renewing my package” (without my permission) I called the agency to dispute the charge, the person was really really rude, I asked her if that’s how they treat their customers, she said “you’re not my customer!”… can you believe that… i called 1and1 they did not help at all, my head hurts and i will pay for the scam because I afraid that could hurt my credit…
    PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! they don’t even tried treat you fair.
    (Sorry about my english! I just have to share my frustration) This company SCAM people, I purchase a 6 months hosting with them and cancelled last year. I’m so frustrated right now, they send me to a collectors agency over $29.94 bill “host package” that i did not purchase, they also send me another bill of $18.95 “late fee” charge, *Note that they NEVER send me any advise about this charge “they call conveniently renewing my package” (without my permission) I called the agency to dispute the charge, the person was really really rude, I asked her if that’s how they treat their customers, she said “you’re not my customer!”… can you believe that… i called 1and1 they did not help at all, my head hurts and i will pay for the scam because I afraid that could hurt my credit… PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! they don’t even tried treat you fair.

  84. Melissa says:

    DO NOT use this company!!! They will steal your money! Do not ever give them your credit card information, they will continue to charge even after you have canceled. They are very sneaky and their services sucks! I cancelled only a couple of weeks after I had their service because it was so poor. This cancellation process has been ongoing for over a year now!!! I AM SO TIRED OF THEM!! BEWARE!!!! Save yourself a nightmare… go with another company!

  85. Scott says:

    Whoever wrote this article needs to get checked by a doctor. For anyone who didnt notice the authors links to 1&1 will pay him an affiliate fee. Now that you have 86 posts about how bad 1&1 sucks – you should really thing about altering your article, and stop trying to make a buck off what your subscribership is clearly telling you is bad company.

    For any small users, 1&1 is also a problem. Their website builder is limited, and you have to pay for the PREMIUM website builder in order to put in HTML code directly. This means no advertising, no affiliate programs, no links to the outside world. Once you have your domain with them, no parked pages unless you use their german partner SEDO, who also is despicable.

    Whoever the author is you need to reverse your position. Your simply guiding people into a crappy provider so you can make a dollar. You too, should be ashamed. For this article toting 1&1’s services, you have discredited your name, your entire site, and anything else you publish in the future. Hope you made a buck selling your soul.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Scott, if you look a bit deeper you can find out all about the process of how authors rate and review hosts here. It’s a 3/5 star review. It is what it is, a cheap non-mission critical alternative. The way I read it, the author isn’t pushing 1&1 and certainly doesn’t himself earn money from affiliate traffic.

  86. Charles says:

    Just don’t do it.

  87. Charles says:

    Let me elaborate. 1&1’s initial low price point on services hooked me. I committed over $10 K to them in services. A year later, they failed to honor my cancellation request to the tune of about 3-4K and billed my card and their customer service morphed into something that seemed to be out of a horror flick – absolutely ghastly. Later, they billed me for names I did not own. It took an investigation from the Attorney General’s office to get them to admit the “error”. The truckloads of wasted time, rotten customer service merry-go-rounds, internet service-related problems, domain name problems, money and stress this company has caused me to go through not only caused my business to fail but made my life very difficult for years. After the smoke cleared, I moved to GoDaddy and from then on, life in the domain and internet services lane has been smooth without a hitch. I literally was in shock, after being traumatized by 1&1, that GoDaddy could be so easy and stress free. Going wth 1&1 Internet was the worst business decision I have ever made in my life and have still not fully recovered from it. There is a reason 1&1 is listed as being UNSATISFACTORY with the Better Business Bureau. Listen to wisdom – please stay away, unless of course you’re hooked on stress.

  88. Steven Davis says:

    We regularly get conection timed out when conecting to the pop server. For the third time that I can remeber over the past year today 7/20/10 the site (www.1and1.com) has been down for 2 hours now. This means i cant do any administration at all.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Wow, you’re right Steven, the 1and1.com is down. I am getting a 503 server error.

  89. Karl Taylor says:

    It is no doubt very good hosting provider , they provide very good mailing facility along with less down time on their server.

  90. correct says:

    you people are idiots.

    1and 1 is the best webhosting by far.

    i get support from them in less than 3 minutes every time i call them.

    if you want to complain about something, open up an account with godaddy, the most unnecessarily confusing control panel in the history of the world.

    with domains priced at double that of what 1 and 1 charges, why go anywhere else right?


  91. MD says:


    DO NOT HOST HERE!!!!!!!!


    Besides the customer service being fair, AT BEST, and the uptime being OK, AT BEST- they don’t stop there at giving you a bad experience.

    Whereas most hosting companies let domains you do not want simply lapse- this one auto renews for you and then sends a COLLECTIONS AGENCY after you if you do not pay.
    If you think you’re saving something, read the fine print.

  92. JH says:

    Seriously – DO NOT HOST HERE.

    Their hosting service is average, but their customer service is the worst I have ever seen. I canceled my account with them and yet, they still feel the need to charge me for services I neither want nor received.

    They will automatically sign you up for a 1 year contract – they did this to me after I spoke with a CS agent while I was signing up and specifically said I wanted a month-to-month plan.

    On top of it all, their customer service agents AND MANAGERS are rude beyond belief.

    Trust me – there are more important things in life, and there are better host providers out there. It’s just not worth it – move on and find another host. You’ll be better off.

  93. Tom Sabiston says:

    Customer Service does not exist! They don’t answer e-mails. There is no phone number for customer service. The Webuilder takes FOREVER to load. Once loaded, page changes and publishing takes forever as well. I no longer reccomend 1&1 to anyone and when I’m asked to buid a site for someone, I now take them to other providers. DO NOT USE THIS PROVIDER IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO GO ANYWHERE ELSE!

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Tom, I see a phone number on the 1and1.com support page but I have noticed that they don’t always respond to emails if they don’t know the answer or they don’t have an update in status.

  94. Franie says:

    Can anyone tell me the name / email address of a responsible member of the Senior Management at 1 and 1 please, to whom I can send a complaint which it seems, dewspite my continued efforts over weeks and weeks, all other staff are quite incapable of responding to?
    Many thanks

  95. Bill says:

    1and1’s billing processes are pathetic. They are actually dangerous to deal with. Paying them is a real hassle. While they have my credit card, they often cannot process payment on it. Some months they do, other months they cannot and I end up at a credit collection. This must be a common problem, as they automatically refer their customers to the collection agency! The problem with this is that it impacts your credit rating.

  96. Eric says:

    This service is very untrustworthy. Despite canceling several domain they continue to “auto” bill be for renewals despite the fact that I expressly turned this service off. After submitting cancellations, they still billed my credit card, but since the expiration date had changed the submitted my accounts to their collections company. I had to pay 4x the cost of the domain in order to get it out of collections to cancel it AGAIN…..and what do you know, a year later, I just got another auto-renewal notice and am going through all the same cr@p again!!!!

  97. Bryan Au says:

    It is ridiculous restriction by 1&1 that they only accept level 1 subdomain DNS settings.

  98. Brian says:

    I just signed up for a new virtual server with 1and1 five days ago. I used their control panel to reimage the server and it hung in the “re-imaging” status and is unreachable via the secure shell and web browser. I’m on the 3rd day that my server has been down. I’ve already transferred all of my domains so my sites have already been offline for 3 days. Support is ignoring me, I cannot get anyone to respond to my email and on some days, I cannot get anyone to answer the phone. When they do answer the phone, the technical support guy says it’s been forwarded to their server techs who are looking at the problem.

    My biggest beef? I was a customer of these guys several years ago and left because of extreme frustration with their horrendous customer service. I figured with a virtual server I wouldn’t have to deal with them much and anyway, by now they surely must have it right since they have so many new customers. OMG, it’s exactly the same as it was five years ago! They know difficult it is to switch host and moves sites around. They know most people cannot afford the setup fees and more expensive hosts. 1and1 charges a cheap price to get the customers locked in but once you are there, they provide nothing close to what they promise. Expect misery you’ve never imagined possible.

    My warning to all – stay as far away from these crooks as possible. Don’t let the cheap price sucker you in. Jeez, I let them sucker me in twice. What a dope…

    I wonder why there has been no class actions suits against 1and1?

  99. Guy says:

    I have used 1and1.com for several years and can confirm that their support has become worse over that time. For me, I am comfortable using their hosted solutions, because I’ve never encountered a critical issue that required their assistance to resolve. Most of my concerns have been related to getting additional PHP modules installed (which they won’t do…). I might be hesitant to have a dedicated box with them, for the reasons cited by Scott. That said, the low costs and broad features are a bonus to my clients, who are small businesses looking for cost savings.

  100. prism says:

    Awful… awful… awful customer service. Sometimes the low price just isn’t worth it, because you lose money when 1and1 corks things up and you have to switch somewhere else after a month of trying to get customer support to actually help you.

  101. USMarine says:

    I have to say 1&1 internet hosting company SUCKS! They sent me an invoice 2 months ago. I immediately replied from the same email address telling them it’s not my charges and they need to cancel the service and issue me the credit. 2 months later, I am still calling them; sending them emails and nothing has been resolved. Their customer service people have been rude and hung up on my several times. I talked to Michael in their fraud department who was rude and very unhelpful. I talked to Victoria who hung up on me.
    With all the guarantees on their websites, they are still big fraud. I would never recommend them. As the matter of fact, anyone who is reading this should think twice before opening an account with these crooks.

  102. Luca says:

    Worst hosting service company.
    Their support team is the worst one I have ever faced.
    They also made intentional delays so they charge you with their stupid auto renewal system. you cannot even cancel this action unless you know they have another web address at: cancel.1and1.com
    What a horrible company and the people work in it !

  103. Robert says:

    They offer low costs hosting options, which is what initially attracted me to their service. If your needs are fairly basic, and you need only the most basic support, this might make 1&1 a good option. However, I quickly encountered a number of issues with their service, not the least of which was simply how they treated me as a customer.

    When I first signed up, they took a strong password that I selected and silently truncated it. Rather than informing me that the password was too long (and you really shouldn’t restrict password length that much as longer passwords are more secure), they cut it short. This guaranteed that I could not know what my password was, and would have to get it reset. Their password reset feature was also poorly implemented as it sent me the original password (truncated in this case) in an email. This should never be done. As they rightly pointed out, email is not really secure and someone could have intercepted that password. Imagine if I had given them the password I use for online banking. In general, it is a good practice not to even store the user’s password on your servers, but to use a salted hash. A competent IT professional should know how to implement these additional security precautions. Instead of emailing the password, they should have used a temporary reset code, valid for a short time, to limit the risk from having the email intercepted.

    When I reported the issues with their handling of passwords and password resets, I received this reply:

    “Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    If you have any suggestions regarding your system, you are welcome to post it on forum.1and1.com. For complaints, please send an email to complaints[at]1and1.com.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.”

    I had very clearly explained the issues (and how to fix them) and it should have been forwarded to someone who could fix it, and I should have received a follow up explaining how the issues were being addressed. It should be obvious that a public forum is not the place to discuss security issues. The reply suggests they were too lazy to think about who should fix the problem, and may not have even really read the email, since they aren’t sure whether I was “suggesting” or “complaining”.

    I further encountered issues with their server configuration. Ordinarily, the MultiViews feature of Apache allows you to use links to /page and if you have implemented it with PHP, Apache will find /page.php and use it when the link to /page is clicked. The advantage of this is that if, in the future, you decide to use Python for this page instead, you replace /page.php with /page.py and the links to /page are unaffected (See “Cool URIs don’t change”, by Tim Berners-Lee ). However, on 1&1’s servers, this didn’t work for scripts. So the link to /page would work for /page.html, but not for /page.php or /page.py, etc.

    In trying to resolve this issue, I found the first line of support was not competent to handle this sort of thing, in fact, they seemed to have a hard time understanding the issue. After carefully explaining the issue in detail, I was asked for screenshots. After illustrating the issue step by step with screenshots, and carefully explaining what was occurring versus what I wanted and why, I was told that I needed to add the “.php” extension to my links. Of course, I had already explained that this was what I specifically wanted to avoid, why I wanted to avoid this, and how it ordinarily should work (as it did on my server at home). All together it took five emails before the issue was escalated to a higher level of technical support and eight days to get a reply from them. They were able to propose a work around using mod_rewrite, but this had been a lot of trouble for what should have been a relatively simple problem, and the delay in getting competent support was unacceptable in my opinion. If this had been an active business site (and it was supposed to be a business class hosting package), this would have certainly been unacceptable.

    I eventually decided that I would be better off doing the hosting myself and just keeping the domain names registered with 1&1. I told them when I asked about this option that I believed that there should be no extra cost for the downgrade, based on what I had already paid for the initial package. I was given instructions on how to perform the downgrade via their web interface. The web interface clearly stated the cost of changing the package was “$0.00”. However, I soon received an invoice for an additional charge. When I wrote about this, the reply I received bordered on being rude. It gave an explanation of the invoice and concluded with, “Thus, the invoice is valid and is non-refundable.” It failed to address the complaint that I had been explicitly told in
    advance there would be no charge, and didn’t even have the manners to throw in a “Sorry for the misunderstanding.”

    The lack of basic customer service and courtesy was a bigger issue for me than any of the technical issues. When I decided to leave their service entirely, I explained all of these issues to them, essentially offering them another chance to make it right and win me back as a customer. They didn’t care enough to reply. They simply don’t value their customers that much. I could not recommend their service to a friend, or to anyone, really. I might mention them as a low-cost option for someone with relatively basic needs, but with caveats about their poor customer service.

  104. Emory Rowland says:

    Quite a story, Robert. Did you end up getting credited for the incorrect charge? When I’ve used 1&1 for hosting, I kept my expectations low because of the low price points. I still use them for domain registration because the offer free privacy. My impression is that the first level support group follows a scripted set of rules and is pretty far removed from decision making on anything that deviates from the template.

  105. King Kitty says:

    I have used 1&1 for hosting for probably 4 years. I recently encountered one of my site’s IP addresses being blacklisted due to spam. I got the reports from MAPS which showed this being an issue since 2007, which explains the problems I was encountering with mail relaying through this IP address. When I sent the MAPS reports to 1&1 (and I might add, this is the second time I have contacted them about the issue in the last 3-4 months) this is the response I received:

    “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has brought you. This is an issue with one of our IP address being blocked. This is already known and reported to our developers. At the moment, we do not have an estimated time frame for the fix however rest assured that we are currently working on a resolution. Once we have the fix, it will be implemented to all affected customers. To ensure that your case will be taken cared of, I will be adding the details of your case to the list of affected customers. We understand that you might be anxious to have this resolved as soon as possible so thank you so much for your patience while we work on the resolution.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.”

    So they are telling me that I should just “wait for the fix”? Meantime my email gets bounced left and right…

    I have given them a day/time when I expect a resolution, or I am transferring my domains and canceling my contracts with them for failure to perform. I am also going to go after them for a portion of my past payments for the same reason.


  106. David says:

    I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with 1and1 for several years. Before I knew better I utilized them for domain name purchases (they were the cheapest!).

    I have lived to regret that decision almost daily. There support is non-existent. Several departments have only email access, and they do not reply to emails.

    I would not recommend 1and1 to any one. Not even my enemies. Do not use 1and1 – for anything. I’m looking into options for a class action lawsuit (1and1 has experience with this as I’ve been involved with a similar class action suit against them last year or so.)

    The fact that they hold your domain hostage is asinine. The fact that they require days to handle any updates to a domain name is asinine. The fact that they will call you to sell you a new service at the very same time that you cannot get someone on tech support to handle your current problem is asinine.

    I have nothing positive to say about that company and plan to do everything within my power to make sure the world knows. I urge you to spread the word, use the power of social media to show companies like this that we, the customer, simply won’t tolerate businesses that are run like this. Make an example of 1and1 – cause their business to wither and die as a testimony to others that this behavior is not tolerated anymore. In this age of technological advances we are smarter, stronger, and wiser – and we demand to be treated fairly, respectfully, and in a timely manner.

    If anyone has questions regarding my post or my situation I am more than willing to share any insights I have that might help you make an informed decision for yourself.


  107. Jai says:

    What a terrible provider, been trying to change registrant details for over a week so I can transfer my domain AWAY from these losers! AVOID AT ALL COSTS OR THEY WILL HIJACK YOUR DOMAINS AND REFUSE TO RELEASE THEM.

    Wish I had done more research on them.

  108. Jaren Vitale says:

    My website is not with 1&1. Thank God. I tried to use 1&1 but have had nothing but poor ( poor is too good of a rating ) of what they call “customer service.” I do not recommend them and advise everyone to AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. The time and money they cost you far exceeds whatever savings or services you may hope to gain.

  109. Dan says:

    I worked with 1and1 for a several years with few problems … until I tried to upgrade my service. It seemed to go through smoothly. In the process, they switched me to metered internet, which I was ok with. However, they failed to mention that the new server, by default, disables the alerting system that informs me when I am close to my bandwidth limit … which, even though my previous server was unlimited, it would still alert me when I was to cross the 1TB limit. Well, that ended very badly … my bill one a $60 server came to $1000. Their billing department could care less and told me outright to cancel my service if I was unsatisfied … which I am int he process of now. This is a pain that I can not describe. To make matters worse, as if my $1000 bill wasn’t enough for them, they require a $100 early termination for a contract that I was not informed of. Apparently when the salesman waived my setup fee, which I figured was a courtesy considering I was with them for almost 3 years prior, that automatically enrolled me in a 1 year contract. So, my upgrade didn’t cost me $60/month as I had budgeted, but instead it cost me almost $1160 … not a bad deal for 1and1, not quite so good for me.

    I will never do business with 1and1 and highly recommend that those who choose to do business them tread with care.

  110. Val says:

    I wish I’d read these reviews prior to registering my domains with them. It was ok for a while since all I was doing was redirecting but as soon as I ordered a beginner package, it apparently becomes an all encompassing package so you can’t remove the webspace without it causing a total cancellation of your account, a lock on your domains and all admin access to your domains to be revoked. I was stunned to see this happen today when all I wanted was to remove the webspace as I find their webbuilder to be severely lacking even the basic features of free sites.

    When I called on the morning of my lockout, having noticed my email accounts were deactivated though nothing was ever said via the phone conversation or by email about that, I was put through my paces, validation of my account being asked my password, last 4 digits of cc used, etc etc all just to be told I couldn’t have domain admin access, though I have a year on them still, and can’t even get the authorization code to transfer them away.

    I now have to go to every site I’ve got my email addy’s used and change them. I’m sure to have a wait ahead of me to get them transferred too. I’ve just never seen any customer service this lame, seemingly intentionally bad and hostile in fact. As a person who’s been online since 96 though I’m not a tech, I’m not a newbie and I don’t find their user interface to be clear or simple at all.

    It’s been a real waste of time with every action or interaction involving 1&1. I think they’re archaic in their
    level of customer service. I asked for the contact info, address, email, phone to contact the VP of Customer Service and was only told the name of Jordan Sison as the highest level of contact but no means of reaching him. I doubt it will do any good and I hate to waste any further time on this piece of shit company but it’s such a high level of frustration I’ve reached I have to go for it.

    I appreciate the info posted above encompassing years of bad service. I too was bs’d by their ads and promotional pricing. I’ll not fall for it again and thankfully I don’t have any business website hosted here. Ugh!

  111. 5/23/2011

    It is no doubt very good hosting provider, they provide a very good mailing facility along with less down time on their server.

  112. Bob Kennon says:

    1and1 has a lucrative scam going getting casual users to “park” domain names (“ONLY $8.95 a year!”), but they have very deceptive automatic renewal contract (“It’s in the terms & conditions you agreed to…”) that create an annual obligation many forget about as their constant marketing emails eventually go to SPAM folders. I made the mistake of referring a non-techie friend to them since they were “cheap” – HUGE mistake.

    IF you do forget or attempt to cancel without FOLLOWING THEIR STRICT PROCEDURE on a special website (not accessible from control panel), they will continue to bill eternally. If the CC used hits an expiration date, they will still bill, then add an $18.95 “late pmt” fee and turn over immediately to NCO Financial – who adds their $10 fee. Now your $8 domain is up to $55 and about to be reported on your credit record if you don’t pay!

    The arrogant & automatic responses I got from 1and1 and NCO CA’s indicate this is a common procedure (“You do this a lot?””Yes, we have a lot of business with 1and1.” … and I could hear the same complaint being handled in the background @NCO). All evidence indicates this is a common and lucrative source of incremental revenue from 1and1’s potential customer base.

    Save your money and use a hosting provider that is interested in retaining customers and one that will be responsive to you. I won’t make the mistake of referring anyone to them again!

  113. Dwayne Lewis says:

    The worse service ever!!! Never again will i go with 1&1 their reps are horrible and billing has a lot of hidden fees!

  114. Abby says:

    This is a absolute rubbish company i ever seen. I don’t know which …………person reviewed them good.
    The do not have experience or technical staff, they keep you hanging on the phone for hours, don’t call you back. They include sitemap as option in there package but don’t know how to operate the system. They keep saying sorry we will not charge for the next month, guess what they do. I have 4 months on moved to another hosting company and after cancelling with them and receiving emailing saying “You have now started the online cancellation process for a 1&1 Internet package or feature within a package, contract number………………. today i found my account was passed on a collection company.
    See my original complaint below to 1and 1:
    The fact that you actually sale a service that is not function able or stable full of bugs its worrying. You should not able to sale this service, you have not met the merit of providing the good service, no doubt I will raise the this issue with trading and whether you can charge customers 3 months in advance even after declare they want cancel is laughable, i believe it is reasonable month notice since I complained agreed to cancel. It is also disturbing and breach to have 1 or more of your employee who is going through my company products. I will pass this email to trading consumers to look at this.
    So people out there 1and1 bad news.

  115. Mariah says:

    The worst service EVER. They will bill you for services you DONT have, bill you for services that you canceled, bill you for Domains you canceled over a year ago, and turn off all your services if you own even one cent for the services that you canceled and shouldn’t OWN ANYTHING on. The people who answer the phones are useless and they will not give you to a supervisor at all. This company does all these things just to get more money from you. Even if these were not problem at all, there sevice just sucks in general. Their CSR’s are rude and ignorant. We have been with this company for years, but we should have left years and years ago. After the 100th time that they have done this too us we are leaving. Don’t let it happen to you.

  116. Webmaster777 says:

    My personal experience: Excellent and cheapest provider ever seen. Have been working with them for 3 year and all my 30 customers are sitting on this hoster. Never had any issue. But of course you must be familiar with servers and programming.

    What I read here sounds like scream of newbies who have NO IDEA about web building. That means if your hands are out of “a…,” no need to blame the hoster.

  117. amy says:

    charging me for a domain i long ago transferred away from them (as they were NOT PRICECOMPETATIVE!)

    i recommend anyone but 1and1.co.uk

    1 out of 10 rating

  118. Wendy says:

    I’m not 1and1 user at this time, but almost all of complains here very funny, the fact is:
    1. No hosting company will add MODULE for you on Share Hosting! You need at least a VPS!
    2. No hosting company will fix YOUR OWN SCRIPTS. You must hire a programmer to do it!
    3. If you think your website a MISSION CRITICAL then why you choose SHARE hosting? You must use at least double VPS, much better multi DS/Colo Server with your own firewall in cloud HA (High Availibility) if you think your web is MISSION CRITICAL!

  119. Rama says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am a Dedicated Server user of 1and1.com since 2008 and also bought some domains through 1and1.com. I just want to share my own experience with 1and1.com here.

    So far I never experience problems as described here. Most of the problems I read here deal with share web hosting and VPS hosting.

    If it is true that 1and1.com has million of clients and there is 1% complaints of unhappy customers, to my understanding that is still very good performance as we cannot make everybody happy. I do not know what % of their customers are happy customers though.

    However, I do hope that 1and1.com is listening the experiences of their ex-customers here to improve their support service team from time to time, to reduce complaint rates.

  120. Geeta says:

    1and1 is one of those sites where you can do ok as long as you do not have any issues. I know a few people who have been using it without trouble for years. My personal experience with them was very bad. I had a VPS account which was operational for four months or so. Then they blocked access to my site without warning and upon enquiry I was told that I was spamming and asked to contact the Spam department. I tried resolving the issue, but there was never any response nor any explanation of what the spam issue was. Thus I was being made to wait for no fault of mine. Finally I cancelled my account after a week of no response from the support. The sudden blockage of site shut down my site and I lost all data and customers who were using the site. I will never ever go with such a company that will block site without warning and not even respond to complaints. Please stay away from this company, you are likely to get screwed without any warning. Never run a production site on their servers, it is not worth the risk.

  121. Duane B says:

    1and1 is a good company,my only problem with them is the customer service,they use 3rd party customer service..it would be nice if they had on-site service.they have good promotions…I got a really good deal on the dual advanced package.

  122. Omar says:

    This is the worst company i have ever had to deal with. This morning, i have been talking to three of their customer service members. they all hang up on me. I think that no matter how angry a customer can be, no customer service should hang up on them. It’s about service. I have been wrongly charged and i when i called to complain, they fired back on me telling me i have no right to be angry. No one ever apologized but instead try to justify their wrong doing.
    They have a trick which is when you try their service online and you happen to cancel it online, they will not cancel it. Instead they will send you an email confirmation which is not one. Because they want you to call them and they will make you wait on the line so long that you will give up and maybe try again.
    But when you give a try first place, they don’t ask you to call. So why then do you have to call when you want to cancel?

  123. S. Elliott says:

    I signed up with 1&1 and I asked questions first and I signed up 2 domains. I was told everything I need to do with the domains was available with their templates, etc. Then I found I could not have the second domain with the plan I had I had to pay more and I did and it still would not work for my needs. Everytime I called I got some third world country rep who had no clue and on weekends I was told yesterday you can olnly speak to a US rep during the week. I got no help, I did not have all the info they needed but I had the domain names the address of billing the CC # but the reps in BFE were no help and lacked any customer service skills. so I tried the emailing them and again BS, and more BS. Don’t use the Co. go US companies only and this in in a plain statment SUCKS !!!

  124. Jason Lewis says:

    As a former customer of some eight years, five years with 1&1 in the UK and a further three years with 1&1 in the United States, upto one year ago I was happy, never had reason to contact technical or customer support. I consider myself an experienced user, having worked in the webhosting industry in the past so rarely needed help with using online control panels.

    But one year ago, I had to contact support because the bandwidth and server performance of my website dropped significant, taking upto 30 seconds to load my homepage, which is 90% text based. The message that can back from technical support was that I was at fault, I needed to empty my cache, defragment my hard disk, reboot my machine. This was not the problem, I check all possibly avenues before contacting technical support, including using different machines and Internet connections.

    Later my website went down for more than four hours, I contacted technical support again and got an Email, seven hours later, telling me that it looks fine to them, of course the website was back up by that point. Another suggestion of clearing my cache, rebooting etc.

    Then when it came to cancelling the package after I had enough, they won’t let me cancel instantly before the next payment is due, giving some spiel about minimum term contracts, I was with them for almost three years, how bloody long is the minimum contract, bottom line I have to pay for another four months of service that I am not using!

    I’ll echo comments above, 1&1 are only interested in relieving you of your hard earned cash, customer service is awful, either shifting the blame onto the user or sending copy & paste replies from their FAQ!

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Yes, Jason, it seems that most of the complaints I hear aren’t with the actual service but with their first level support.

  125. cmarunde says:

    I’ve been using 1and1.com to host a few websites for about 5 years now, and just a heads up for all of you who are looking for a good host, this has been a nightmare for me. Not only is website builder extremely quirky and inconsistent and full of program glitches, but even worse the tech support is the worst of any tech support I have worked with since my first website in 1995. 100% of the tech support folks speak English as a second language, and they typically don’t understand what you are saying very well. Even simple discussions demonstrate that they do not understand. They repeat things many times, and you will spend 20 minutes and get absolutely nowhere. If this happened to me once or even half a dozen times in 5 years, I would just pass it off as life, but this has happened to me probably over 100 times in 5 years. Yes, I know, I am extremely patient and gentle in working with non-English speaking techs, but I’ve really had it with the nonsense, the glitchy programs, the horrendous customer support. I’ve tried to talk to supervisors, but after being on hold for an eternity, I’m always told that the supervisors are busy. This is 1and1.com folks. This is not an isolated experience. This has been my experience for 5 years with multiple websites. Unfortunately, my main website cannot be transferred to any other company, because no one will accept a website built with that glitchy website builder program. My strong recommendation is never use 1and1.com. You will be truly frustrated and sorry like I am, and then you won’t be able to move your website like me

  126. John Davidson says:

    When I see the current 1&1 Advertising campaign on British Television I have to fight off the waves of nausea that consumes me as well as the urge to put my foot through the TV. screen. I think of those poor people that will be innocently signing up to the 1&1 ship of fools and the suffering, stress and misery that awaits them. Please someone investigate ‘United Internet’ a criminal organisation headed by Ralph Donnermuth who will personally arrange for someone to come round and break your legs should you unintentionally miss a payment or try to cancel your account (not allowed)….Slight exageration but not far off lol.

  127. Mike H says:

    1and1.com really blows… I’ve been trying to log into the cpanel for 30 mins now.. I think it would be a lot easier to host my own server rather then go to 1and1… >.<'

  128. Pete Hicks says:

    Their company mission seems to be to promise prospective customers the world,….get as much money as they possibly can get, then then slowly but surely screw you over with dodgy billing practices, rubbish technology and abysmal Customer support until you are ground down, demoralised, weakened and will happily pay whatever it takes to get away from them and their bullyboy ‘cash cow’ debt collectors……hmmm what a strange but extraordinarily successful business model. They are in a position where they have so many customers they just do not have to bother or even care….sad and pathetic!

  129. 6/22/2012

    Your logic doesn’t wash. A hosting company doesn’t survive, particularly with discount sign-up offers, unless they have long-term customers paying regular price. The acquisition costs would kill them quickly.

    The fact is that most 1and1 Internet customers like what they do. But it’s a highly programmed system, and as soon as you vary the programming, things go awry. That’s where you get a lot of these problems. I know some people over there, and they certainly seem dedicated to doing good work and provide good service. But their development system, and the way the service is organized, can cause troubles for some customers.


  130. Leanne Grady says:

    Picture if you will the cassic ‘Edward Munch’ painting ‘The Scream’…remember it well because that will be you in the not too distant future should you decide to join 1&1 Internet. A pathetic corrupt black hole of an organistion. I believe they are introducing some new Terms and Conditions later this year where they will be entitled to kill your first born should you complain about their crappy service or heaven forbid let your Credit card expire. it’s in their T&C’s so it must be legal. Right?

  131. Walter Wallcarpets says:

    Hmmm….. The slaying of customers first borns by 1&1 Internet if you put the slightest perceived foot wrong may be frowned upon by some annoying liberal wishy-washy hand wringing Ned Flanders type do-gooders….but I would say it’s to be applauded and it’s certainly more than an Industry Standard. …Yes, Bloody Good show 1&1.keep up the splendid work I say…I salute you.

  132. Dr. Griffin says:

    These guys are the worst. I thought my experience was unique, then I saw this. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  133. sam2077 says:

    The problem with this service from 1&1.com is that they let you make your website using their tools, but it is hard for even a computer savvy person to keep up with all the controls of it. It doesn’t matter how much you know about computers; if you have never made websites before, you will never be able to make a good website. You might be able to USE 1&1.com to make one after months of frustration, but that won’t be something you can use for your business because it just won’t be good enough. It will look generic, cheap, and no one will buy anything or visit it.

    After suffering from them, I went to BlueGroupSolutions.com
    They made my whole website for just under $300, which also included hosting and it was very clean and presentable. They captured what I was looking for in no time and finished it for me in less than a week. I would call them and give them your business instead of wasting your money. What gave me piece of mind was that they only charged me half of their quote upfront and the rest of it after I was satisfied when finished.

    • John says:

      How strange. 1and1 has the best tools around. You 1 click install everything in Plesk and can run any script you want via ssh, ftp or Plesk.

      I just installed red5, icecast, minecaft server, ffmpeg, a social networking script, and a dozen other websites this week on my new 1and1 dedicated. There was no complications and everything is fast. I think the flaw in your experience is a lack of Linux skills. You cannot get very far with any solution if you are to rely on customer service, techs, and a paid developer. I believe knowing how to code, run Linux and the cpanels of a hosting backend is key to 100% satisfaction & complettion of a successful , customized website. GL.

  134. SW says:

    Instead of telling explaining how HORRENDOUS this service is, I’ll just share the letter I sent them moments ago:

    I have been a customer for a couple of years, and everything was fine until the last few weeks. For some reason that no one has taken the time to TRY to figure out, PayPal was not approving my payments to 1&1. I received a notice about it, called 1&1 billing, and had to speak with someone who had a pretty nasty attitude telling me I had to change my payment settings. Well, that would have been nice to do had I not been locked out of my account. I was given access, entered another account for you to make charges, and once again, I get the notices in the mail and email that the payment was denied by my bank, that this was a 2nd notice before I’m contacted by a collections agency. I called 1&1 again, and again was told this is something I need to solve with my bank. I called my bank (Wells Fargo) and explained the situation. They told me that they saw the charge against my account, which they were ready to approve but couldn’t because YOUR system did not provide a dollar amount for the charge. I called 1&1 AGAIN and told you what the bank said, and again I was told I need to change my payment settings. At that point, all I wanted to do is get this over with, pay you the 40 dollars and put an end to it, but you would not accept a check in the mail, only paypal and credit cards. I changed my payment settings to another card AGAIN (and again had to have someone let me into the account I was locked out of), and one more time – received notice that my payment was denied. There are 3 things I know for a fact: 1) I have well over 40 dollars in my accounts, and my bank has attested to that 2) Up until this issue started, there has NEVER been any problem with me not paying my bill – I am a good customer, 3) I investigated every possible reason for this ON MY OWN – this is something that you, as a business, should be doing as well. At one point I was transferred to a very nice customer service person named Andrew. He traded a few emails with me, but even that relationship never continued through to a resolution. Finally yesterday, I called AGAIN (and by the way, your hold times on the phone are unacceptable), couldn’t get Andrew on the phone, so the person who I did speak to in customer service told me I had to talk to a billing supervisor – so basically I was being sent back to the inept department that treated me so rudely from the beginning. I was transferred to billing, spoke to a woman there, told her I needed to talk to a supervisor. She put me on hold for a bit, then comes back and tells me the supervisor is too busy to talk to me, and that my only other option is to go to my bank and wire the funds to you.

    This has been beyond irritating, and probably some of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. The fact that it was verified, by my bank, that your systems screwed up, and you couldn’t be bothered to check into it is pathetic. You’re a freaking technology company – check your damn payment system before making customers jump through hoops and sending threats of collection agencies coming after them. Then to make me have to go make a special trip to the bank to send you FORTY DOLLARS? And pay extra fees for processing? I have no words. I emailed Andrew yesterday and told him about all this, and he hasn’t responded either. I’m not going to rush out the door to wire your money. I’ll get to it in a few days. In the meantime, cancel my account, I want nothing more to do with 1&1, and you can be sure I’ll be sharing this experience with many others who may be considering hosting their site with you.

  135. Eamonn Liddle says:

    Its quite simple everyone, DO NOT go to 1 & 1 for any internet business, They are and will be the worst customer services in existance.
    They will continue to bill you after your 2 years automatically even if your card has expired, they will then pass onto a debt recovery agency which will cost you even more.
    They do not know how to write a response to any questions you may have instead will state their terms and conditions only.
    This is a warning to ALL, do not sign up with them, there are much better companies which offer full service support and will not try and rip you off.

    Stay clear of 1&1

  136. 1/02/2013

    1&1 billed me for 3 domains and then canceled them the NEXT DAY and then when I told them I had set those domains not to renew automatically and I shouldn’t have been billed for it. They told me they have a no refund policy. I said, I never renewed them, you screwed it up and they keep giving me the same answer over and over again.

  137. Jake says:

    Keep away from 1&1.
    You will regret going with them.
    I have used Hostgator, justhost, yahoo but never had issues with a contract like i did with them.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      There shouldn’t have to be a contract for shared hosting. It’s just a service that one should be able to cancel anytime, one would think.

  138. Joseline says:

    I received a telemarketing call from them today. The customer service lady was so nice. We were on the phone together for about 30 min chit chatting and getting all revved up about the services she was telling me about. Towards the end of our call she of course asked for my payment information. I told her I would have to look the company up on line first of all and wouldn’t be giving out any payment information over the phone. They pressured me for a few minutes before we decided she was going call me back after after get to the computer and pull out my, “Payment Information”.

    A half an hour later I call back via caller ID. Guess who answers the phone???????? A very rude man with a heavy accent that I could barely understand. I did however get a loud rude, gargling, response and was able to make out the name. It’s Leading Edge Recovery, a debt collecting agency. Here it is:http://about-leadingedgerecovery.com . I feel bullied and roughed up. He said I said the NAME OF OUR COMPANY 5 TIMES NOW. I was in shocked!!! Yeah smarty, I get that! But your company pretended to be 1&1.com. They are probably connected!!!!

    Anyways, I said this is scary. He said, Why You Scared? I said because your company is fraudulent. Also, your rude and the customer support they bragged about was from English speakers. I certainly didn’t expect someone gargling, yelling, and being mean to me with an unidentifiable accent. I said, I was trying to call Crystal back, the super sweet customer rep. He then yelled for her in the background as she was getting off break, because they are so professional. I then hung up.

  139. concernedinorlando says:

    I have been trying to transfer a domain to a client of mine for about 3 weeks now, still nothing resolved. We transfer 100’s of domains a year, and they make it near impossible to make the transition easy for their clients. I do not see why anyone would use this Registrar for anything at all. This is why I am writing this. Just to transfer one domain, they are requesting our owner’s drivers license photo, article of incorporation, as well as a Standardized Form of Authorization (FOA) signed by our owner. Ridiculous! Not only that, I was on the phone with them three times and they said they are waiting for signed agreement to be approved. And now, they are asking for us to send the FOA again, I guess they lost it. I will never, ever do business with this company.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      conernedinorlando, they are still requiring all that? I have to transfer some domains and I am not looking forward to it. As much as people knock Godaddy, their transfer process is fairly smooth, at least compared to 1&1.

  140. macey dequay says:


    Want to move your website to another server? Well with 1and1 its easy,
    park your domain with us, and now wait 48 hours until you can come back and point the A record. Thats it! Sorry if your website will be down 48 hours in the meantime. Oh well.

    Anyone purchasing a domain from this company is INSANE!

  141. xiong vang says:

    So far I’ve have a great experience with 1and1.com. Everything I have read here seems to point to mostly new users who have no knowledge using Linux, Plesk or understand the importance of BACKUP.

    I haven’t noticed any flaws. The service is reliable. Support can sometimes be slow but they always follow through and cancel, replace, upgrade and everything as promised.

    I was with their Atom Server plan and switched over to a Xeon Quad. I can’t stress how cheap, reliable and awesome 1and1 is. You get more than what you pay for. I ran a home server for some time and let me tell ya the electric & air conditioner bill was more than what I pay for per month on this Xeon Package.

    Tip to all new 1and1 users.
    Buy 1and1 cheapest dedicated and practice using their Plesk.
    Learn how to modify the server. Learn how to dump sql for back up. Learn how to zip directories and back them up via ftp. Study all that.

    When you have mastered 1and1 system, buy the BETTER package and get serious:)

    You can’t find cheaper anywhere. I have tried. I dare anyone to beat their prices.

    • 12/19/2014

      Hi vang,

      I agree with you. Because the basic knowledge of Linux also will help you to manage the 1and1 hosting solution.

      thanks for the comment

    • John says:

      1and1 is not a good solution for new users.

      They are the best solution when you have a working knowledge of Linux.

      I’ve ran with 1and1 for AGES and “0” problems. You have 100% control of your server from root to front. There is no limits on bandwidth and you can run virtually ANY script you can imagine. The skies the limit.

  142. 11/16/2015

    I was 1and1.com customer for the last two years.

    My account was in the name of my company.

    Suddenly, after all this time, I saw in my e-mail (late) a message that I would be “violating” the rules and should update within 5 days my personal data.

    I only saw this warning mail after this “term”. When I sent my personal data, for my surprise, my account and my 150 domains WERE CANCELED. “Simple” like this. Disrespectful like this.

    Without a message, a re-warning, I lost everything because one e-mail I didn’t read.

    That’s how 1and1.com treats their customers.

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