A Happy DreamHost Customer

Happy DreamHost Customer Asleep

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of web hosting. DreamHost Discovers the Secret of Happiness. Advertising in the WHOIS records are ya? Good marketing or SPAM? »

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Stuff To Do When Your Website = Down

Site Down Error: We'll be back shortly...

Ten things you can do to alleviate the panic you are feeling while you wait for your lame host to come back up after an outage. »

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5 Common Web Hosting Issues and their Solutions

Hosting Problems and Solutions

New at web hosting? Get inside the mind of a real web hosting customer support specialist to explore 5 common issues and solutions. »

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How Our Shared Hosting Reviews Work

Plugging in the Server

In this in depth look at our web hosting review practices and benefits, I outline the methodology used, important differences in how we review hosts, and how we select reviewers. »

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HostGator Ads

Host... Gator

What does this HostGator ad really trying to communicate and how does it help the company sell hosting? »

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Finding Free Web Hosting

Cartoon about Finding Free Web Hosting

Douglas Hanna introduces us to the possibilities of free web hosting and gives some guidance as to what to look out for. One of the goals is to explain free web host expectations as compared with one of the paid services–is it a get what you pay for type of thing? »

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HostGator vs 1&1

Another of our host vs. host series. This time it’s HostGator vs. 1&1 Internet. »

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HostGator vs Lunarpages

HostGator vs. Lunarpages

We’ve been having fun with comparing some of the biggest and badest in our host vs. host reviews. This time it’s HostGator vs. Lunarpages. Which host do you prefer and why? »

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Things I like about HostGator

A real live hostgator sign spotted in the wild

HostGator (review here) is a top notch host. They provide quality support and have a good reputation as a quality hosting provider. All of the pros, cons, and benefits can be overwhelming, though. Here are…

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Working at a Web Host

Working on a server (literally)

Working at a web host can be a unique and challenging and even comic experience. Douglas Hanna writes about his. »

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