FatCow vs BlueHost

FatCow vis a vis Bluehost

Aside from adorable nicknames and mascots, who wins in a battle between FatCow and Bluehost web hosting? »

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FatCow vs HostGator

FatCow vs. HostGator

How does a cow compare to a gator in the web hosting zoo? Steve Miller gives us the answers. »

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Interview with Brent Oxley, Founder of HostGator

Brent Oxley, Founder of HostGator

I’m hitting you with a Web Hosting Craze exclusive interview with no less than the CEO of HostGator himself, Brent Oxley! »

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VPS Web Hosting: Finding your Middleground

Beautiful Server Rack

In pinpointing a perfect web hosting plan for your business, the most common choices range from cheap shared or to the expensive dedicated server solution. But can’t I have both, you ask? No, but VPS may be the plan that bridges the gap between dedicated and shared hosting both in pricing and features. »

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Cloud Hosting Explained

Cloud Computing: Public vs Private and How it Works Diagram

Want to know what cloud hosting is? Is cloud computing a real option for your website project? Check out how Anthony helps clear up some of the nebulus concepts of cloud computing. »

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HostGator vs IX Web Hosting

Steve uses his own point system to determine the best host in HostGator vs. IX Web Hosting. »

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Bluehost vs IX Web Hosting

Looking for a good host fight? BlueHost and IX Web Hosting duel in the shared web hosting arena. »

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BlueHost Coupon: The Semantics of Discount Hosting

Shopping - Buy One, Get One Free Cartoon

Conversations with BlueHost about the existence or non-existence of their much sought after coupons. This analysis seeks to clarify the facts and dispel some misconceptions. »

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Have you Seen These Billboards?

HostGator Billboard

Will HostGator billboards drive revenue like Web affiliates or be put to sleep in the zoo? Let’s find out. »

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Inside The Green Geeks Data Center

Check out these pictures from inside the Green Geeks Web Hosting Datacenter in Chicago, IL. Nice and shiney looking servers, huh? »

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