Douglas Hanna is a writer, speaker, and customer service consultant.

As a Principal at Service Untitled Group, Douglas has helped companies of all sizes improve their customer service since 2004. He specializes in working with technology companies and helping them to improve their overall customer service experience and processes.

In addition to his consulting, Douglas writes about customer service and the customer service experience on Service Untitled, a blog he founded in April 2006 that focuses on customer service and the customer service experience. He has written more than 600 posts for Service Untitled and has also interviewed senior executives from leading companies such as Dell, HP, and Best Buy.

Douglas and Service Untitled have been featured on, How to Change the World by Guy Kawasaki, and in The Web Host Industry Review. For more information about Douglas and what he does, please visit his blog at In October 2008, Douglas began working at a major web hosting company. He no longer writes reviews for Clickfire, but does continue to write about the web hosting industry and the trends within it.

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