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What’s going on with advertising from hosts lately?

We’d broken the story about the questionable Media Temple ad that appeared in the Web Host Industry Review. Some wondered whether it was degrading to women and why a mainstream web hosting company would risk their brand with such an ad. That one is still kind of hanging out there unresolved, at least in my mind.

Not long after this, I picked up my copy of PingZine and saw the below HostGator ad, I believe on the back cover. I thought it seemed, well, not your ordinary web hosting ad. It features the blue and yellow HostGator mascot next to a burning skyscraper that represents “Leave a Message Web Hosting.” The Gator is getting ready to take a bite out of it, hence the title of the ad:

“We eat up the competition, Run… Web Hosts Run”

HostGator Ad from PingZine

Anyway, I scanned the pic so I could think about it and post my thoughts. I kind of forgot about it and the picture of the rather unusual HostGator ad has been sitting on my desktop since January.

Today I stumbled upon my friend and fellow web host blogger Dimitar’s blog and saw that he’d posted about the ad. He has a lot to say about the “cubbish” ad, so do check it out. But before you do, take a look at the pic above, ponder and post your thoughts. I’d like to know what the ad communicates to you. I’ll eventually post my thoughts in more detail as well.

One thing to note is that I am not showing this image to denigrate HostGator. Goodness knows these hosts get enough pummeling, deserved or not in the comments of our web host reviews here. I am not saying anything here about HostGator’s products, but their advertising. HostGator has been one of the few hosts to receive a perfect rating of 5/5 stars in our review of their shared hosting service not too long ago.

So tell me, what does this ad say to you?

Bonus HostGator Ad: This One’s Done Right

HostGator Stimulus Plan Ad

I thought this HostGator Google AdSense ad making fun of the recent U.S. government stimulus plan was an entertaining way of communicating the company’s desire to win customers through their low cost web hosting plans. I think this HostGator ad is more attractive than the aforementioned HostGator advertisement I spotted and fitting for this age where spending the funds of others is considered “bold.”

“See how we aren’t waiting for congress to save you money”

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