BlueHost Coupon: The Semantics of Discount Hosting

Is there such thing as a BlueHost Coupon?

The short answer: no. There is no such thing as a BlueHost coupon. Most people don’t know this, and the result is that a couple thousand people use Google search to try to find BlueHost coupons. Those searchers will find tons and tons of sites talking about BlueHost coupons as though they do exist, and none of them will ever actually have a BlueHost coupon code anywhere.

Don’t believe me? We asked BlueHost directly. By using their live online support, we asked them if there is any such thing as a BlueHost coupon or BlueHost coupon code. This is what they said:

BlueHost Coupon Code Discussion

Not only did BlueHost inform us that they don’t offer coupon codes, they warned us to be careful about scams. That’s a pretty big deal.

So, why are so many sites claiming they have a BlueHost coupon? It’s the same reason a lot of people do a lot of things. Money. BlueHost offers an affiliate program to anyone who has a website. They put a link to BlueHost, and every time that somebody clicks on that link and buys BlueHost hosting, the site owner will get some amount of money in exchange for the customer.

We’ve tested the affiliate program for an extended period and found that the tracking is above average as compared with other Web Hosting affiliates and payments generally made on time.

Some of the less-then-honest sites will claim to have BlueHost coupons just to get you to visit their site and click on their link, all so that they can earn a quick buck.

The problem is that this confuses the consumer. They see so many sites offering a BlueHost coupon, and they become convinced that such a thing exists. Therefore, they keep looking for one. The result is that the problem perpetuates itself. There’s the thought that there might be a BlueHost coupon code out there, so someone searches it. Then, they see tons of sites offering BlueHost coupons. They then believe that it must exist, so they keep searching for one. It’s a waste of the consumer’s time, and a pretty gross one at that.

But not all is lost. There is a way to get a discount for BlueHost web hosting (read our review). Now, it’s not a coupon, but it does come from the affiliate accounts I mentioned before. Despite any potential ill intentions, there are some who offer this affiliate link with good intentions, and any of them can be used to get you a discount. As an addition to the affiliate program, anybody who signs up for BlueHost by clicking on one of those affiliate links gets a special price. Their hosting is usually $6.95 per month. By using an affiliate link, you can get prices as listed below:

BlueHost Discount

Make no mistake, though. This is not a BlueHost coupon code. This is a promotional price, and it only applies until the customer renews with BlueHost, at which point the price returns to $6.95 per month. However, there isn’t a huge rush to grab this promo until you are ready. This promo is available through affiliates only, but it doesn’t have any set end date. And it’s been going on for over a year now. We asked BlueHost about this as well, just to make sure, and this is what they said:

BlueHost Promo
So, the definitive answer is that there is no such thing as a BlueHost coupon code, but they do have an ongoing promotional rate for new accounts that sign up through an affiliate link.

Hopefully, this has cleared up any confusion about whether or not a BlueHost coupon exists.

But, were you looking for a web host that does offer coupons? We can help there, as well as help you determine which ones are good hosts. You can visit our shared hosting reviews to see which candidates have proven to be a good value. Always try and find a coupon before signing up. For example, you can take a look at our IX Web Hosting Review, which has an excellent 20% off coupon on our coupons page.

Bluehost Offer as it appears on the home page

Click here for the BlueHost Discount Link

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  1. Stephane says:

    Obviously this article is about getting traffic from people searching for “bluehost coupon” and you know it. Shame on you, you’re not better than those who pretend having these coupons.

    • Emory Rowland says:

      Stephane, I am guilty as charged of the crime of wanting traffic to my site. I always make a point to write copy with descriptive keywords in mind. To do otherwise would be wasteful. To satisfy your desire to prevent the article from getting traffic, I should have named it “HostBlue Poncoup.”

      I wanted to know the answer to the question of whether BlueHost offers coupons or discounts. We went to the trouble of researching it and we discovered the answer. Steve shared it with the readers here. I found the responses from BlueHost to be interesting and I can’t help but believe that other less cynical readers will benefit as well.

  2. Emory Rowland says:

    The discount rates (what some are calling a “coupon”) are actually the same as the University Discount ( My guess is that they are probably keeping these rates in effect due lack of growth in customer acquistion from affiliates due to Google Panda.

    The Bluehost University Program makes our full-fledged hosting accounts more affordable than ever. At unprecedented rates of up to 60% off, any student or educator can now gain complete access to our hosting services along with unlimited access to industry-leading tools and software at no additional cost.

  3. Neeraj Jha says:

    Many people consider BlueHost Hosting as a website host, however there are several other aspects that are included in their overall service. The first aspect that they provide is a shared server. This means that they have a server that is shared by many other websites which has a number of other services for their customers to avail. They also have a backup facility, which will be able to save them in case of any technical difficulties with the website. They also have a lot of other features that are always beneficial for their customers.

    The second aspect of the company is their customer service. They offer 24 hour customer service, which can be contacted by any one of their customers. In addition, they offer free technical support so that they can help in every aspect of a customer’s website or business. They are able to help in the areas that are related to the website and the hosting service, in particular. Customers who are looking for a reliable website host should consider BlueHost Hosting as their option.

    The third aspect that BlueHost Hosting provides is their ability to serve all their customers within a reasonable period of time. They do not have a limit on the number of customers that they can have at any one time, making them popular among their customers who want a great deal for a great price. They also offer free domain registration so that their customers can start a website. However, they do not provide hosting for a small business or website owner. They only provide this service for larger businesses and websites which have an average or large amount of traffic.

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