Comparing Uptime: GreenGeeks, MyHosting and ClickHOST

After reviewing these three shared hosting services, I went back and did an uptime comparison.

[Authors note: All data was collected and reviewed by using a monitoring service called Pingdom over the course of 4 months.]

All web hosts state they can offer you 99.99% uptime, hell; it’s pretty much a requirement to have that statement within a Terms of Service these days, but how do web hosts really compare when it comes to website downtime and sticking to their ToS promise? Let’s find out!

We will be basing these reports off of three previous web hosting reviews:

The first two hosts mentioned are better known than ClickHOST and have a larger consumer base and following. Both companies established themselves a fairly long time ago, and ClickHOST is a more modern web host, so it will definitely be interesting to see how these results pan out based on the longevity of the aforementioned hosts.

MyHosting Uptime

Let’s start with MyHosting. They have been in the business since the late nineties, so they should have the definite advantage here. Overall, they have 99.80% uptime. That’s a reasonable start for the web host, and is pretty average, I’d say. However, the website did it have its fair share of downtime, which was surprisingly a lot. It had a total number of 25 downtimes, and overall 6 hours, 25 minutes worth of downtime. The average response time was 86ms. That isn’t especially great if you’re a business running some sort of e-commerce platform, and you can’t afford the risk of even a minute of downtime. For a web host that has been in the business for so long, they surely should have some tricks of the trade up their sleeves to enhance their uptime, yet, they do not.

GreenGeeks Uptime

Next on the list is GreenGeeks; this is a company that prides themselves on the fact that they use environment friendly equipment and do their part for the earth. This will have an interesting intake on results due to the different hardware they use, which will most likely be different than what the majority of other hosts out there use. Unfortunately, in this case, Green Geeks had the worst downtime so far. The website had on average 99.7% of uptime and a whopping 7 hours worth of downtime, over 21 separate occurrences. GreenGeeks has fair load times, and it is quite surprising to see such a large amount of downtime; however it may potentially be the fact they can’t utilize the best hardware available due to their ‘green’ policy. The average response time for the host was 1234ms which therefore proves page-load times aren’t as great as they could be.

ClickHOST Uptime

Next up is ClickHOST. This is an independently owned web host so I can only hope good results come from the status information. ClickHOST had an average of 99.9% uptime; way to stick to the TOS agreement! The amount of downtime was only 3 hours worth, over 7 occurrences, which is less than half than that of the aforementioned hosts! The response time the host carried in conjunction with loading times was 759ms which is very good.


I found it very surprising that overall, the small independently owned web host had the best results out of all three web hosts. Most would generally assume that the bigger players in the field would have better hardware, more datacenters and overall better uptime, minimal downtime and great response times. It seems the bigger hosts could learn a thing or two from ClickHOST. The amount of downtime was also significantly smaller compared to GreenGeeks who carried a whopping downtime of over seven hours. MyHosting were not far off in the run of having the best uptime by just being off by 0.1%. That is definitely a fair difference but has the potential to be rectified.

If you’re looking for a new web host, ClickHOST are the host to go with. With an uptime like this, you definitely won’t be let down. You can be assured that if you’re running an online store, you won’t miss out on any potential customers. ClickHOST have the fastest response times, so load-times will definitely not be an issue either. This just goes to show that the independent players in the trade can fend off much better than the bigger players.

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