5 Things You Didn’t Know about Servers

Plugging in the Server

Most people think of servers as merely upgraded desktop machines – perhaps with a lot of flashing lights and an ominous presence!

But anyone who’s worked in a data center knows that they can be quite innocuous looking. Even though web servers take on the load of millions of visitors to websites every day, they are still shrouded in mystery to the average user. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about servers.

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13 Dumb Things That Web Hosts Do

Boycott Web Hosting Cartoon

Have you been the victim of a dumb web host? Here’s a list of 13 dumb things that a web host may have done to you. »

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7 Questions to Ask Your Web Host… Before You Click “Buy”

Shopping - Buy One, Get One Free Cartoon

A light-hearted look at the 7 questions a guy might ask his potential web hosting company. »

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Comparing Uptime: GreenGeeks, MyHosting and ClickHOST

Pingdom Uptime Monitoring Service Screen

Smair looks at three recent web hosting companies reviewed at Clickfire to see which one has the best uptime using Pingdom. You may be surprised. »

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5 Things You Should Know About Bluehost

Bluehost Avatar Cartoon

Some things you may not have known about the popular shared cPanel web hosting company, BlueHost. »

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HostGator vs. InMotion Hosting

HostGator Billboard

It’s not always enough to review one web hosting provider – you’ve got to review two at a time to give readers the context they so aptly desire. That’s the purpose of today’s matchup, the clash in the steel cage between HostGator and InMotion Hosting. »

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HostGator vs. Just Host

Boxing Gloves for Hosts Duking It Out

Luckily, the two web hosts we’re featuring today aren’t exactly bank-breakers; but even though $5/month or so isn’t enough to make you fret about web hosting prices, you’ll always want to be on the lookout for that one hosting company that does it all right. »

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HostMonster vs. Just Host: Features and Pricing Breakdown

HostMonster vs. Just Host

The immortal quest to discover the best host means pitting them against each other in hand-to-hand combat and comparing their features directly. »

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HostMonster vs. HostGator: Two Predatory Names in Hosting

Two Hosts in the Boxing Ring

It’s another one-on-one main event where you get a side-by-side comparison usually reserved by the likes of Consumer Reports and CNet: HostMonster vs. HostGator. »

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BlueHost vs. Just Host

Boxing Gloves for Hosts Duking It Out

In one of the more elite matchups we’ve ever put together, two of Dan’s favorite web hosts go mano a mano. »

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